State of the planet

Megameltdown Flatscreen

I can see some smoke on the horizon, over the Atlantic ocean, much smoke by the angry president. Many people seem to be angry on both sides of the ocean, somewhere on both sides of the Atlantic which is covering, embeding Atlantis. A magic and always again most fascinating location, often searched for. But the many people on both sides of the ocean, some name it big pond, as today some touriste visit Europe for one or two weeks. But many of these people are angry today and not for no reason as they got fedup with applis, prekaere applis I woudl say, because what are they necessary for, what do thses applis help in daily life. do the apples from the mega flatscreens apple tree. Do these applis help you taking the cycle out of the tools room or bathroom, do the applis cook for you, do thy still blink like a mouse curser or advance hopping from one android linked to another android website of maybe only one agencies website, does that work, the linking by apps.

    What the many applis for, do they toast something the mornings in megaburn, befor mega-many cars get on the road to downtowns. But also there even with automatic and much slower on road than the europeans, there are many many unhappy, angry and evel cardrivers. Often only one or two maybe of the many individual traffic joinees.

    In some places and vallies it is the schilderwald, taferl, sogar wunschtaferl (wish name car plates) also signs in woods on how to behauve on the woodpath, but anyway most prefer to ride allyear in their cars. But the economy makes them unhappy, they get Zornspeeches by actors who even live allready in a camper with a desalination mashine connected, for best of right recyling and bio friendly, he has a stylish beard with pearls in his beard and rides a heavy mashine. But some people or neighbours or economy 4 seem to have made him angry and zornig.

    There are many Nazis yet out there, who once when young, run around with a rifle in the woods, they meet once here and there to discuss next most important steps to hit or strike, clean a car, or do a conspiracy, often unseen and hidden, during nights in the dark, they are not brave so, they are unbrave, as tehy go hidden and speak behind ckosed doors or also do themself schmissen (facecuts) but all other time they use simple odd cheap plastic compo shavres, what is most rediculouse so !

    But they are unhappy with the many strange websites, aslo X boxes, mobiles and flatscreens which can not do simple links. It is often better for them to ride a car, either to go for jobbing each day 200km or drive for a conspiracy meeting. Their situation is very prekaer, also often with their children which they often do not or want not understand, by their simple odd mindsettings, which is mostly an evel circle beside economy 4. Even by the best old woodnazi or waldkatholen, also parental controlls on PCs, brav und anstandswauwau and behauvioristic measures, it is often not possible for them to get along with their own children, and that makes all during economy 4 more difficult, evel, bad and ugly. So some of the local politicans decided as out of originating in some liberale ideas that all people of some vallies and adjojned rural areas should only do new bewegungen and only do personal decisions, and if they can not do so he would call the ORF landesstudio for a change of reportaging, cheer and opinion leading.

    If you checked once 10 years ago the official landes-website from Carinthania (mid Europe), or similar websites of the each other once most supporting political uncles, auntees, neffues, or a costly advertising folder doing lobbyista. It was allready at that time overloaded and ugly, not easy loading pages and doing the jumping from link to link or finding some infos in rediculouse strange performance. Allready at that time simply TV and EDGE was the comon standard then and till today !


Some had to leave early then because on weekly routine on the phone it was doing strange sounds, if the call did not break or got broken, till today. Or the web got connected from a gardens beehut (30 nations). Fake conference breathing somewhere in the line, it was not cable gate, not weakileaks, no just the usual odd sounds by fake connect (direct bravia EDGE) Wired sounds and strange breathings got obeserved during calls, socalled switchies live-acts on phone over years.

    Nobody cares about 7 stubborn polce men in a house beside the oduble triple conference switches during calls over years, nobody, I call em shoko police, who want to rubb somewhere. But allready next day seen from the cycle, even the school pupiles showed signs of that very important idiotic house visitors, not like a Leibesvisitation, no they hav ejust no ears no eyes, read something and get paied from somebody for another search engine package, from the next patch factory MS, which needed 5 days to setup Win 7 if it was not even an virtual apache. (it was 24 Apaches for about 5 000 soldiers and volunteers) On a 1 Therabite Netbook (sony), just too much too see and find over a weekend, in an offical MS partner I guess, in a close small city.

    We do soft and smart hit-back, count on that, also the 7 shokopolice in Eigenregie. If there is nothing left in the brains and fantasias, maybe another Erpressung as tehy themself told on the question what would be most comon cases in such a valley, but don t forget, in some cars even the local inspector is grasping for a deal sometimes then what will never happen. Some prefer to shoot a 32 Gb standing mashine over the garden gate, and if its too shocking in 10 years, because suddenly XP stopped working the trustworthy thing of a mashine.

