Plastic duck

A plastic duck, you are not allowed to put it on faceboot. A foto on faceboot in yellow, its property maybe of a plastic duck, of disney maybe, duck or donald. You are not allowd to hurt or demage the propety of a socalled intellectual.

obstaculo digitale

MS, the yearlong user-experience-sadomaso company by its digiting ultomats.

That file system mp3, mp4, mp6 ... can by its GM code
destroy bees, honey bees, take care watching beatles, pollinating insects, if it was not bluetooth, dragonflies, but specially in monocultures (vast lands) which did itself the dustbelt and yearlong slaughter of buffaloes, even allready during its starting times.
They are still wild and artists. Manas maniac

Twinkle down attack
Attack the attacker, a doctrine by the scientologistas.
I name them sciento hierarcho crawlers and twinkle down droppers (droplets)
    Better - attack is best defense, attack for defense or ...
In case you can manage Angriff is beste verteidigung

if there is any reason to defend,
to disarm or to hitback,
if there is a case of attack or a case of ....

Attack for defense, speciallay in regions of mysticismos de mermelade galss crawlers,
faked and corrupted emotional intelligentistas, if not mini-nukers by self export.
Don t mix the medias and do not spam ....

Hut u Elephant
Der hut hat nichtmal 1e ecke, evtl Hutnadel oder anstecker von huette

Elefanten wandern noch lange 5 und 10 und niemals 2 und 2 !!!

Bad coffee ads

George Cloony a smiling verraeter from the land where they do not stop poring coffee, but he did advertising for tiny plastic cups. Thats too bad for such a smile of an actor, but compensating that he married a muslim gazelle, well ...
You have to check the biz, the result, the output the product
.... that can be learnd.
The harder you hit the more they learn, (literally .. digitally)

Rubber skin returns

A lightning a thunder can not be scaled or measured
We are not kapitalists, we are not a hospizbewegung
we just show you that the powers of the past return.
From times of Dinosaurs, crocos and sharks, times of rubber skin.
Times of emotional hardcovers and Panzerechsen.

you spam

Your spam (email accountees) proves nothing but 80% idiot by trying to
approve 80% of idiot.

it can be ok

Biz can be OK, it is just the question how much you can take of it and if it is by drones, trucks, submarines, helis, planes, double seats and the more. And they will not tell you the price of of a single STVOL jet with spare parts, that needs much training !

election course I was surprised that the US election super tuesdays o16 was such a under the beltine mudbattle case. The infights and arguments showed very nasty and ugly, The global engagers witn them did just some talks, telefon calls, thats all, preempt calls and the more, also lawyers can be sexy.

I am not engaging in mud battles

Incentive show

If you get into battle distance with me
into the range of my iron fist
you have to show intelligent, empirically, emotionally robust,
also rationally intelligent, maybe attractive and incentive
and do not underestimate the power of somebody who
put once horse shoes ...

Der polizist hat gesagt er will mir helfen ....
das war vorgestern u da war es schon zu spaet !! (22.07 irgendwo am waldrand wieder)
Verfahrenskosten koennen sich exponentiell steigern,
manche so manche so .... some cases get booked u
2500 sind schon viel (trials) ... doch im Wilden Westen vielleicht auch nicht oder ...
sonst einfach mal route 66 in O-county ... oder burning man valley

dann habe ich ihm gesagt er .. kann mir nicht ..... da war es schon zu spaet ....

      - Make no mistake, make no missfake -

wild -

Es gibt edle Wilde, schmutzige wilde, versaute, putzige Wilde, rassistische und noch vielmehr Wilde .... auch ziemlich komische wilde. Der Edle (Tatanka Yotanka) hat gleich wieder alles ausgegeben nach der Show u Apache kid was a big story (by the saying of the book Bury my heart at wounded knee)
And by the way Oklahoma is much, much more dirty overall, and got dirty and blown by some ...

Feuermachen und zündeln tut weh
ich bin daher sehr für das herzeigen von aufgerissenenen blutigen herzen,
zerschnittenene leibern und ketzerzungen
auch abgeschnittene hühner oder menschenhaaren
auch mösen und penise könnte man derart effektiv anbringen
gespaltenen schädel auf zigarettenpackungen
zum grossen erhebenden Schauspiel des Ganzen
(angeregt durch d Rororo Sachbuch Opus Diaboli)

Mr president

That Mr Trump is a strange guy, he dont like black people,
he dont like Jews, he don t like Mexicans,
not chinese and he do nt like handicapped people
Only his daughter and some white old friends
and that is the problem
because the US by its tradition has been an imigrant friendly and
a refugee and asyslum seeking friendly country, a homeless taking land,
Refugees by mind and economy fled to the US for 1 and a half century
    As Mr Trump only likes his daughter and some good old white friends
maybe not even his sun in law,
We can expect more random attacks and it is only up to the USA
to calm Mr Trump and let him grow with his job.
.... same counts for Mr Kim Yong Un and Mr Maduro
(guess they all grew up in a hostile environment)

Schoe deppat

Praemissa: Nazis koenenn nicht davon laufen !
erstens: weil sie immer zuhause sind.
zweitens: weil sie die Gefahr nicht erkennen.

