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Views on Afghanistan
The western generals are surprized an puzzled about the fast overrun by the Taliban. Firtd of all the generals have to know that they were occupation forces. It was like with Germany after teh 2nd world war, when Germany was split in east and west, since years the celebrate the fall of the wall, show some eastern television programms of the apst and have some intersting dokus on that.

    The cas in Afgansithan can be comaperd as teh occupation forces came from teh west, it was the USA, GB, Germany and France who had all their main headquarters in the specific areas in that vast mountain land. They thought that the new police and local miltary forces which got traiend by the west would fight the Taliban, its people from the same land.

    Once it was tribes on the plains and some got singled out to find the trails and traces of "hostile tribes" ot help the palefaces to fight the united tribes of the Great Plains, It was Pawnees who got used to fighht the coalition of tribes of the plains once, in the north the Crows were the old enemies, then some used to find and help the fight against the coalition tribes as were the Cheyenne, Sioux and Arapaho, also partly Kiowa, Ponca, Ute and the more.

    But how could the wesetrn occupation forces expect the afghan soldiers to fight against other afghan troops, and that when the others where form teh same nation, and tehir power was fierce and dangerouse. At last it was all Afghans and the western forces thought of them to fight their own people, thta could not work.

Twenty years is long time, the Apaches stroke and forced the palefaces into battles over 25 years in the southwest of the USA bordering Mexico. The confronted them in 8 major battles, the other was guerrilla tactics and fight.

    When the western occupants were going to leave Afghanistan the local people were by their own again, somhow left alone, but also united within themsel without knowing. It got broadcatsed that the Taliban entered city after city and took over offices, streets and visited some institutions.

    Western generals should not by too surprised that it was that calm and quite without huge bloodshed, they wanted the Afghans to fight Afghans over twenty years, so after that time the local people were tired of fighting each other under the banner of some foreign exotic power and armies, with strange helmets and new strange weapons, also drones by which the foreign forces could watch afghans fighting on teh battlefields, soemthing the west liked to do since years, but not when that got published. And they did not always see them fighting as they wanted it, surprised. Ther are other scenarios with similar expectations. What do they expect beside either the fight or gender issues sametime.

    Anyway it is the case in some other scenarios also, and they want to see it coming and going hand in hand, the fight ... and the gender cases. Somehow they expect that to happen samtime alongside, and even sameplace, strange isn t it.

    Western Generals got puzzled so ? Anybody expects the Styrians to fight Salzburgians, anybody the Carinthians to fight the Burgenlanders maybe in the name of Spaniards, Habsburgiens or Swedish (that was in Europe before iron mashines got built). These are austrian provinces and less populated by tribes today (some could differ them by cars), and some of them still stick to jodling.

    Anybody expects the AfD to fight the CDU-CSU in the name of spanish occupants - NO.

    They better drop that ideas, and then in the name of some western ideas as gender equality, bridging gaps, bridging or closing missing links. The times since the 70s changed a lot, the old hippies got older and neolibaralisation had its grip on some marcets. Hair got short to very short, or totally quit and pilated.

    Longhair men and women got their hair very short over twenty years, same happened to village life, many shops got closed (final lockdown) for huge marcets somewhere out there in a field, mostly to be reached by cars then finally, neither by pupils or pensionists, maybe on cycles.

    Over twenty years along arab and the shores of the gulf total brandnew cities with huge glasstowers grew, even artificial islands. Did american or german workforce help to make one single glasstower in Afghanistan over 10 floors, no. Did the british work to build one single glasstower, got surprised how fast the takeover by the Talibans happened lately ? And if they could wish to get that cities on their land, most of them would not be interested.

    No, the western occupants wanted the Afghans to fight Afghans, so local soldiers moral was low tahtfor. Then lately Generals of western troops got puzzled, they were not satisfied with what they saw, halfhearted fighting ..., also not what they got to see by drones over some rigged mountains, yet surprised. It was not three months and not till the end of the year 2021 till the Taliban took over, they were much faster and also because by the wartired people of their land.

    Predictions by the west, even by the help of supercomputers, sensors on cars and planes, drones, cams everywhere, surveillance teck, what do they see we have to ask, in their own cities or far away lands ?? What did they see ... coming, whatfor were the sensors good, whatfor the drones with cams, rockets and weaponry, what did the helmets protect. The opponents wear turbans, pashtu caps, scarfs, shawls and the more.

    Mountain volks have sharp eyes and sharp senses, they do not use and need streetview, G rings, G-helmet or G-glass, for mountain volks that is bad jokes (if joking is allowed).

    No, why should Afghans keep on fighting themselfes when the occupants with their strange ideas from the west left. They did not work to help building one single huge glasstower, not to mention one total city, neither the british, french, americans or germans did that, it was only fighting ... for some of their ideas, it was mostly about some new police and some army there by some western standards.

    Police and fighting can be watched on TV everyday in these lands, also court-soaps on TV, thats virtually normal.

    On the real ground, up in the deserted mountains of Afghanistan, somewhere close to Pakistan, Iran, Tadshikisthan it gets something different then.

Es kam alles sehr schnell
Es ging schon wieder so schnell, das Hochwasser war ploetzlich da und alle mussten aufs Dach. Nach 2 Tagen und Naechte waren ganze Doerfer zerstoert. Es gab ueber hundert Tote und Viele waren konsterniert.

    Ploetzlich waren da zwei Hurrikanes an der Ostkueste der USA und Mexiko, sie befanden sich im Westen und Norden von Cuba.

    Die Taliban sassen ploetzlich in den Bueros, und Verwaltungsgebaeuden, sie gingen da einfach rein. Es gab nach 20 Jahren keinen Widerstand. Man telefonierte noch wo, verhandelte etwas, doch sie waren dann schon drinnen, es ging sehr schnell.

    Das Virus kam sehr schnell, es war ploetzlich in ganzen Staedten und Doerfern, es ging sehr schnell. Sie sprachen von Clustern und Herden, Brandherden quasi. Es gab nichtmehr genug Lastwaegen um die Toten weg zu bringen.

But Fires burn longer - Doch Feuer brennen laenger
Suddenly everywhere burnt huge wildfires, over days in the south of Europe, also in Turky, The USA and Canada, along coasts and mountain ranges.

    It looks that is was huge frontsystems of a totally different type, but at the same time of the Talibans takeover. Gar ein Ablenkungsmaneuver der Medien, ein strategischer Schachzug, ploetzlich waren die Feuer aus den Medien verschwunden. Was it another front system the same time, while the warriors took back their territiories.

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