F A Q     Critics of Unclean marcets -
10 years later, frequently asked questions

    How can I prevent getting surveilled in the web ?
A) always again deleting browser history and cache
B) by not using bad and evel words in mails and webfori
C) by not using hate speech and bad words, only nice and social postings
D) use CCleaner on routine, cleaning traces on mashine
E) not doing dangerouse verbal attack

Is Blueray at the TV unhealthy ?
A) Not necessarily but can do strange athmosphere, just try using a little cover on the spot.
B) you can test that easily with covering the blue ray source at TV

How can I convert unseen ?
A) Use the right search words and its combimnation on web
B) by not reading too much stupid romance literature and watching harry potter movies
C) by checking infos on ISIS not just via google, blinx, altavista (now part of yahoo), also with wikiopedia n others
D) by not only doing nite headturns as the scientologists do (in public)

Why did paarshiff.at, K-date, heartmouse.com, flirtcat und romantikbunny.com never work with me ?
A) Cause the good old tactic fake, false and pay still works !
B) cause maybe you never got the rules there !

Why can normal users not do pdf files ?
A) cause they have too much weight !
B) cause there are allready lots of books with pics out there !
C) because only few documents are important in the web first !
D) because only in little countries fake documents can get done

Should I blind my webcam with sticker ?
A) Yes, go for it, it s just another small (rarely but watching) device

Why can I not print Dollars and Yen ?
A) Because thatfor there is Bitcoin.
B) Because that s always a save job

How can I get on the stocks manager website ?
A) Navigate to hublog.at there to hoplinks, then to nzz.ch there to finanzes and select option
B) go to nzz.ch in browser, select finances and chose
C) take into account saving it as bookmark

Why went the world upsidedown since win7 ?
A) cause each folder opens in another window !
B) because they did the sysWOW folder 2,3 GB big !
C) because the ole multimedia bridge works very multifunctional (flexible) !
D) because win 7 has much space for silly games
E) because Mr Ballmer likes to jump a lot

Why can I not adjust and update my templates ?
A) because they dont fit for that job usually
B) because source coding is more solid and proper !
C) cause they re often not worth the money but the monotony working on them

Are there alternatives for reduced webbing on smartphones ?
A) yes, computers running with Linux Mint, Ubuntu and similar operation systems !
B) also navigating with the browser on PC can proof interesting

Are my 4000 friends at faceboot unhealthy and destructive for me and should I reduce them ?
A) For sure, reduce them in any case, neutralize and cut their number down for your better health in the web and selfesteem.
B) Yes change it for another webforum which is more specialised and targets on your ambitions. Specialisation is as well in the web today a big thing !
C) Yes change it for other webfori which serves your needs better
D) Specialists for silikon valley are yet most welcome, also strategic planning is important by webforis framing variables.

Shall I encrypt my emails (PGP) ?
A) Only if you do bad things
B) also Tor just does strange moves (side transits)
C) No as long you are capable to do cyberromance, can poor virtual roses and heavy breathing. D) Better overall encryption of total harddisk (true crypt)

Do I need to register at twitter to get web access ?
A) No, 140 digits are far too less ! (but very normal today)

Why are the breakup times of the Web over ?
A) Because many segments of it are proper settled and occupied now !
B) Because billionheavy multies swallowed smaller digi corpses and its products, also users, software, and robocorpses.
C) Cause templates don t function well for small users.
D) Because some stubborn and chaosheads, (caputs of kapital and chaos) earned a platinum nose by it. Also chaos and stupids pay very well, thats part of some systems and rule of the game.
E) Because again everything got changed for digital (tv)

Can I relay on the infos I get on web ?
A) Yes, partly as with newsmags and TV, depending on the sites you check.
B) But know that the real world trains better and makes more robust.

What means blockchain ?
A) That the thing breaks at its weakest point
B) Gets sometimes suggerated on the german webfront.
C) In real its the chain of infos and comunication data and the path it takes, and the ones who try to block, hinder, corrupt or fake it.

Can I watch the path of my emails ?
A) Yes with programms like Trace- oder Visual route.

Why can I not find the questionmark digit at self-html under the special chars for coding ?
A) Cause that is a general law which seems to need no special coding, physical and emotionally !

C H E M I C A L     D O W

Can I immunisate against influenca (flu) ?
A) Yes of course, as by yearly routine
B) Also against bird and pig flu
C) hardly any chance, it is a century long routine by the black cross ...

When did the pest braeakout last time ?
A) That was summer 015 in California, for short.

What is BSE ?
A) It is not a stock marcet index
B) It is also named "Mad cow desease" and few lakh (100 000) cows got slaughtered after they got fed fishdust and knochenmehl in GB.
C) It manifests then in the cows brains with the eiweiss problem ...

Can I immunisate against esoterics, borderliners and conduct coders ?
A) No, but you can try to rock them (hardrock ...)

Which will be the next slaughter ?
A) that will be the slaughter against vegans in the West during winters by snowfall
B) It will be against chemical Dow which pumpup the meat (mega).

Who will profit by the next slaughter ?
A) Only simple farmers, puritans and katholians. Others will advance !

What happened with Anthrax and Rizin during the times of Bush II ?
A) That was chemical Dows outfall which got out of science labours by their lackinga s and failors
B) It was bio weapons (anthrax) which got produced and tried on their masters. Similar to Agent orange and during they failed to see their natural lackings, (feigenblatttheorie ueber verrueckte).

What is Rizin ?
A) A complex Eiweiss verbindung, by a plant and there is no antipoison against it.

What is dark matter ?
A) It s the migration from south to north
B) It is the colour of katholic monkshirts (moenchshemden, opus diaboli ..)
C) Another conquer and slaughter (something with colonisation and islands)
D) It is the rest of mio. burnt witches, slaves, ketzer, farmers and jews.
E) It s a change in colour cheme, not by IG farben (transition).

What produce Chlor chickens when they get consumed ?
A) More whities, more pale faces.
B) Shortly produced immunic disorder on the skin, by the paling process ....

Who are the background agitators of Chlor chicken ?
A) That is chemical Dow !

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