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Sri Lanka - Cylon     G may- aug 2o18

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Cylon story
Nature observations

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Couple under huge trees

Couple under huge tree

Moods at the lake

Frangipani flowering

Monkies roaming near the lake

Cat relaxing near me while swimming in lake Polonnaruwa, also Cormorants

Haputale railway station after return

On way out of city into the tee

View from the tee to Haputale

In the tee, had some funny chat during noon break

Old citrus trees with fruits growing up there

Getting into magic rockland

Nice cliffs up in the hills

Getting misty

Wild passionflower, never seen before

Passionfruit climbing over

Magic views


At the tamil festival in Haputale

Dancers in the streets

Drummers and dancers in the street,
at left side bottom rests of a crushed coconut