Climate Discussions on Small Flatscreens COP 24

Brothers Wintercounts started again
There are days whan all is in blossom and it could be a good idea to die, to melt with the earth and face the powers from a tree on teh final passage.

Brothers what happemned to our sisters, it got so much faked, it got so much reduced to to small screens withhate and bitterness. I do not understand it.

Brothers it is not that bad and not too late yet. Bears and wolfes are coming back to Europe. The rare Ibis and cranes get their followers on the routes south in Europe after their dance near the breeding grounds.

During car drivers try another Climate Conference once a year, mostly at its end. To me it often looks like a big Alibi.

I do my migration here and then and when the great spirit will push me for that it is up to him. But I do not see it he has other interests with me brothers. Many palefaces are bad, specially when you are in their way, something like an obstacle to them.

wood An obstacle so to say, when you are not becoming an startup bug or an incentive to them, as they say. Not a new shining madhead of rockets and car factories ... paying any price for a ... platform.

Some are blowing like hell and electro cars aside look then often like another alibi, beside new climate discussions. Anybody questionsclimaet change, can tehy get that from cars. Maybe some US president or in another monster something, as they call saom of their armoured vehicles.

Another Climate Conference is trieing its goals and errors at teh end of the year.

Brothers Wintercounts started again as during the old days out there. We do not count their cars often you can see something from carplates. Like if there are binnen touris soemwheer getting along from somewhere. In Fethye Turkie I ve seen only little EU touris but onw car from UAE ?! I got so puzzled. But we do not count there cars, it would be mad.

If I d had a horse (beside a scooter) they would have killed for ling. When you get some money here and there others want to reduce it from teh start. They can not see you with that, in case they get to know of it, it got ugly, Halloween is over again, was it pumpkins beside cars and all that horror.

wood Do they also want to reduce you to rumble and dust in foreign lands ?

Brothers what is that Climate Conference about, why do they name it COP ... ? Is it for another stage like with Jim Dotcom. They did a a big raid on him. His poperty is far away, on an remote island.

Will they reach some goals or rush to their fast end in hellfire since woods are burning over years and dieing fast in the changing climate. Since monocultures, chemical dow, winterweizen (doku film) and dustbelts got some cuts and hits by sustainable farming.

There are movements like Last generation, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellio, the Hambacher Forst Resistance and street stickers but when we see these conferences in teh shade of Big Money and big Oil after Peak oil Peak oil. We will watch if tehy reach some climate goals as fast as some cities got built over decades.

wood It is part of their system with fake and false.

There is little time left and many less millions cars are onstreets there than elsewhere and it is often clean there with a nice seabrise at Mid Eastern shores, the Gulf and the Red sea.

Brothers Wintercounts started again, at begin of the years it is ofdten teh security conference somewhere in Bavaria and at teh end of teh year it gets the Climate Conference. The securities for Global Climate are lost for long. We canb see taht since years. Some trade, buy and sell certificates with that, what looks like a bad alibi beside Hurricanes, storms, huge flood, tsunamis and earth quakes.

wood It is part of their system with fake and false.

The many small flatscreens do not pollute and burn like with bad motors. But distraction is there, the many traps and focus on rediculouse nonesense.

If they would get the right radar on the million small flatscreens .... the good goals and right focus on their tiny flatscreens, it would also help.

They could get the taste of healthy woods, of clear rivers and exponated peaks in white, of the vallies, mountains and deserts and returning wolfes and bears. They could get the taste, glimpse and focus on their tiny radars, beside the small dance with Big money. Beside the daily nonesense they could get the good goals on their tiny radars.

Even as big money with all its traps and daily nonesense is in that way. Big money and big brothers goals are very different !

Brothers when tehy get that taste again, of healthy woods, clear waters and halthy cows it will taste better finally. At teh end of some sunny day melting with the earth and rise to the sun.

Brothers then it is not lost yet. When they change their small screens for the big picture. Then they will need to chose their leaders for that. It will be like with great chiefs. There can be leaders and chiefs for different goals depending on the task, challange and goals.

Ther are some figures out there and many traps and incentives waiting for themas kind of obstacles, also politics as tagged politishe islam, the politisierte climate movement could get on a similar gravel road.

The leaders, figures and chiefs for Good Climate will need to be strong against the unbills of big money and its socalled wertpapiere, bills and counters. They d better stay away from that, it is on another coin, on the shade, smoky and dusty side of the planet.

wood When there are woods left, shores and the sea many get to it over streets, but take timeout in the woods, at lakes, shores, teh coast and the sea.

Then teh mind gets clear again for the big picture, the need to reach the good path again, it can be reached without getting on the bad road.

There are big screens and small screens, big brothers and good brothers and sisters. You need to see them. For the big picture, as there was big money and peak oil, but not for burning woods and melting galciers.

It is hard to stop it but from the ashes new woods will grow, some even need some fire here and there. You just need to give it a chance or plant many trees.

Djungles in the tropics grow different than woods in temperate zones.

Big money pays so many disasters without seeing it, it is blind on two eyes, it corrupts and fakes.

Climate is no fake, it hist and strikes after good days under the sun. We will see if big money can pay it and I am sure it does not the price. It mostly pretends to know it, that is its problem.

Brothers at the end of the year is another Climate Conference as they call it, Wintercounts is onway !

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wood Einundfuenfzig Prozent und im Kongress sei wo das Klima vergiftet

Schliesslich fanden sie die Weapons of mass Distraction sie hiessen jetzt nur anders.

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