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Realtime - realmarcet

In manchen maerkten, sogar den Zugpferden Europas, gibt es das Netzwerkdurchdringungsgesetz. Gleichzeitig durchdringen die Apfelwerfer der megamaerkte (soft smartie marceteers) ueber die realweb Anbindung in Echtzeit, ueber millionen Flachbildtelefone, die Maerkte.

  Nicht mehr einloggen muessen, keine passworte, kein PGP, alles gleich da, und die Markt profiler und Profilierer immer wieder mit dran, ganz nah. Ist das nicht toll, die totale Verdummung in echtzeit, instant marketing quasi, ganz transparent und einfach SIMPLE und BASIC ueber millionen consumer und Dummchen Flachbild-toys, verspielte Farbknoepfenschieber. Nachrichten in Echtzeit, kurze notices, in charge of marcet gaps, winzig kleine Markt segmente, und shopping per smart mobs, gleichzeitig lachen und groelen, einfach geil.

  Nicht die Leute am Tisch oder an der Bar, nein die Freundin im handy (geschminkt) ist doch viel besser drauf, so einfach ist das heute. Und wenn die kids mal mit dem dritten Papi von vorgestern, irgendwo in Afrika, sprechen wollen einfach skype aktivieren, so einfach ist das heute, smart und hip. Ein smartmob von millionen. Auch die Kleinen druecken schon kraeftig ab drauf, die konsumenten von morgen.
  Es kann nicht frueh genug los gehen, die digitale Erziehung zum Megamarkt Konsumenten, the futures handy shareholder und Flachspiegelgucker.

    Kein passworte, keine verdeckten emails mehr (und schon garnicht von, alles ganz transparent fuer profite, consumer, verkaeufer, apfelwerfer und apfelpfluecker, bis die digital gesaettigten Schlangen, fett, dumm und traege vom Baum plumpsen.

They have a problem

You know what they do not like, they do not like when you re independent and carry around your own tent, but specially where there are other tents allready, in city centers like Oaxaca and alike. Then some of them seem to get jealouse and take a stick from your tent (, it is too much for them. Some of them live behind walls and in gated communities , but a tent, that is too much.

    Tents are something since the times of the Romans and Alexander the great. They do not like that, does it look modern, cosy like a beach bungalow somwhere, romantic no.
    No, tents are for rough guys, for adventurers and exploreres, some can not take that, it is far too much, the winds, rains, rocks, woods and cliffs, so much of independency, liberty and freedom with your own tent. For some that s too much. You can put it up anywhere, out of some villages or cities, thats great, if you can manage.

    And they hate it even more when you have your own house, a nice beautifull house with some trees and a big garden, they hate that, they can not take it, it s too much for them. Then they try all from cutting the stone table, to plotting the woodstove and electricity (Wechselschalter, cables, cent.heater), a house is a big thing, for some too much. They will face their products, defenitly.

    They have problems with postcards. Just imagine at the center of the world, pablo de mundo, at the aeuqtor, close to some huge churches and domes, bg squares, police men on motorbikes beside many simple people, Some where some chics from the wild west, from the north somewhere, with their woolen stockings on the aerport table beside the usually elegant dressed people there. You ask for the post office, it is somewhere a small counter

    You bought post cards, stamps, wrote something nice and then at the small counter at the center of the world, pablo de mundo in Ecuador Quito, behind you a police man watching. What is that, letters, postcards, very dangerouse, something special between the huge churches, big wood crosses, ice cream for 7 dollars, whatfor postcard then. They can not take that, it is too much for them, they ve a problem with that.
    Even as the Deutsche Post did revenues, profits over months. In other regions that is too much for them, stamps without value, if any at all, stickers through the mashine are more easy and socalled post partner shops, for whatever. I mean postcards from far away you can, yes you can, keep for years, for decades. Instant messaging has a halbwertszeit, guess how long, it gets all deleted, virtual rubbish, bubbling for some hours and gone. Without future and without the past, it is not lasting.

    In some hemisphere they have problems with books, books are relaxing, you can take them anywhere without need to plug to electricity, without the magic sticks, cowatchers, synchronisers and joinees like with flastcreens these days. Books you can keep with yourself, you buy them once, you do not need weekly updates, patches, firewalls and the more for them. They don t like that really, that much of independency.

    Some have problems with their own visas (lands), like worlds No 1 Himalaya tourism destination, they like to take the money, as much as possible if that single ATM can do that there, it can never be enough, have a stock exchange but no coins in the streets, it is the worlds Nr 1 Himalaya destination.

    Others just have no idea what it needs for an application and payment via the web, and specially on way, even as there was some infos out there in the web. Guess it was fake visa infos, and faked news for visa at arrival, for sure faked. They have no idea about it today, but they money they want to get, no matter how much more, where, how and if by a PC somwhere out there.
    Some want an invitation letter, and if you got that for thousands of kilometers later, there is the triggers on keyboards then left, and the special chars in kyrillic, hebrew or german. There are no offices with PCs, copy or fax mashines out there. Diplomats got on the expell row in the while. There are smart phones anyway, instant messaging and dull smarties enough. Whatfor calling from a public cell, there is enough costly flatscreens private owned, fency hotels maybe, so whatfor a bublic phone. But simcards for passport and copy. Others through the simcards after you after arrival at aerport.

