Steinbock - Fuchs - Wildschwein

WILDSCHWEIN: only in Antheringer Au, some split populations at Sauwald (Schaerding) and good one in Kobernaussernwald, one of last big primary woods in the country. When there are holes in the fence they can roam further and connect like from east Germany to Hamburg and maybe Boehmerwald at the bavarian, tshech, austrian border region.
    They got once hunted with sauspiesse, the spanish mexican method. They can do hitback when in Rotte with young, quite modern.

STEINBOCK: There are some populations in the Alps and the Nat. parks. concern- vulnerable, secluded and roaming. (Oetzis last meal)

ROTFUCHS: (fox) Concern- well populated and least concern, because very attentive and alert. With kids they got seen two times from canoe. Dead one got found 2o12 by ex gfriend from HH about 8m from the CEOs garden what is not too unspecial in a neigbourhood of Saumpfad golfballers, woodnazis and woodkatholen !

MURMELTIER: (marmot) well populated in the Alps, at alpine meadows. Some get shot even in nat. parks. Seen 2o12 with gfriend from HH, what can hitback.

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