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Nature observations

Central Alps         (southern may-sept 015)

Datura stram.mex, two strange behauving Schwalbenschwanz (buttfls) near the mat and the powerfull hopping Himalaya Springkraut (aug-sept)

Lotos k. stretching in the pool, powerfull and without any little problem .... not far from Nicotina k. and Peyoti.

Ipomea versicolor ... also Trichterwinde in deutsch (aug-sept)

Lotos fit in sunpowered aquarium, pics or gallery maybe later in case digicam-2-lappi bridge works ...

Plants and birds seen around Tokyo and Narita (end July 015)
Dragon flies-
Mosaikjungfern (imagos),
Plattbauch u Adonislibelle uvm

Pics speaking 4 themself by emself independently ....

all from the garden ..
5th Digitalis (Gelber Fingerhut)

Anax Imperator arrived, superior flyer, a female which put eggs to garden-pond all bigger dragonflies staied calm. Überragende Flieger, superfast u andere Grosslibellen gehen in Deckung. Erste Hirschkäfer unterwegs (Weibchen) und 3 Igeljunge machen ersten verwegen verborgenen Mittagsausflug (Bild Igelmutter)

Gardenflower (Immergrün) also seen in Himalayas at 2000m alt there Dhauladar range. Nice night roamer (Butterfly Bär) and mama preparing nest under wood hut.

First Dragonflies transformed from imago to full size, guess 2 female Vierpunkt. M-jungfern bisher noch keine, fliegen sowieso immer gleich weit weg. Many fragile Dragonflies of different colors later on, partly mating allready

Robin (Rotkehlechen) left nest about 1,5 weeks ago, young Gartenrotschwanzerl in nest develop well, total succes - viva voila pronto !

Waterlever in pond always stays same, boring at idiots region, all frog larves gone, - nazis are next !

Drgonfly larves of a bigger specie in the bucket taken from the nice swimming pond in the garden, also kind of moskito repellent preempt, Peyote de Mexiko flowering first time here and yearly revival farn with iris pic.

Magnificant Lupinus Lupine and the dragonfly named Frühe Adonislibelle, so nice ...

First signs of spring in the garden and Lotos coming

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