Can the USA be saved
from Chaos and terror ?

During Summer in Covidbattle

Can the US be saved from domestic chaos and terror ?

Another cop shot a black man 9 times in the back in Kenosha what triggered unrest, demonstartions and lootings. Oregon Portland, the US president sent the National guard to Portland for the try to keep up with law and order, which was not requesetd by the the citizens of Portland neither the major of Portland.

    The US president spoke of bad apples, which he used for the white unresponsible cops doing some jobs on the dangerouse streets of the USA.

    Actual running mates and helper for the preelection times have seen the pictures on TV and on trheir homescreens, whcoih is practicable everywhere in the today USA. And it is very clear and easy to uzderstand that the unresponsible killiongs and shootings of black peoiple by the white cops has to stop.

Yearlong correspondents

Oegedei who sends information

    If they can not handle their colts and guns also the NRA TRHe US rifle association has to get some cuts. It is one of the main institutions in the USA responsible for the gun and ordermaniacs in the streets and cities of teh USA.

    A 17 year old guy tried in a kind of "I am another cop" stile to keep demonstrators and upset peopole out of the way, it was Kenosha, where many of the upset and interfering, meddling, amassing, also mixing demonstrators and partly some of their opponents tried to go for that 17 year old guy.

    The US president saied soemthing like that guy was in troubles, really, was he, and that these guys need to something like saev themself from further unrest and upset volks demons. The white president also claimed that these demonstartors would be leftwing extremeists, but what are rthe white copps then who shoot the own citizens of the USA.
These cops lack a proper training it looks, these cops are overreacting the many flatscreens show, do tehy knwo whatfor they carry streetcams during dury.

Carrier with cows sank
Madonna im Glashaus



    It is because of the deep burning unrest and racism in the odd streets of white and midclass cardrivers.

    Allready the native poeple told the experiences of the first batztles of massacres like with the first slaughter of old Piegan men and women in the far northwest of the old wildwest USA. Then came other massacres and teh Native Volks were sure the whiteman had no mind, no understanding, no eyes and no peace in his cities at that time allready.

What changed since then we can ask, the battlegrounds got down to schools in certain areas, and that is pointing to traditions and the keeping with guns in the USA, what points back onthe NRA and it points to daily horror on TV in many, partly heated rooms and houses in modern wildwest.
The president always points then somewhere else, always tries to hit on some other issues during times of unrest, lootings and during adressing the public acts if not more get fired in diverse ways. Shoot and smoke the colt got a daily scenario under uncertain cicumstances, maybe more teasers would do, or bamboo sticks from India.

    The white cops will not be of help and not the National guard as long there are many bad apples, what also points in the millionfold ways of modern flatscreen settings and the impact by that.

    The volks of the US are more then set up and since quite a while self reliant, also autark and immunisated against the political class, if there was any, also often ignore the snakecaves of the kapitalists chambers and influence in faraway Washington city, also one of the most dangerouse ones in the total USA.

    The last state of tehunion adress got torn apart by Mrs Pelosi, and such acts speak a clear message as the tried state of teh union adress, the last one last years was in many parts justa thanks phrasing to some spoecific singled out prsons, what is again typical for teh odd kapitalists understanding. State of the union adress should not great and adress single handpicked persons because then, beside the bad managment of the US corona disaster, the rest of the nation is missed by that bad adress and that got the good reason to tear the manuscript apart, after the state of the union adress last time.

Khan Tengri found a big leak beside publishing messages

    The US volks by themself know they have some choices and freedoms, the y can start with apple pie or cakestores anywhere in midwest, and if teh choice is bad between this or that one, remember the death toll and the actual covid numbers and who is responsible for that much of bad virus accounting, before it gets worth vote against death and more of fatalities, either coming by the white cop, burning woods getting close to their homes and campsites, or the bad virus fighters.

At some of the impeachment hearings, without much of vitnesses since the telefone call to Ukraine and the proper reason and groundfinding for impeachment before it got to the US senat, there where phrases heared like ... "We can do that better, we ar better with chaos, chaos is our speciality ... " but what does the white commercialistas reach and gain by chaos ?

