Rotkaeppchen police

Friends, comrades companjeros genossen, with today date of the 16. april I decided to take further measures and a hard strong position to teach them the lessons they are grasping for since years.
    There are may police men out there, every young boy wants to become a policeman but specially in that neoliberalised marcets. They want to become policeman fighters looking for justice and carring around a gun, rifle, pistol or something alike and if there is nothing out there left over to engage for the police man, they will help it a bid and search by 7 of them somewhere for butterknifes and machetes.

    Comrades, in these days of the neos neoliberalised marcets, that is no problem. For each day of the week a police man searching for butterknifes and machetes, but without paper from judge in the neos neoliberalised marects, and that is the point comrades. And do not think, that any of these expats, policemen or criminals, who had more than 2000 cases before court nowadays, before he got voted over the electoral college, or flatscreens or something, goof enough for fake n ews as well or another tweet, in bloodthursty justice thriving lands and hemispheres. I do not think that any of these bloodthursty neokatholic ex policeman, now in job of a president or something will succeed but maybe under some morbid katholic cross or a stick or brett vorm kopf, as a sheperd with a sheriff star somewhere maybe. We do not care of the madheads, they can do it by flatscreen and sell it anyway.

    I am sure not one of these presidents has a serpentine stone table in his office, maybe some boots or colts here and there on a table, or also some of their wool stockings on aerport tables, dont ask for duty free, some chics not far from pablo de mundo (
    But comrades I can tell you when they dare to cut such a stone table, nowadays in the neos neoliberalised marcets, somewhere in hillbilly lands, they will face for the rest of their times, the product and get the result of cutting such a table, which not any of these presidents has in his office.
    They may have their cowboy or police boots and colts on their office desks, a twitter account and 10 mio followers (Verfolger), virtual fans and virtual favourites.

Comrades when I decide to sell their followers, fans, social media accountees, virtual trustees, when we decide to sell the 10 mio followers to next Cambridge or MIT student anal-ystas of C †† (C plus plus a new coding standard for and some social media sites.fb) they get a problem comrades.
    Comrades they have no pants and guts, they stand naked in the streets, and wait for next virtual social accountees with their rifles and colts of neos neoliberalised lands.

    Friends and comrades ... meToo, meToo ... some presidents said he will take the world by some pussy, comrades lets see, when they sold another 10 mio virtual tweeters and followers after having them paied for that, he does not need to consult anybody before next "meToo meToo" somewhere on a tupperware desk maybe behind some doors with golden door handles in some rapists "ohh my god" situation room, another genius of meToo meToo after sell to the best bidder of another 10 mio nite followers.

    Comrades and companjeros we do not care of Rumsy speechers good for smilies at homeland itself. We do not care of self declared geniuses who want to play rocket-man with another rocket-man, and that even without consultation of anybody really, not a team, not any thinktankers, not the congress, not any of the whatfor a security councel, a genius does not need that, and what the hell do 2000 cases before court proove before some votes got wrigged, but with weakies for sure, or whatever, who knows, lets see. But now on row by the specially neoliberalised marcet men, which do barriers and blockades, all ways closed, by the president with golden door handles, isn t that wired.

Comrades we do not care of twitter bubble blowers or rapists, wall streets neo wall accountees, proud of their worlds mega p_ssy behind, golden aeroplane doorhandles. Comrades we take care about the Fujimoris who had women sterilized during their time in office. What these asses want, getting operated as well or face their greed by p_ssy in their bloodthursty hemisphere. Comrades we have them on our block and barr list. We remember the cut stonetable, the tent stick they took, some jacket in muddy streets, we do not engage with them but hitback.

    And comrades, if grandmamas of neos neoliberalised marcets think they can just take the money by calling any of their grandmamas banking friends, to get the money of their suns or grandchildren without consultation of the same, then they get Africa wrong, then they get neos neoliberalised marcets not only wrong, but also their keepings with dreams of Rotkaeppchens katholic Selbstverstaendniss.
    Comrades we have them on our list and we strike, we get them to face their products.

Funsen: Nasdaq 7 281 (chemical mix - therapistas)      Dow J. 24 786,6      Dax 12 569,2      Hang 30 284,2      Nasdaq comp ( 3 months Flatline _________ )      Apple 178 ( 5 months Flatline _________ )      Cisco 44,6      Exxon mob - 0,27 (daychart __________ )      Walt disney ( 1,9)      Siemens ( 6 months -10,49 )      Daimler ( 6 months Flatline __________ )      Bayer ( 6 months 120- 97 dropping ____________ )      source: ____________      Agazi 9,    Hugh 4,    Prost 3,    Trusten 5,    Frustio 5,    Husten 4,    Barrel 50,04,    Quarrel 40,03,    Marell 43,78 18 april 2018 ( changings can happen within hours )

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