    Erpressung got the most popular delicts in some vallies, some do not vote there any moe and do not engage on broad front, only very very personal decisions, like with a political, a comical liste or other somehow modern Bewegung (movement). Mystisthan has its own frequency of hertz, in mid alpine Europe, after the change from analog to digital again and vice versa, if not even simply TV as an electrican had to explain for 1 hrs once.

    The frequency provider for a Palmkatzerl-web, is now located in the once Post office, but no public station on one of the maybe 5 PCs there, that lesitung can not be offered by the neue Bewegung in that empty Post office nowadays. Anyhow, there have been many other bewegungen (moves) over years beside car washing and driving.

    And till today, tested by a shop of the countires few locale web providers, (beside the RKM OEKM switch, most local), if you pay 23 euros to the women in a stilish frog suite (pants neopren) in the shop for web activation or something alike, it should work beside a billion applis during flatscreen meltdown (flachmann.edge .... )

    Nowadays in Kyrygyzthan you put a Netbook with Linux anywhere in a better guest house, in the south central Asien mountain Steppe (Tien Shan - Himmelsberge) get the password for web at the guest house or the superfency and stylish restaurant not far from the kyrgisean sea at 1600m and it works. In most indian cities over 1500 m, with some tourism you go to any webcafee, or 150 m over the street (1800 to 2200m alt) and the web is there and not a billion applis by flatscreens meltdown.

    It got more prekaer over the years, and many of the best heads left the countryside. Shoe factories, local cinemas and post offices closed, ecomomy 4 was still a big thing for the worlds most costly appli producing companies and its littlebig flatscreens, people seem to like all that tiny blinking and moving stuff, no triggers any more, no swithches, no that is in cars ! No triggers on that millions of littlebig flatscreens and its millions colourfull applis on shining littlebig wishplates which does them a kind of feeling of socialising, beside hours on the roads. But no triggers please, it has to shine and blink only, if it was not even a vibra call then for maybe 300 or 400 euros or $.

    Others still liked the good old century old used foreign Ernethelfers (harvest helpers which got allready sent during WWar 2) and fluegelstutzing same time (wing cutting before winglet times) and till today out of some liberal and private marcet keeping ideas, others do hedgefonds and changed prices for tubs over a day from 15 $ to 350 $, the most unliked of teh US. Also google busses are often not liked at LA busstations.

    It is strange modern practises, all that megaprivate companies in parallel marcets of digiting and cyber, but specially beside the many million cars on roads, some streetviewers run their own busses, but private traffic is much less in the Latin Americas, far not that many campers, pickups, trucks and cars.

    Many drive allready with Freisprechanlage and GPS to find the new way on roads, others the ones who did billions, dream the same time of total automatisated cars, robocars, autonomous driving cars, also robo vacuum cleaners, robo copter maybe, dream of space tourism, which will be never cheap ! The funny thing is, even as allready moving by automat gearsystem, they like to dream and advance of sleepig in robocars and and robo copters, for the most powerfull and costly managers and elevator users on the planet. (Schweben im Roboauto) Robotic is also a big thing duitng ecomomy 4.

    Never mind, twinkle down is dead, ecomomy 4 is a speedy thing and some presidents rape ecomomy 4, they like to do it so.

    And do not forget behind the appalachies, part of economy 4 there is about 2 % of Native Americans with nice websites left. One of the main huge territories, often split, is Oklahoma, Hopi and Navaho reservations, with Black Mesa, Uranium mining grounds. But in fron, on the diesseitige side of the Appalachien (applis) there is hardly any, only singled out full hardcover resistance Native Indiens in the north Americs.

    When our CEO, the master is cooking, e is oten using natives olive oil, it can also be found growing, olives in Brazil allready. Thta is great and astonishing, teh master loves native olive oil.
    And the phrase only a dead Indian is a good indiesn, I hate that phrase because there is also India, subcontinent of main Asia, district of south Aia. And during the times of intelectuel props acts they wanted to patent Turmeric, a product tried by our CEO, of fines quality. He do not need melkfetten or neutrogena yet. But the real big thing of Megameltdown institutions is that allready about 70 % of Nasas worforce is of Indians. The best orbiters on the planet, from South Africa over Malawi to Bishkek, diistrict of Kyrgyzthan. That is of a Megameltdown and best of Multiculti, (bohut borrhia. Yaha turmeric koshish kaarna act adjab hei, trade kutsh loco hei padme karunga) Melting pots are many nowadays, also some soup kitchen here and there, but use natives olive oil sometimes, most healthy !