    After travelling over 20 years, some fall asleep then slowly during visa application, while millions do instant messaging same time. But make no mistake with immigration, make no mistake, it is smarties new instant marcets flatcreened. Whatfor fax and copy mashines, whatfor STD ISD and the more, there are enough private costly flatscreen owners anyway, Forget fax, copies, public phones and scans, that is profi stuff, forget it.

Stocks on tel

You know every stockbroker has a telefone, also bank assistants use telefones. They all use telefones, from Berlusconi, over Mr Murdoch, Prince Charles, Karsten, to Mr Buffet and Soros, some may also use special apps, who knows, let s see.
    There are lands with many restaurants and hotels, bus tours to all corners, discos and high noon during nights, but bublic phones, then it gets tricky, you have to ask if tourist regions and its marcets can handle public phones. Reality has to faced.


Can anybody book a single bird, NO !
Can anybody book a Gnu, Zebra, a Tiger or Lion, NO !
It is not possible.
Nobody can book them and will never be able to book them
Not yesterday, not tomorrow and not today.

Loosing standards

In this times cars (autos) are of a 100 year standard,
telephones are of 120 year standard,
postal services, sending cards or parcels is of much older standard, few hundred years ! Can they do it today ? Cars get fully equipped, also with software, overdosed and often spoiled, and then called back, out of failors and lackings, also big case for courts nowadays as the papers on pollution got faked (geschoent) Can they do cars today, only partly, it is not only a case often for courts today but also for few lakh callbacks by the producers relationship.

    Telephones look strange today, something flat like a tiny TV screen, of Nokia it got said they slept over the socalled developments in smartphone marcets. Then it got taken over by the SM user experience software company. And on each trigger type nokia mobile now they play funny with order of pushing these triggers, they like to mass it, The numbers are yet on there what is quite special allready today. Telephones with numbers to be seen. But do not ask why some tell white young males or wasps are angry in some marcets ... after neos liberalisation and marcets smartifications.

    Mobiles looks more like spoiled toys, which got faked smart for marcets, some coloured buttons, no triggers with numbers as should be the case with telephones. It got toys for spoiled and overdosed

    Can they deliver postcards or parcels today, It is not too normal anymore, and there are companies out there which help them with delivering aside normal post service. It got a problem today, mails parcels and cards. The neos prefer often socalled postpartner shops in their smart marcets, if there were any post offices ever at all in other regions.

    Television is of 60 years standard, In most lands today they recieve 40 channels, some have 120, some need to get paied after years of getting them for free (mtv, bbc), special channels you do not get at all (rt), broadcasted from London. Neoliberals marcets, also 10 years later are a strange thing, also for TV.
    In some regions you can check by an easy look for sat dishes on roofs, it dissapeared form there nearly totally (100%), in Italy they have them.
    Some sets in hotels are easy Roehren TVs with 3 channels and ash trey aside (india), in other guest houses with very basic rooms and a very basic shower aside (mexico) you get a heavily iron framed TV overhead near the ceiling, but a TV is always there, no matter if in a AC-bus or how basic the room may be.

    In some good restaurants you can get in reach of the TV manual for a huge flatscreen, for the try of changing channels, but the manual- TV distance is too big, more than 2 meters. Thats too much than, more than 2 meters for a huge screen in a fency reste.

    The sea and beaches are there anyway, so whatfor all that rubbish. (4th Kolonne)

I do not engage with aerbitch. (not in 15 years, it s not an aerline)

Ohne Extras

Alle drei Tage 100 € (euro), alle 4 Tage 100 £ (brit.pound),
ohne National park fee, ohne Massage, ohne Bumsen, ohne sightseeing tour.
Fuer ganz normale Sachen. Allen kapitalistischen Widrigkeiten ausgesetzt.
Florida is billiger.
    (Thayland 2o18,
was man sich woanders mit camping erspart hohlen sie sich woanders wieder rein ... )

Weisseres Haus

Es gibt Gegenden wo Briefmarken keine Wert mehr zeigen,
wo sie nurmehr persoenliche Entscheidungen treffen,
obwohl einer einst mit 140 km/h in die Wand fuhr,
und in 20 Jahren ganze Ruinen abgetragen werden,
und wo sie bis heute keine Ahnung vom Internet u Telefonieren haben.

    Gerade deshalb sollten sie sich dort nicht
in die inneren Angelegenheiten des gr Meisters einmischen.
Das weisse Haus hat viel Security,
doch es gibt Haeuser die sind weisser !
    Weil Opa Rommel schon die Meinung sagte, und Oma als Schulbeste von den Nazis spaeter gezwungen werden musste eine Frauengruppe zu leiten.

Neoliberalisierte Nazis

Das Komische bei den neoliberalisierten Nazis ist,
dass sie einst dem Fuehrer blind und jubelnd gefolgt sind.
    Heute aber blind persoenliche Entscheidungen treffen wollen.
Das ist das Problem, weil sie keine Ahnung haben wohin das fuehrt ! Sie lernen dann NLP und zu sprechen wie Frauen,
mit gespaltenen Zungen fuer Profite und Biz, in neoliberalen Maerkten.


Wenn den Schafen geheuchelt wir dass sie selbststaendig seien,
liegen sie verkehrt rum.


Jede selbststaendige Taetigkeit und Einkommen daraus muss angefuehrt werden. Wird aber schon lange nicht akzeptiert, weil sie sich fuer sehr wichtig halten, neoliberal wichtig. Und ahnen dabei garnicht wie wichtig andere sind, davon haben sie keine Ahnung, und das wollen sie auch garnicht wissen !

Subcom Galiano, Fidel, Russel Means viva !

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