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Twenty Years in Afganisthan is long time

Twenty Years in Afganisthan is long time
Twentie years is quite a long time during the lifespan of a human. That is teh time the willing nations of teh west staied in Afghanisthan.

    From a total different world from far away with total different values, traditions, marcets and history. Europe over history was always a place of wars, also dictators, queens kings and kaisers who often got into trpoubles with each other. Now after ione and half year the pandemic is not yet eradicated, 100 thousand of refugees came to Europe with their hopes and ideas.

    In the other direction the western nations, tthe got named the willing by themself, tried to bring their way, their value and way of marcet and business to that away land Afganisthan, with a total different history traditions and religion. The West had the idea to bring some change and values from their own lands to Afganisthan, which was always a mountain steppe, a rough and wild land high up in the mountain ranges with barely any vegitation placed between land like Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekisthan.

    It can not work, the future of Afganisthan is for the people of Afganisthan, it shall be by themself. An inclusive government sounds good if it gets realized, the Amnesty sounds good if it gets real. They can not kill all that newmade few friends of the alien forces of the alien nations.

    Most of the people live like once, in the capitel alone it may look different, there are some headquarters of the foreign lands and the friends which they made over 20 years. 20 years is quite a time but on the land the countryside itself, i the mountains not much will have changed.

    During twenty years kids get born and a new generation is growing but foreign powers with miltary stuff, some airports and farout military compounds will not change much if it does not get to more than the new local army equipped and trained by western forces, the other parts count much more. Western values can not get cloned on such lands, sold by packbags full of money to the best faraway local friends. That produces lakais but does not change much in the country.

    The future of Afganisthan is to its people and it can be the big chance for them, the moment when powers are shifting and the Taliban takeover should not get bloodthursty, it should not end in endless bloodsheds.

    Every takeover and powershift is coming with problems and difficulties but the Amnesty and inclusive government sounds better than revenge and daily executions.

    A power vakuum is more dangerouse than the changes of power.

    It is also the case that the medias are making different stories out of it in these days and focus on diffenernt things, thats is normal but much could be missing, now they show ugly pictures but people in the west got hardly to see the many killed and bombed people of Afganisthan.

    Thats the big difference then, when western forces are going to run and flee, when they are flieing out hastily, running out of time they show you the ugly pictures on a sudden. Then you see the ugly pictures from the messed up airport and many who try to come with them, to flee with them.

    Twenty years is the time to make new friends but the more the time to make many more new enemies in such lands. It looks a bid like with the indian wars once, invasion ... bloodshed on mass scale, coalition nations of the plains, ... massacres from teh start .... and we can ask what changed in the while. Inbalance of weaponry, some get called from the stonage, camping in the shade of caves, but run over the alien western forces within a few days, as they know their land, trained over ages on the rough high mountains for them a town in rumble would not make much difference to the open mountain ranges, it could be even much more beautifull to cities with dust, garbage, cars and dirt.

    Some mountains keep their secrets over ages and the Moguls came from there, they were far not the easy going new masters in exotic fruitsmelling new regions. Times changed since the new emeperos with their huge magic fortresses topped by the Taj.

    These mountain fighters are well equipped and know their ageold terrain. (a bid like modern Apaches now with granade launchers and instead on horses in some white Toyotas. That lesson can be seen also with other nations like Iraq, Lybia, Syria. With Iraq the timespan is similar, with Syria and Libya it is again a different scnario as it is lands with coastlines facing over the sea to western, turkish, kaukasien shores.

    The world is on fire and these burnt for far too long in many lands. When the fires and bloodshed get stopped it gets time for meetings, camps and discussions, guns and roses, smoking colts get flown out for the new.

    Where much is in ashes much is waiting to get setup new and it should be by the peole of their lands, it can be with the help of some good neighbours, and not by foreign, alien looking, intruders with their socalled smart values, enbeded friends and scriptors, smart tongues, mobiles, phrases, marcets and cities.

    Some seem to have been so smart over 20 years that they got to run fast out of there and not only from there.

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