    And in special when that chaos gets staged and triggered by far too easy colt handling cops in the streets of the USA. When chaos reaches certain areas and not only gets warm air vaporized by some impeachment hearers and speakers, chaos got quite close then allready to many areas, like from chambers of comerce, over highrising skyscrappers offices, Lolita Fliers transparent and tolerant aerports, to schools, demonstrators, revolters, voting scenarios, and not underestimate by whom and when that chaosprone settings get advanced, get closer and get staged professionally.

    Nobody knows if chaos is the thing which they can handle or avoid, and if some of them keep themself professionals with that. It can be avoided with the right change at the right time and that is also not that far any more.

Carrier with cows sank

A big carrier ship with 5 800 cows on ship sank on way from New Zealand to China at the southern tip of Japan, only ony phillipeen crew member got found and rescued. Nexttime try with icecold frozen dead cows. ... morons.


Madonna im Glashaus

Es gibt Laender in denen steht die Madonna bei 35 grad cels am Strand oder einer Strassenecke im Glashaus, und sie wirft garnicht mit Steinen, nein das tut Maria nicht, und sie hilft auch niemandem, das kann sie auch nicht.

Andere Glashaeuser, Megatreibhaeuser sind laengst kaputt, vor lauter Dampf, Rauch, Dreck und Steinen.

International Investigation on Poisen

The NATO requested an internat. invetsigation inteh attack on Mr Nawalny, that is something, an international investigation for the sake of the NATO or Mr Nawalny. Be carefull on the aircraft carriers again in these days (covid ...) that there will not be mice or rats in sandwiches, it happened allready. Mc Donalds can be often found near railway stations.

    In other regions specialists use Mc Donalds for the toilet, so lets say 1 st of all in railway stations, if it is to pay there the katholic pee, or a butt or whatever. Mc Donalds has quite clean toilets, it is also a problem along highways in Europe, but the food can be worth, so in case it gets a sandwich be carefull if there is not rats or mice in it. These cases happend, and do better not ask for too much of an investigation into that cases, and not internat. overall.

    Usually they do nto haver pockets for tips, during teh G Wallraf times there were none in Mc Donalds workd dresses, pockets i mean.

    In US high schools also sauces can look wired, from pink toyelow or what, also an international research and investigation on that would do.

    If there were cams in Omsk Aerport is another story and as I saied allready really be carefull either with bliond neighbours or only odd cardrivers near ur house, some of th close farmners have allready cams at their farmhouse gates. An internat. Investigation on that could do also, maybe by the NATO.
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    But overall aerports were busy here and then, that was the case before Corona, if in EUrope they can deliver and send the test results from 3. August via email or however, the saliver lickers will let you know, and if an internat. investigation by request of the NATO- Why they could not send test results from Europes Heraklion aerport and the island relevanth for the Covid test results, one month later is quite late to get that sending of test results done from southeren Europe, it did not happen.
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Snake encounters

Biathlon day

The Big Conspiracy

Adria travels

    If can not do, also an internat investigation on that cases... (covid test results to be sent), it is not anything ...., saliver lickers, the aerport was very close to the sea, the runway and the hangers and buildings, the sea was very close at Heraklion aerport. So also ships could deliver etst results, think about it.

    Further on food or however they call that in these days, should get frozen transported over the seas, no real lifes stocks ..... just the commodity auflagen like no chlor chicken or no chlorine cows need to be fixed, regulated in advance. With oil tankers it si a different story and the coast from where these ships can be seen are many, but 60km is only a tiny spot on the dangerouse horizon, drifts and winds can do the rest for total coastal areas, which could get effected by the last two broken or burning oil tankers. It is both in the indian ocean. And do not mix sandwiches with frozen cows, not aerport cams with Mc Donald toilets and not public audiences or public CEO showcases with internat. investigations on the daily food problems or smoothy problems, smoothies shall get forbidden all that plastic rumble.

    Fluoride and sulfate in mineral waters should also get forbidden, and take care really with extremist neighbours, or the Hydroxichlorocin self testing of presidents, really take care of poison in these days, also with half open cofee cans not far from right wing extremist neighbours, do not take the total cup at once.

    The air on aeroplanes is usually very dry and air pressure like at 2000m in the plane itself, what can cause littel euphoria, but no chlor chicken or rat sandwiches up there, meetings then after can be missed, that is another story.

             Everybody can become president, but not every cardriver !

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