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after 3 months in

GAME OVER ! - stiffies

30.08.13 (from a win-win position)

Krieg ich auch ein Siegerbussi (do i get a winners-kiss as well...?)

Indian minutes were once slow and shanti but from now on European minutes get slower minute by minute and even US minutes get very slow...(some red-line got crossed after 3 months of odds and only side costs/ausser spesen nichts gewesen! 01.09.13)

will send the kapitalists to all-day school (school reform etc) more here


after 3 months in

what worked well (what has funktioned) - I worked well on all levels !

- all my registers worked well
- all provokationes (nite)
- all highlights/höhepunkte in the rivers, lakes, gorges etc fantastic
(knusprig braun, wild u nackig beim baden, niemand angebissen (nur intriegen u eifersüchteleien als nebenschauplatz - egal...)
- my cycle worked very well (but got punctured one time while i was relaxing beside some chick ....)
- my observations as usual in some Disco (normal obs), at the open rivers-swim-places and city-obs (very strange panic like reactions stiffies etc/ verkrampft u bescheuert....) worked very well
- my short term plans and activities worked very well - up the mountains, adventures, fire-places, cycle tours etc worked very well - UNIQUE !
- Managment by trieing to rent my apartment, worked very well (many little papers, side-costs by mobile, and formalities - boring...)
- shopping worked usually (chicken house atmosphere) and at the counter while paying it got often very amusing and funny


I won in every kategory and could even advance and update my website (my prefered dating spot, even as my lappy got hacked and i was nearly totally autark

what didnt work well ?

- some new real contacts, but one police-controll and the attack by a strange camping-spot-ownerin who both wanted my contact data within 30 minutes ...(got blocked!)...
- my requests for my health-test-results to a public inst. got no response - seems to be irrelevant here
- the rent of my apartment (about 40 requests but all failed, the Luxemburg guy was nice...)

footnotes - Anmerkungen

- two interesting conversations in 3 months (the rest seems to be mad....)
- would i do anything differently in this region in case i d have much money - NO !
(ihr wollt mich ärgern?)

After 3 months in the desert in many respects
i am happily taking off to outer hemispheres as once....

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