moving from Tien Shan (Himmelsberge) in centralsouth Asia to -

Route: Bishkek - Tsholpon Ata - Bishkek - Alma Aty -

Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - Sangklapuri - Bangkok - Sura Thani - Pukhet (Kamala b.) - Krabi - Bangkok

            to the magic and humid djungles and coasts of SO Asia ..... while water levels are smoothly raising
in the reign of the Asian Water Monitors

magic settings in lovely beauty, overwhelming warm welcomes ....

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for seriouse offers in regard to exotic fishbreeding in AT and DE please contact via this page

auch bei dieser page ist der Wiedererkennungswert sehr hoch, fast wie bei babies ...

Rambone was hiding somewhere in that beauty but not from it ....

Kaothay and - Kancha (parts of the story)