Birds of mid Europe - Alps

Sightings with locations nd remarks, A-Z - They love the skies as me, the love to rise as me !

Adler Stein - (Golden eagle, over years from Ellmautal, Moelltal-Ausserfragant etc, once during winter over bhf Mallnitz)
Adler Schlangen - (Snakeeagle, seen late 90s on croatian island, special flight performance. In India Shorttoed (PIC) and Crested. In Europes south-southeast, dry partly broken country, Crested 1 time at Chaukori! impressing)
Adler See - (Seaeagle, likes natural waters bodies with woods, seen by brother, secret location near big river o15)
Adler Zwerg - (small eagle of wild temperament, once 20min perfoming the evening, upper valle de Oureka, Maroc jul.o14, only northern Africa)

Bienenfresser - (Beeater, colorfull exotic looking bird, rare, dry sunny habitats, nesting in colonies, summer visitor, only 1 specie in eu, India 3, in Chapora Goa very comon, only southeastern Europe, dry sunny mixed biotops)
Blauracke - (Indian roller, in India also in cities Varanasi.o6 In Europe SE dry open lands)

Bussard Mäuse - (over years, quite comon, also near agricultural areas, likes to answer near garden sometimes, 00-o17, all year, comon)
Bussard Wespen- (more rare, hard to differ from Mouse buzzard) rapa nui

Dohlen Alpen - (yellow bill, over years in the mountains)
Dohlen Haus - (partly grey neck, black bill, also in Salzburg downtown and vicinty, nesting)

Enten Reiher - (overall black with white shoulders, nice crest, seen in small groups beside nesting time, Salzburg to Hamburg)
Enten Stock - (most comon, all water bodies allyear)

Eule Schleier - (got rare, often in barns and old huts, half open countryside, once mid 80s Kapuzienaberg Schloessel, Salzburg, with class, never seen again last years)
Kauz Habichts - (big owl, very rare, needs old primary woods, found once feathers in Slowenia)
Kauz Wald - (most comon owlet, in woods, often calling the nights, also near habitation)
Uhu - (Eagle owl, europes largest owl, broken country with cliffs, mixed biotops, got rare, more infos)

Eisvogel - (Comon kingfisher, impressing colorfull and diving for fish from perch, sharp flier and calling during flight, partly open woodrivers and streams, also near habitation, 1 specie in Europe, India 6)
Elstern - (Eurasien comon pied, often seen, also near habitation, roaming, "besonders diebisch"- odiaboli)

Falke Baum - (nice coloured small falcon, sharp flier in woods near waters hunting insects n small birds, only summers, spends winters in Sahel zone) rapa nui
Falke Roetel - (once at Sarajewo jun017, only summers, big changes in populations by climate)
Falke Turm - (Comon kestrel, also near habitation, likes walls and towers old towns, allyear)
Falke Wander - (Peregrine falcon, got curiouse on him over 3 years in upper Parvaty valley India. In Europe rare cause got hunted over centuries for captivity and costly gift, in some regions population is stable now, Ultimate skymaster) shine Shaheen

Geier Bart - (Bearded vulture, a huge falconlike impressing vulture, rarely seen but from Dharamsala and Parvaty valley in HP to Kumaon, Uttarkhand India, never seen in Alps, they get marked and traced with telemetria there (iweb) southern Asia 2 Europe, high altitude mountain ranges, anspruchsvoll, verticale) huge Skymaster
Geier Gänse - (seen over years, rarely, usually during noon thermics in small groups in t mountains, a well fed poulation near Hellbrunn Sbg, Kirchengeier odiaboli)

Habicht - (Hawk, impressing but rarely seen, long tail broad wings, once near Irrsee o12, over Möll summer o16, regional auch als Huehnergeier bezeichnet- odiaboli, rarely in seconds overhead) rapa nui
Sperber - (Sparrowhawk, sometimes wreckless hunter on samll birds, rarely seen, winters also in cities, the hawks small brother)

Häher Eichel - (Eurasien jay, moving in small groups, mixed woods and parklike areas)
Häher Tannen - (roaming in mountain woods, moving higher than Euras. jay, up to treeline)

Kiebitz - (occasionally in small groups, open untouched fields, Sbg aerport)
Kleiber - (Nuthatch, often in woods, 00-017)
Krähen Saat - (crows, grey neck, in big groups, from Vienna eastwards to Kyrgyztan)
Krähen Raben - (overall black, comon from Vienna westwards)
Krähen Nebel - (partly grey, south east Europe)

