Findings on Rodents of the Alps

Discoveries on Hares of the Alps

What is interesting with hares of the Alps, there are in main two species the Schneehase and the Feldhase is that they do not use caves and underground system s as marmots also mice or rats. The two species of hares in teh Alps live in the free, without caves and underground gang systems for protection as all other rodents use.

    The kaninchen use caves and dig it themself, it can be watched in downtown Hamburg or also noirthitalien cities near railway stations where the ground is lose enough to dig caves and gang systems.

    Hares only use some gaps in the ground for resting, they live hidden and always attentive because of their many natural enemies, they are there but are hardly if ever seen, traces during winters explain more.

    So hares are the only species which do not use caves and gang systems as all other rodents do, hares are exponated to all the open with implicates hunting on them and hidden secluded movements.
    Schwaene und Bieber bauen Burgen .... !

The Schneehasens change of color- unique

Another special thing what is quite unique with the Snowhare (Schneehase) is, that it is one of the few species of rodents which is changing color totally during two times over a year. So before winter its changing from greybrown to white and when the snow at end of winter is showing spots by the ground, during meltingtime the Schneehasens color is changing to light brown again from total white.

    That is called camouflage in the name of the Schneehasesn savety against all unbill, either against natural hunters and raptors or the man hunters, what usually should not be that many up there at the treeline where Golden eagles and marmots meet.

    Just right now i do not know of any other alpine rodent which is changing skin color that extreme. They lose fur after winters but color stais usually the same. Other huge mammals grow antlers and later drop them, what is very fascinating and most impressing since centuries for the manhunters.

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