    Taking ecomomies by its flatscreens and mega meltdowners. Downing street has a good major now, the major of London, a good match the CEO registered.
    Brexeteers are not the same as Harry Potteers. Economy 4 is strange evolving and screws, nails, tongues and the more of a mens tool room, some not reachable from garden side now, specially as spring strongly, heavily proceeding but the CEO says there is some rail tracks left to get done. Brexit gets hard enough, some mention Grexit, walls-street.Xit, downexit or

    Also the migraten rules to Australia, often very hot and dry bushlands, get under new focus from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, all part of the Megameltdown Flatscreen. Kurdisthan is of another story, also Shias and Sunnis, seculare or multipolare meltdown World orders.

    Some try to get railroads 4 bullet trains done by plotting screws, tongues and nails, also from garden side.

    The fascination lies in the exotic way of the Melting pots and flatscreens, each single apple from the applis apple trees, since years bets of biz in emerging marcets, doing billions of profits and revenues, less new parties tried and mobiles with buttons and triggers, maybe that s too much of a baustelle tried for nails screws, screws and tongues.

    But when the angry president speaks for his homeland, district of shooting lands, part of quale hunting grounds, who was once also, some years ago in the position of Vice Presidents (ex Dick J. who shot another patriot during that quale offensive) the rifle nation so to say. 90 shots in 2 minutes, sometimes also with cams installed (selfi) Who knows what will be next to make other volks angry, maybe screws, nails and bolts for Bullet Trains.

    Now there appear some clouds, heavy smoke from over the Caribe (deepwaters), also clouds from the over the great Plains, hills and flatlands, from Powder river in the north to the Washita river in the south, a million cars, much smoke and gases blowing from over the Prairies to Great Britain, a big twitter, another wall onther wall or bridge along some troubled highways, smoke and clouds are getting closer, Economy 4 is a big thing, misty in the clouds of digiting, but doing Mega Profits, its getting closer after another Flatscreen vote.

    Then african nations, Russia, China and India, Nepal and the mid East could fill the gap, but only if Asia shops are open same time in also mid Europen cities. Some tried to patent Turmeric, vicco, never try Chyawanprash (triple imunistaion), others love to shop it sometimes and if only rarely possible during ecomomy 4 nowadays and its heavy clouds from over the Prairies.

    I do not know how many "mee too presidents" or "mee Too smart managers" need flatscreen mobiles (flat mobs), its something to wish or clean, to rubbb or make profits by. Our CEO prefers buttons to be pushed and felt, really hard solid buttons and switches. And maximum 2 steps, between shit "Fuck me Too Goethe, sims to get it out, says our CEO. Germany has yet solid train jumping intevalls, very accurta and precise, also TGV by teh grande nation, but the Me Too fuck me Goethe profits by mega Meltdown flatscreens on socalled smart Mobs, that is unaccaptable.

    All these mini TVs, not one robo vacuum cleaner, not one robo grass cutters, tried, can not autonomously (robo cutters) take the hey it does. Next time they try drone Grass cutters or vacuum cleaners, with a remote vacuum cleaner command station to get the corners done and hey or dust by the economy 4 clouds done, robos can not do and take it, autonomous drivings is a hardship unimaginable.
    Milk lakes and buttermountains are there, melting pot vegans, hormoniacs, stereotisated by HiFi, WiFI or hormon Yogistas, screws, bolts and tongues are another topixs, somelike it some not and Blackberries were always much too mystic to specialists, not worth the tiny buttons for 3 to 4 fingers, maye some smart mobs could handle.

    On the other hand uncle sams smart and software doing megacorpses, also smart on fake news and hate speech. It makes the white males , the WASPs angry, the rednecks and elevatoristas, do not get your shoe strings into escalators, also assasins here and there, they get angry, Quale hunters beside the office as well.

    But even by billions of smart-phones, mobbings of the people, mobs of the volks, people did not get smarter by that billions of profits on flatscreen. Maybe some managers here and there, insiders or preempt traders, let s see.
    Lips get blown, jeans pushed-up hard (pushups) after stone washed if not iron hammered, cheeks lifted, boobs spoiled and tried, "Me too, fuck u Goethe" you simple littlebig tiny TV watchers get your misty clouds of profits right. Dicke Lippe or fette Sippe, some clans can not take house maids over a time, but they both did it, beside show, movie, fake and false. But know liquid molly, wire card, santander, vickies secrets, odebrechts or daimler dudes.

