Atmosphere got misty

        second pic is in better scale (beserer massstab)

                        ... other burning issues ... ??

The air got thick

A grafic on the polluted atmpsphere after wildfires over 2 years.

In case you discover, find or see similar grafics and balken, diagramms, hint and clue giving maps or alike, you can really show that here and there, also and in special on socalled networks, social forums or meetings.

Taferl acts and signale, also postcarsd could indicate along with street signals the actual fog and mist scale Also moorfires are special, it burns then underground, unseen ... and gets less out as a vulcano ! Not that eruptive

left pic shows only from midyear 2020

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in case you post some maps ...
you can draw or paint on that and change it so .... (landkarting)
then you are so good that it is even legal ... try some lines ...