Caspar Melchior Baltasar,   Each single country

Foreign species - Spring offensive

We observed in Cuba not far from the aerport two nice small Mongoose, these are usually not comon there and not original animals inhabiting the region (caribe), they are good meat eaters and even go for hunting snakes, comon mostly in India in 3 species. Anybody can get them there from a ship in a handtasche, that is the problem, and for sure it does big competition to cows, chicken, pork and mutton.

    But mongoos in general are nice to be watched, soemtimes in small groups in nrth Idia or Goa beside some streets. Who put them there in Cuba is unknown to us. A strange couple got robbed and possibly killed in South Africa, with a guide taking a Gladiole and showing on instagram, facebook as the couple did a photo at the south african National park. Better not put too many exotic and foreign species to Australia, like Aga Aga kroeten, Germer to Maroc or Waldvoegelein to upper Parvaty valley, cobra plants are very special and grow even much further up not far from an hot spring covered in the mist.

    Who put the mongoose to Cuba is unknown to us. Mongoose are intersting hunters and go for snakes, on which they are specialised. We got to know of a strange couple which got robbed and possibly killed in South Africa, after having been to a national park, taking a Gladiole there and showing it at instagram, facebook as the couple did a photo at the south african National park. Later on their car got found in a tonship with blood traces and a connection to the ISIS gto mentioned. (FAZ mar.o18)

    Better not put too many exotic and foreign species to Australia, like Aga Aga kroeten and not too many rabbits and karnikeln to Falkland islands, also not potatoe beatles over some european regions as once during WWar 2, which are still beatling (crawling around) on the grass in the potatoe fields in some vallies there yet, mostly up over 800m. Leftovers, droplets so to say from WW 2 by uncle Sams tactixs once part of his Biowar strategy, which got to Rizin and Anthrax during Bush II at the homeland itself, biowars is ugly, never mind, also Napalm (Vietnam).

    Botox and detox is of different case, thats for the self spoilers, self paralizers, narcotisaters they can be named, we do not like them and we do not take their tissues in duty frees.

    We are not racists no, it s the opposite we are bird and creature lovers, the y knwo us since years, and even attack the haussierer, the neighboursso to say. You know what is hausse at the stock exchange, the haussierer and table cutters (serpentin stone table) will need to learn that. Emotional intellignece in connection with marmelade crawlers and haussierer Kleptomanen, who have a heyhut (Heustadel with container !) more nice looking than their own house are mad stallgeruch like morons. Kaspar melchior batasar is not our thing, face the results and products.

    Yesterday we were at Cuba, the month before yesterday we were in Mexico, Mexico is a nice country, it has many nice and friendly people, we like Mexico, tomorrow we burn your heyhuts in Kleptomania and Marmeladien.

    We do not vote any more in a heyhut country cirkus land, we have no access to our mens tool room, also some idiots took the key of that place, and it is not a garage.

    Further we found a white Waldvoegelein (pic via Dir_5 Nature obs) (rare flower in mid Europe in two species) in upper Parvaty valley what was astonishing in that region, also a Auerhenne, which will not really reproduce there. Interesting berries at over the height of Beershani could be Blueberries which grow in moorlike lightliy covered biotops not far from the treehuge Rhododendron. It seems to be part of some bad and evel biohazard testing guys, a way of bio-meltingpot strategy, also part of neos Multiculti, or wanna try neoliberal woods, as well. It has a few names and the CEO does not like the single Auerhenne (story here usually in Alps, he remember some guys who he could connect to that Freilandversuch, grinning in a restaurant) may not be of much demage, alsa crows had fun over that event of a big hen.
    But alpine Goldregen in Kashmir, or Germer in Steinechen biotops in Maroc, mongoose in Cuba, rabbits, Aga Aga in Australia, which even get spit out from worlds largets Crocodiles (Leisten or Saltwater crocos) also rats in New Zealand, that can be quite a biohazard to other species, and if enedemic the more worth.

    All neos and liberals Multiculti (in Bio) has its limits !! Migration can be nice, the more for rare products, if its not there in liberalised marcets.

    Yesterday we have been to Rishikesh and Kyrgyzthan, (via Dir 3) tomorrow we stand at your heyhuts. Actually we celebrate one year Tien Shan - Kyrgystahn, the Himmelsberge.

    Latest travelling Maroc we found at the high range over Sete Fatma strange looking "getting out of the earth" huge becoming Enzian (Dir 5). It was Germer by latest findings, also the toilett paper wetting like soemthing in ground was yet there with one, but the biotop was the wrong one (no cam no pics). Germer usually grows in moist fields, half shady, and not in hot and superdry Steineichen like biotops high up at maybe 2000m in the dry exponated sunny locations. Do not feed Aga Aga to Leistencrocodile, they hate that poison.