Habe nachricht erhalten (RsA)

(RsA) got notice on a very strange case. After having been back from long journey and waiting in regional cities rlwy station for 4 hours till next train to reach locale destination not far from locale headquarter.
    In the actual RsA they verleumden me with the socalled taeuschung. First of all I dont taeusche Aepfel 4 Birnen, I don t pay 70 euro for 14 km (once 1000 oe-schilling/ not tanzanian shilling) !! 14km the distance from railway station to a house with garden.
    Second of all I told the taxi driver on phone before that I only need taxi for that 14km, he did not mention any price and a locale guy midnight at the railway station as well, coming from his gfriend told me that I only need to pay the 14km I sit in the car (!!) and not as mentioned in the locale RsA letter (law suit) I was trieing to taeusche (exchange) the destination for Lienz another locale city in another Bundesland (district of at) about fifty km away.
    I dont know if that taxi driver got my notice on phone and have no idea how they explain or try to explain that big case to a locale court, guess preempt nazi or kirchenmaus. After having been on way for 20 years I dont mix kilometers and destinations really ! I am keeping into account my locale taxi driver for witness and proof of never have exchanged (getaeuscht) the destinations and kilometers in regard to her payment.

fett u schwer

fett u schwer haengt die 10 000 Kw leitung fast bis auf die Heustadel

Surprise fleet 7th
I am wondering about the 7th US fleet. It seems that they re sacrifying their own soldiers, the navi seals. Since june nearly 20 seals killed by war ship collusions. I don t know what they have on their radar, fish, whales, sailing yachts, submarines, But for sure not big tankers. Latest the collusion with a tanker 3 times the size of the US warship near Singapur port by which a dozen of navi soldiers got killed.
    After the joint exercises near the Koreas with Japan. And not to forget the Exxon Valdez katastrophy once. Rocks, winds n waves against a supertanker in a fjord with drunken captain on board, some years ago the italien cruise ship which got on a rock and its captain jumped his big ship during crew took rescue and emergency measures.

    These captains and fleet comanders are strange guys, drunk on supetrankers, fleet commander colliding with a tanker 3 times the size of its own ship during peace times kiling his own soldiers. A navy ship should get such boats, specially tankers, and if empty, on its radar.
    Singapur is a big city at the Aequator, once visited, a very clean and organized city, for sure with good harbour conroll but such cases are a mistery, somehow as once the very dangerouse Bermuda triangel over years which drawned total ships and planes. Some triangles are yet unresolved and a mistery whih could change but who knwos if the captains themself dont avoid to collide and getting sucked by it.

There were two 9.11

Anybody knows that there were two 9.11 over history. The first one 1973 in Chile and the next 2001 in the US. The on 1973 was the day of the coup in Chile with support of the US against Salvador Allende who killed himself in his office that day, then followed years of dictatorship 1973 - 89.
    The 9.11 2001 many know, it burnt deep into the minds of the people ... also by the medias, many will not forget and not forgive. 1973 and the following years many forgot, never heared of and never hitback.

Critical mass

With numbers and dates you can also count like this, 9 and 11 makes 11, when you see the 11 as a double one, two times one, so 9 and 2 is 11. Isn t that special.
    In some lands you can hardly differ the number one and seven, they look similar, they like to miss some strings. But surprising its the land of capital, the land of big money, wal-marcets and rating agencies.
    Before University they do college and for getting the votes done right, who knows if thats ever possible, they need the Electoral college. Because out there in the plains, after harvesting 1 mio acres with heavy mashines you never know if they get it right, specially not by touch screening.

So nine and 11 makes 11 (when you see 11 as two ones). Hitler decided to start his war at the 11.11 and at 11 hrs. Number 11 can aslo be seen as single standing ones, millions of small ones which he liked to watch sometimes, then they got big, a single big moving picture of many many single ones in front of the once Führer, and he was shouting and screeming around then on his deutsches volk, they got histeric, a big histeric mass of single small nazis.

Do not mix big harvest with a great harvest !

Make no mistake, see no mistake

In some far away land to make no mistake they do voting with electoral college. And to make no mistake or get it right their new president had 2500 cases at court before he became president of the US, and he got away with that, he even won the votes, astonishing. But the electoral college helped it, also the touch screens, and he himself told and knew that the votes were wrigged, but thats not really a problem today. So make no mistake, see no mistake, do all right.
    Another modern president was once a heavy armed and shooting policeman before he got president. Some question his health and know of him taking strong medizine. Also Hitler and his generals, some of his main slaughterers took drugs (metaamphetamine) Nowadays also some fighter jetpilots fly on drugs, on pills and bomb for some nation, while the 7th fleet commander lose soldiers during routine procedures, but whoever knows if a big empty tanker is good for times of peace.


Fahren sie auch ein Betrueger Auto ?
Nein ich probiers meistens mit US automatik !
Und wieoft rufen sie es zurueck ?
Na schon 100 000 mal (tel) !
Na dann probieren sie einfach mal eine Honda activa, damit singen sie ueber die strassen, ist aber nicht amphib, kutschenfahern damit vorbei, und wirft im match-box-marct keinen gewinn ab ! (betray)


Zahlens ihnen auch die Rede ?
Garnichts interessiert mich nicht !
Geschaeftsromantik bastle ich mir selber u unterschaetzen sie nicht Aikido !

I ve seen the world but I am not sure if the world can see me !

In some regions the politicans say soemtimes, "Da bin ich jetzt ganz nackt ... " (it was the times of the socalled soziales haengematting)

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