Collected art - gesammelte werke

Maps on birdwatching - miration

Some falcons active migrators in broad front, single birds
Baumfalken einzelne Breitfrontenzieher ubere geasmte Breite

Terns, storks, cranes migrating in huge groups along coast in thermics,
typical for most big sailing birds, med european Birds

party guide

part of the flier campaign for the party summer 017, a location map for volks to find the location, but no success ...
g-map and navi all failed, geheimsache Rapa Nui

Das Tal des Zorro, mixed and infos and stories about the valley and the same on single page here

Advertising on web 4 Xmas 016, antlers and a machete, with explanationes in german for the local volks
of the valley, Geheimakte Rapa Nui

Map of a daylong tireing hike near Almora city, Uttarkhand India 017 with interesting findings and a nice swim in the Kosi the afternoon. The reign of the Tawny eagle who seems to be specaliced on small porcupines, cows and goats there

map of the Wild West

Done by our CEO, without photoshop and magic stick, MORE alike here during Wintercounts 016-17

CEO of the art

my fight for designated cycle way and signs of old roman engagements ..

mid summer fleemarcet at the regional Ortsplatzel was a failer, nobody liked to shop our CEOs bajonettes,
not a shiny Rolex, not a torch ... also the CEOs try of doing party in that region failed .. (summer o16)
but birds, mice, cats, woods and woodhosts (Elfen ...).

next auction: 29.11.016