    If you wanna fake and false fauna and flora, also on the hill south of Srinagar, Kashmir, in the city, do not put alpine Goldregen there (1 year old Austriebe), it got done untargeted just randomly thrown. We have it in some garden, mid Europe, there it is good enough. If you wanna fake and false, do it to your faces, cheek lifting, do it to your lips botoxing, if you want to go for fake and false do it to your boobs and bumbs.

    If you want fake and false, connect some software or faked flatscreens to your automat cars. We like cycling and for invitations, partying in foreign lands we do not hesitate to come.

    Yesterday we ve been to Brazil, Brazil is huge and nice, they also have tiny flatscreens and watch saved videos here and there at taxi or buss stands, that is normal stream of biz on the littlebig flatscreens there, that is and stays common sense.

    And know that in some region the Yanomami, Cayapo, Xingu, the Mapuche (Chile Peru) and Lakota, some of them they still shoot on helicopters (Amazoooonia), partly with arrows when it is getting close, as once putting the lasso over trains front-engines in the Wild west by the bravest warriors. If there were 200 warriors near a fort for a contract, it could get uneasy sometimes, with Blasmusikkapelle and salut shootings for welcome. Some chiefs mentioned by leaving a fort,"it is shooting two times, one time for the father of the white man and the 2nd time for the big father of the Indians. (for modern infights along highways check Thaca Ushte)

    At harbours in Papua New Guinea, some shot not long ago with poisend row on some strange looking foreigners, they do not like some of these biotp fakers and bioop fakers out of some neoliberal woodmarcet error keepings.

    And if anybody far away is spreading fake news, who knows how that works today by a mio cheers connected same time, western shitstormers, hate speechers or meToos, anybody gets some ideas of how rumours duing times of megameltdown flascreening evolves.
    No some do really good biz out of that and sell the data, if not even preemptively, for good bucks to Cambridge analytica. What do they know, lets see, how digiting by flatscreens will evolve. Some try new species here and there others collect hatespeech and meToo data and sell it later to the best bidder, and really, that is the stuff for some Cambridge students, guess the futures best marcet liberalisers after buy.

    Better fake news unsupported, than exotic plants and animals thrown in random, how many million bunnies got slaughtered in Australia, how many Aga Aga more they want to see jumping there. How many cows on slaughter for getting fed up with fish and bone dust ( Do not get too close in the horse box it can get dangerouse, go to a Kirchtag, Ruperti, Dult or cinemascope, a viennale or something, also movies on such scenarios can prove interesting, real docus on liberal marcets.

    We don t need your cars, HiFi is sometimes goodenough.

    A billion littlebig flatscreens with a billion applis from the worlds most costly appletree corpses is not our stuff as well. We like triggers and buttons, icons, favourits and pushing the same.

    That many apples, the million tiny helpers, that apples of nuts-biz biz does not pay your littlebig flatscreens, and not cut stonetables what (serpentin) will hitback.
    Go for ham and eggs if you want, some ham looks a bid like serpentin, and some idiots keep ham cutting, slicing mashines as special, even as they never use these mashines there.

    We use knifes and machetes, also in boats before some countries joined a comon marcet (Burghausen on canoe). There was a white couple in South Africa who put a pic on instagram, they took a Gladiole from a National park, maybe it was their last pic they put on instagram, their car got found not far in a township with blood traces, also some flatscreen mobiles.

    It is better you know the local biotops and the region, before using a Gladiole on instagram, from a National park. As by latest edition of FAZ there was also a connection to ISIS, yes that is not surprising.

    Better you can differ a farn from a Gladiole and a Moose from a Cougar or Tiger. and better not cut a stone tables, that is too hard of biz and involevements you do not understand, there will be no next time.

    A single Auerhenne will not survive in upper Parvaty vallley, also not a white single Waldvoegelein put up there, by some test biotiop fakers. We do biz and do peoper biz.

    The cigarrete boxes are there, duty frees are there, some in most special settings and we know very well how the signals get done there.
    It is another branch for biz and profits, and we will help you somke new tobaccoes, good mixes in Shishas and Kalumets, mark our words.

