Discoveries - Findings

Discoveries - Findings


Africa- Europe; Kaspian- Black Sea- Mediter.sea

Once upon a time there was a big huge depression between today Africa nd Europe, there should have been 3 main river flowing into the depression some 100 thousand of years before the ice ages.

    The rivers are river Nile from today Egypt, river Po from today Italy and the river Rhone from today France. I do not think that the depression, between Africa and Europe got filled to today sealevel (hypothesis)

    The 3 rivers I can not see as big enough to fill the huge Megadepression over ages. But there were at the region of today Kaspian sea and Black sea some huge lakes as also the Aral lake.

    The Isthmus gap could have been a barrier or not to the connection of these lakes, which were of sweatwater, and the mega depression north of Africa into which only 3 main rivers were flowing before the saltwater rushed into the depression over some months (or even little years) from the west.

    The side of the breakthrough once at the hight of today Gibraltar. Which has strong currents and many small to huge fish and whales and dolphins like that currents till today.
    Some leftovers from the huge megadepression of the once ages is the today Dead sea at the hight of Israel and Jordania.

The Isthmus gap if it was higher once or closed by other means and worked as a barrier at that times, once and stopped any exchange of waters from east to west. So the theorie says that it was a big barrier once between two huge waterbodies of which the western part, today Mediterranean sea, was mostly a dry and desertlike depression.


Climate change
Changing by watching
Making friends
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Fish - Spiti

Hot arid, glimming for ages in the sun with some reptiles in its lower regions and rocks till teh breakthrough from the Gibraltar side or earlier from teh isthmus barrier, if it was there then.

    But till the breakthrough all must have been freshwater. If the Isthmus gap shows deep enough, something for Geologists etc there was an early exchange of the huge waterbodies, of which the western part got mainly filled by the 3 main rivers mentioned above, which is not too much of water to fill that Megadepression.

The today Dead Sea shows the face of the once huge Megadepression between today Africa ane Europe. Hostile to life and not much more than a huge dead saltlake. The 3 rivers (freshwater) could not filled it up over the ages, it must have been unfriendly o life if there was a barrier at the today Isthmus side.
Finally today there is the huge barrier between sweetwaters and salty seas at the Kaukasus mountain range.

    Intersting the picture that the total area from the Aral lake (not much left any more as it is surrounded by once lowland steppe), the Kaspian and Black sea was freshwater. The total stretch only a bid smaller than the distance from east to wets in the Mediteranean sea (without the part south of east Turky)

    The huge barriers at today Gibraltar, blocking seawater to flow in for ages (many mio of years), and the barrier at the today Isthmus at Istanbul blocking a huge freshwater bodies (sweetwater) in the east from the zone in the west.

    The main freshwater bodies in the east are Black and Kaspian sea and lake Aral.

Remark on Climate change and status ...

Yes there is climate change and you will get climate change,
not only by softwarefaked cars, by fakenews or climate change by evel remote forces (usual blockchain of idiot) on 1 Therabite PCs.

    In the books on Mammals of India, the birds of Sri Lanka and India, the ylaso show the status of each single specie.

    I want to see books on birds and mammals of Mid Europe (D, AT, CH) with the status of each single bird or mammal specie, I want to know and you should get (if interested) the status of Lynx and Wolfes, teh status of Iltis, Tree martens and Steinmarder, Hermelin and Mauswiesel and its status in mid Europe.

    People need to get to know the status of Wild boar (pigs) Hoopoe, Oriols (Pirol), Buzzards, Purple herons, Loeffler and Eagle owl, the status of all big Falcons and Terns in mid Europe !
    I got a god book on european birds but instead of the status (endangered, least concern, under threat, comon, near threatened etc) it shows some roman numbers for months to see them.

    Sibirean Tigers got set free, Amur and Snow Leopards are on the roam again. How many buffaloes got slaugheterd before dustbelt in the Gr. Plains, got killer bees and trucks for pollinating almonds instead !?

The remark is done here (public) because somebody can not reach his 2nd 500GB HDD on his personal mashine, and long before his plug and play external HDD got blocked, yes there is climate change, also with applis and software ... !

        More on Climate change


Oxygen in general is very fascinating to me, you need it as essential for the body system, get sucked by breathing (Atmen in german, atman for soul in hindi, mahatma is great soul n the more), about a quarter of the air is of oxygen, too much of it would be poisen,

In lower regions during winters and inversion weather conditions (means the air is not circulating during low pressure in valleies or cities) in in form of Ozon (O3) its poisen to the body, often produced by heavy traffic during winters in cities and basins and the like.

