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Sri Lanka - Cylon     E may- aug 2o18

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Cylon story
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Sunset at the Stupa of Kirinda

Sunset at the Stupa of Kirinda

Kirinda village with cat

Matara beachside during monsoon break

At the Vihara in Matara

Vihara perspectives

On main bridge Matara

Some advice along old streets inside Dutch fort, Matara

Old gates to polished Buddhas

During monsoon break - Matara

Typical village center in midhills on way to Sinharaja

Moving in green hills

Not to miss the djungle train

Muthiangana Vihara during evening, nice welcome, Badulla

Jasmin flowering at guest house, good smell aside dusty streets

Monkey seet and watchpoint

Well stuffed marcet shops

On bright djungle path

Nice arrangment at Raja Vihara, near Maiyangana

Raja Vihara in bright sun

In the shades around Raja Vihara