Foreign species found with location:

♦ Germer- up from Sete Fatma, valle de Oureka, at ridge north.
♦ Mongoose- 2 stk, small indian, near aerport in bushes in lawns

♦ Alpine Golderegen- on hill south of Srinagar Kashmir, 1-2 jaehrige
♦ White Waldvoegelein - 1 stk flowering over Kalga
♦ Auerhenne- close takeoff, in woods (also crows amused) over Kalga Eibenwood area

♦ Aga Aga kroeten- in Australia, can be deadly to Crocos

    The outdoor CEO does nort compromise with his physics and will hitback 25 years,
ash and dust meddlers better be carefull ! He will also not hesitate to beat them up real time ...
    There was a document uncovered by Anonymous which saied 35 countries are on a list ... for some cultural shift or something, I ve some very concrete ideas which lands these are !


Caspar Melchior Baltasar

Casar MB sind die letzten Trotteln,
Caspar MB schneiden euch 2 cm Steintischplatten ab, um Penislaenge
waehrend ihr einmal im Jahr an einem Fluss ein paar Nackerten wo zuschaut
Capsr MB machen mal wo ein paar Kreuzerl zur Wahl
und es koennen auch ruhig ein Ringerl oder x vor einem U sein, in dem Kasterl zur Wahl am Zettel, am Wisch von Caspar Melchior Batasar
Hauptsache es ist in dem Kasterl, und sonst spielen Caspar MB Sudoku
wo noch eine Parteizugehoerigkeit zu erkennen ist
falls es noch wen interessiert.
Caspar MB schreiben auch in blutrot an eure Tueren,
so ist das bei denen und das ist schon lange so.
Caspar MB machen wo ein Kreuzerl oder ein Stricherl an die Tuere im Wohnblock
wenn sie nicht vorher aus dem 4. Stock ein Abwaschwasser hinunterschuetten
oder maximal nur 20 cent in den Waschmaschinen schlitz stecken koennen

Caspar Hauser war auch garkein Authist, der hat an den Zitzen der roemischen Woelfin gesogen
Caspar war ein ganz normaler Junge aus dem Wald,
sowie auch Timothy oder Heinzi Christian, ganz normale Jungs eben
Ein wilder Kerl eben war der Caspar und seine Freunde M u B
er brauchte keine gute Erziehung der Caspar Melchior und Baltasar

Doch Hausaufgaben schon, ja die schon ueber Jahre, denen war kein Steintisch zu schwer und dick
die kommen nachts durch eure Tueren und putzen euch auch auch die Finger,
immer unter Kuppenlaenge die Naegel, weil das Caspar MB so gefaellt
nur bei Pferden in der Box da trauen sie sich nicht, weil sie zu tolle Pferdefluesterer sind die Drei.
Das ist ganz abenteuerlich u normal fuer Caspar Melchior MB !
Dann gehen sie wieder rueber, ums Eck quasi, in ihre Heuhuette
um was ganz Neues auszuhecken, die Trotteln
Caspar MB haben alle einen Zweitschluessel, das ist fuer die doch kein Problem, so fantasiebegabt

Caspar MB verwechseln keine Hausse mit ihrem hasserfuellten Haussierer dortsein
so ist das mit Caspar MB, vor lauter Wuermern in ihrem Fett
Sie hinterlassen ihre Initialen an euren Tueren.

Each single country

I have been chosing each single country,
I can decide on that !
by my cypybilities and needs, ambitions and ressources.
I did that and will do that, that is very clear !
I do not boycott trade, trade is good,
also as some products are missing in the liberalised marcets,
so to say in mid Europe.
In some vallies there are missing razor blades, ( or bic),
also some Asia shops are missing with tooth paste and cremes,
even in the old well known Mozart city.sbg
but was possible before the liberalisers.

    I do not boycott trade, trade and exchange is good,
but I will chose each single nation ...
It was Kyrgyzthan great, it was and is India too much !
I can do that, I crossed the river Ganga at hight of Rishikesh,
once visited by the Beatles for their Guru,
I can do that. It was Tanzania- hot, and Brazil- fantastic Belo Horizonte,

    Brazil has many options, from superfatst trains on hammres and screws,
its distances are huge but I covered some and
seen from plane it is fascinating,
the Amazonian delta, the plains from north to suth !
From Land-reform over planned cities and evel corruption by obrecht or ex presidents.
The people, MST will succeed, it is hot and will stay hot there, bailamos.

    Spring offensive is on and I can chose as once,
roaming and adventure is great, I can do that, lets see.
Some get named Rocket man, some Angry president,
some heating a wood stove name emself Iron man,
becoming a chief so.

The werkstadt can not be reachd from garden the tools, the cycle need to get taken through the basthroom out, that is how heyhut valley cirkuses function, that s the reason why we do not vote inthat hillbilly land any more next 2 to 3 years.