In opposite to the low regions in outer layers of the earth the Ozon cover is needed for protection and shields against agressive sun radiation. The layer is hard to be restored when demaged over years and changing in size from summer to winters. Over Australia some parts of the Ozon layer is gone and its called the Ozone hole, rabbits got blind for some while there (also in Argentine some mammals), and Australiens have the worlds highest rate of skin cancer.

Changing by watching

One of the newer finding in microcosmos is when micromatter gets watched, observed, it is changing its behauvior as it gets watched. Thats a bid similar to soem behauvior, so when you watch, lets say, women boldly they react on that either so or so. But often negative or kind of disturbed, some like it depending on who is watching, how and the more.
    When you make fotos of rodents or squirrels, which are often prey of other mammals, and you take them into focus with a cam they react often by flight, hiding and escaping the watchers focus.
    "Watching free" was once a running phrase in parts of India

Ways of making friends

Some have the phrase of smart pulling, I would act pushing as an interact strategy, sometimes seen by good friends. Women react more on smart pulling, men often need a push a clap, specially rowdies and youngsters.
    There are 3 main forms of making friends, either with same or with the other sex.
You can win a woman or friends, you can conquer a woman, a kind of take over. In modern marcets a hostile takeover is called when a once opponent company or competitor gets just sucked by the bigger one and its big money payed for doing so.
    People can be won, some can be bought what does mostly lose friends for short time, between men and women it can be a conquer story or biz n the more. One of the ways is to produce friends, (some forms is called mutual friendship as between special biz men) so to say tell them stories, lies or pay them for something, thats the least stable way of getting friends (socalled), by stories, lies and money.
    Some like to hear nice stories, lies of best man and big money n the more, some don t understand any other way and some show big boobs, eyes, lips n the more. Making friends is by a nice way.
    The way of shopping or producing friends is often done by politicans or biz men. Big profits for little men is often devastating to many, because big biz often knows no other way no other way and option, than to get maximum out by paying the least for its huge socalled profits on the backs of others.

Other intersting findings

near Almora, check map in Goa freak side or go by special locations at reasearch page, kosi. Haridwar at big bridge the morning was Ganga power abou 20m in 5 seconds downstream, most fast end of first may week.

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Fauna - Flora
Science Buster
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There are some but now many more inthe garden, about 2-3 species, without Wuehlmaeuse 2 species

No Rodents in the Himalayas -

Got falsified (falsificated) by the good books, Interesting the Pikas in high altitudes close to Tibet and tib. plateau, Flying Squirrels with soem species in the Himalayas, all about half meter lang. Kashmiri Flying Squirrel can be seen at Kalga, Parvaty valley during sunset sometimes. Was my hypothesis as i did never see some rodents up there, but once a flying squirrel only and, very amazing, high over Dharamkot spring o16 hair of marmots, outstanding findings.... here

Old public bath Ellora

As mum joined me travelling, but did some remarkable discovery-walks while sighting an old public bath at Ellora village, unused but in full power shape, me was asking was there a village near the welknown caves or only the caves, the bath indicates a village at that times !
bathpic part of this gallery

Code with nice effect.html (css)

- became an invention

to be found here with the name Blind_links (transparent links)

CTB Community Based Tourism

As preparing for the way to Russia a good old friend whith whom i spent times in the woods and mountains, he speaks fluently russian and is taking action as part of his jura-job (law), wrote me about the CTB in Kirgistan, which runs tourism locally based by self regulation and marceting, originally coming from Swizerland, got prices and is well reknown.
..... Selbstverwaltung und -Vermarktung .... (siehe MS verwaltungs einstellungen; uoadetd FEB 2023)

Fish in Spiti/ India

more at then new site Fish special


About 7-15 cm, check drawing all usual fins! didn t cut or touch any ...
    Moves short distances to let go on ground then, very camouflaged, means not easy to be seen when not moving ! Reminded me somehow to the (Schlammspringer !!) Mudjumpers.

Habitat - Location

Clear mountain streams (trout zone), near shore shallow waters with underwater(ground)-springs. At Spiti/ Tibetan plateau/ India between Kaza and Key Gompa.
Altitude: 4200m over sea level Tibetan plateau !!!


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