Milan Rot - (Red kite, along water bodies, overall redbrown, long forktail, at river Inn and Salzach junction o3, Goa hills o6-o16)
Milan Schwarz - (Black or Pariah kite, most comon, allover India to central Asia, also in cities, dump grounds, parks etc)
Weihe Rohr - (Marsh harrier, likes mixed swampy areas, occasionally seen since 80s, in Burgenland from cycle and in Goa near Siolim silvery phase oo-o16)
Weihe Korn - (Pied harrier, Kyrgyztan along roads on masts, south of Yssik Kul o17, open hilly dry country and farmland)

Mauerläufer - (Wallcreeper, occasionally seen, at cliffsites Moelltal, roaming in mountains, higher altitudes, sometimes visiting cities, Rishikesh okt.o15)
Meisen Blau - (Bluecapped tit, often, the winters close to house, small but brave)
Meisen Schwanz - (in groups roaming, long tail, near woods, allyear)
Meisen Kohl - (often, from 400- 2000m, close to woods)

Möwe Lach - (comon, mature with balck head, along inland rivers, also in cities, allyear) Möwe Silber - (from Istanbul to Hamburg, coastal sea areas and harbours)

Pirol - (Oriol, exotic lemonyellow with black wings, melodic fluting summerbird, high up in trees, woods and parklike areas, only summers)
Raben Kolkraben - (Raven, allover black, big bill-!, over years from Ehrentrudisalm, Grossarltal to Ankogel region etc, once also a nesting site discovered near garden)

Wiedhopf - (Hoopoe, watched over years from southern Alps to India, mixed dry warm locations with fruit trees, fields, walls, pic infos below)

Segler Alpen - (Alpine swift, rarely seen, bigest Swift, white breat, noisy swordlike flight)
Segler Mauer - (Swift, acrobatic flier, noisy, also in cities, nests in roofs, sunny locations)
Seeschwalbe Flusssee - (River tern, also moving along inland rivers, nesting in colonies river Inn, Obernberg) rapa nui
Schwalben Rauch - (Swallow, long forktail, white breast)
Schwalben Mehl - (Swallow, overall darker, shorter tail)
Schwalben Felsen - (sometimes passing by in small group, at garden overhead, uncomon, dry, sunny mixed habitats with cliffs, roaming from Balkan)

Storch Weiss- (White stork, during summers from Marrakesh Maroc, to mid Europe, also seen north Israel o3 on route, only summers in mid Europe)
Storch Schwarz - (Black stork, endangered, southern Tsheck, likes big primary woods, secluded)
Reiher Grau - (Grey heron, close to waters and swamps, also near habitation, nesting in colonies, allyear)

Eagle Owl - Uhu

Worlds biggest owl, nocturnal, Impressing and by its size stressing small birds which then mock on it. Called over years around millenium change in Moelltal, 3 nice nights calling togather near Ellora (Dusky eagle owl, India), one evening near Mikumi Tanzania and during Monsoon 016 often near the fort, Chapora (India) story here

Bearded vulture - Bartgeier

Huge falconlike looking vulture, special habits like patrolling daily same route, sometimes in pairs while nesting, in the Himalayas least concern. Occasionally getting down close to villages once, also seen sailing high over Dharamkot. Got resettled in the alps since 90s, but by its needs not an easy task. Skymaster

Wiedehopf - Hoopoe

Colourfull orangred bird with black and white stripes on crest and wings, bred 2002 in garden, quite rare in mid Europe, attentive, with easy butterflylike flight, hunts for insects on ground, between stones and walls. Nests in holes of trees and walls. Rare in mid Europe, needs warmth and sunny areas, summer visitor, In India comon from Hampi, Ellora, Goa to Parvaty valley, cosmopolit all Eurasia.

General accusation Second half of last century was devastating for many bird populations, form 60s to 90s, habitat destruction, herbicides, mono cultures, trophy hunters,
    In Italy they eat everything from igonoderme to small birds caught in nets in the north, that is disgusting, ugly and stupid, eat pizza, cevapchichi and spagetthi, is nt that good enough.
The overall situation for many bird species got better since the 90s but if you know the situation in most parts of India, the land with most bird species on earth, you may get a good taste of what is missing in many parts of Europe and why it got so.

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