Enemy medias - part 1

Generation flatscreen -
generating presidents

(Flatscreen series, Enemy medias part 1)

Isn t that strange that windows 8 got banned from chinese government computers.
Isn t that strange that even superstars from the west got banned from playing in China,
it is quite a few. Does anybody ask why.

    Now sometime later after many diplomats got called here and there or got expelled now there is more smoke out there on the front of companies. Again big moves by the liberty and free marceteers, Data of million social network users got sold, mostly before the election of the most powerfull .. man on earth. But now after all that user data got sold to that company, that company for analysis is gone, it does not exist any more, it got vaporised from the marcets playground. But the president is there, it was tricky, yes even wrigged votes.

    On the other hand MS was and is a big player yet, it was a big and hard fight once, competition during the times of Netscape navigators, teh times of trustowrthy computing and intelectual property. Then screens changed to flatscreen format, user experience and the unliked and unfavourite Verwaltung on win systems (pc mamangment)

    Fat deep screens transformed to flatscreens, coming with all the tricky effects it can perform. HD, ultra white, superwhite, genial glimm, magic flash, deep screen and the more during search indexer and task managers got staged 3 times in the back. Win 7 got the multirole folder fighter with multitask manager in back, not to forget the 2,3 GB syswow folder and user experience, in case unwanted button pushing got registered the adapt register got pulled automatic, autopilot turned off and the mashine turned on tricky mode.

    Flatscreens transformed to tiny telefone screens, good for a million presents and a billion profits. But the buttons with numbers were gone then. The numbers on telefones were gone. Telefones changed to tiny toys and funscreens. They all got on board of the multirole super profits generating toy factories which stayed magic till today, profits by the tiny multirole screens, billions of profits generated but the toy itself, but the mobiles showed no numbers any more, it was the end !

    Psychologists staied the same, fuzz staied the same, a billion messages dissapeared after short, scientologists got worse with some new mad ideas on cirkus intriganti, beside chlorchicken which keeps the white race white, but weak.

    After billions of profits got generated by software corpses and its backdoors and weekly updates on routine, partly to pretend good and close the backdoors and failors. Kaspersky does not seem to fit that sheme today. Whatfor antivirus software some may ask, and not from America, that can not be real, it gets banned then.

    Now the new game was selling user data, but only for short. It got not healthy for the analysis firma, it got finished and did somethig by a new name.
    But the president is there, who profited by the analysis firma. Digital powers and its aging gets shorter and shorter, slave trade was slow trade, dirty, bloody and over centuries.

    Digital trade of user data is of short time, it is public and transparent before and gets sold hidden later. When business buys and takes over in big numbers it has to do it hidden in that case, social networking can not be sold transparent on an open stage for best bidder on worlds number one marcet place, and if he got to the pope and China before. It was a bad deal and it was failed biz.

    If you sell billions of social networking user data that would not be social any more then, so in case, it has to be sold hidden. In part of social networking millions of users data has to get sold hidden, that is clear. Much data gets vaporised, messaging, either on private tiny toys or in case it got requested by once strong trade partner, it got vaporized.

    The number one trade and marcet ground is doing new positioning, pulling some strings, blocking singled out lands from travelling to number one trade grounds, which did not work.

    Then pulling the string of sanctioning imports of steel and aluminium. I am sure there are more strings left to get tried for the new position in marcets and if there is nothing left a system recovery point from MS could do or basics from the one who sold million of user date after he visited the pope and China.
    In India basics got banned from immigration, not welcome, digital marcets are diverse and some take strong meaures, also chlor chicken should get banned.

    After yearlong success and profits on software grounds, now an antivirus company, quite one with good yearlong reputation, gets into focus of teaparty trustees and neolibertarians.

    Also the establishment gets tried, a really big player in the number one marcet. Thats an interesting part, if the ones who go against the establishment will succeed there with the simple angry white men in the back and many hockey mums, also coming aside the pathogenic scientologistas, which is a more or less hidden force in some countries. A triangle so to say, the government, establishment and angry white men. (scientologists got immigration and some cards to many lands allready, guess prepaied)

    They all get tried now, some try each single country on some map, others try basics, alphabet or another system recovery point, others try an antivirus software company, another coup, steel or aluminium, it is all on the table.

    But be carefull not to get to the wrong table, pool, golf court or office at the wrong time, digital marcets and mobiles can proove tricky after all that years still. (may.o18)

Chlor chicken and chemical food is bad,
it fakes and fails your body, it makes you pale before death.

Tiny megatoy
In Latin Americas tere is always a TV. No matter if it is in a hotel, bus or retsaurant, guest house, favela or djungle hut, there is always a TV. In hotels it is nomally very up there at the ceiling over the bed, usually put into iron frame that nobody can take it, even as all have allready a TV. In Spain, short after Pamplona dn Tomathina, they watch unsharp trailers, unsharp pics on TV, and keep it important and make a big stor of it.

    Cars ar of 100 years standard, tehy try many new things on them, also cars with software, but that is others domain since years, then it often get failed cars,

    Bicycles are of 100 years standard, mostly healthy and keeping your eyes open and sharp, keeping you attentive and alert.

    Telefones are of 120 years standard, but what you want to do if somebody gives you that smart toy and and you do not find teh numbers to be used, when you do not know where to start and where to finish a call, A 100 shiny buttons but nothing s logic anymore.
    The message are gone next day, if teh batteries did not get uncharged allready by factory settings. There are sima nd micro sim, pin, puk and keyboard codes for unlock. It got overloaded spoiled megatoys, most costly while real life staied same.
    In some lands they want passport copy and pic for new sim, in others tehy throw it after you, But special today, on aeroplanes these megatoys are not allowed to be used during flights.

    They are not bound to anybody and anything, that is the real problem. Nobody knows if it is mums, the babies, the apples, part of a gym, this or that software, the factory,bound to profits or attached to pics, nobody knows it today.

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Cycling is good, you can cover distances so, it keeps you healthy, attentive and alert.
Chlor chicken is bad, very bad !

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