    Applis and cloud blowers (econ 4) are of the same kind, it need less and less to melt it down.

    Some presidents, many newold presidents, also ministers, do their old biz, rage and fake in some offices, some do against missing mens tool-room keys. Russel Means is great (Lakota), he knew it and our CEO as well. They are too stupid for their clouds, garages, push-ups, applis and misty thinktanks, over the border it is a few million cars less.

    Some whatch faked telefone numbers from offshore banking, postkasten oder briefkasterl firmen.

    Genius presidents by self definition advance it deeply, the CEO is watching, lets see. Stock marcet watch classes is ON, Either on downing or wall streets. There was a new move on the big Chess board. more at Biwak 3
    Profits for a nation can be done so or so, no matter how much silicon got brought on way, also platins and chips, unpotatoe, or here and there blown up boobs and bodies for the performance of success, profits, shine and fake. Blackberries had far too many and most flatscreens far too less triggers. But do not ask for its price, profitsm revenues, do not ask for that much of success of teh many applis trees.

    The huge marcets are complicated, but as for years the marcets got fed, blown and bubbled up by the worlds most costly mobile and computing companies (part of IT) what does its products and results in relevanth countries and lands as well.

    When people get over years to see and watch their littlebig screens in their hands and PCs it has and effect. They have mapy on the screens, search engines, wish fullfillers, they hunt the products and news, their topics

    People got so many illusions to chose and select, put and place, a billion of placements, a billion of joining some virtual marcets, joining virtual sozializing, a billion products to wait for their orders. A few billion likes a month,

    Somewhen then it gets prekaer, people do no get satisfied with so many applis (applications, help, anwendungen) desined on their virtual needs, wishes and habits. People do not get satisfied by the million virtual apples from the aple trees of the worlds most costly companies of digiting, mobile phone, samrtphone designers, little but costly sceen designers, who raise daily the circuses of illusions, the circuses of the virtual marcets and all the million apples which come by them.

    People get overspoiled, overfed with the million options, dream catchers, dream tubers, specialised on the virtual user of the virtual marcets. The get over years on their small screens and devices (flatscreen !) es from the trees of applications, by the most costly companies of the world.

    it gets fake and it gets fake news, when people get fake news and fake illkusions over years they get fed up soono later, because it does not really work to well. Reality is totally different. Reality is huge and big

    When you think of the new angry president, and the angry people of the US whom he raped their votes for, they voted for him, that is OK, now wages are rising there. I can imagine there will be a turning point here and there, but rising wages, volatility liquidity and the move on car imports is a big hebel.
    Over last 10 years people got fed with a million dream catchers, smart mobs, wish and webs, the virtial dream catchers, the virtual sozializers only, leaving back millions of likes and comments they put, watch and shared somehow, guess on another Megaflatscreen, but without triggers and plugs ! They got overspoiled over the times by their little devices to watch and see, by their litle small screens mini HD WiFI - TVs, which catch and cought their attention weekly, daily and each hour.

    Many people are dissapointed, upset with their situation, some marcet segments seem to get prekaer. And the new president got voted by the many upset volks in the US.


    When million of people get addicted to their littlebig virtual dream catching screens, to the million of apples, the many specialised applis, somehow seem to be designed to fullfill an help them with some littlebig dreams and wishes. But what are the flatscreens for if it has no triggers but fantasy prices from 200 euros, what does it help, beside the torch, pictures from a car accident or darknet scnario. Calling and sims (sms) should be good enough in max 3 steps. Sims are nice, often better than emails during preelection scaenarios.

    But please dont show weak or unsmart, just twitter a bid, do not show and speak below the beltline, be strong for the job after the electoral collage somewhen after the big harvest, 2 months before next spring then (jan. inauguration).

    When people, users, abusers, fellows and volks get over years the taste of the new virtual marcets and the tastes of its billion apples, specially designed apples for the many benutzer gruppen (user groups), then after a while they realize that often, unconsciously, that it does not work. The million apples (applis) do not taste good to them by the worlds most costly and virtual companies, even not via Iceland, Ireland or Norwegen, but Benutzergruppen, thumbs up or likes here and then, targeted or not, a whistle, twitter, boop, or melodies, maybe streamed, can show the real gender gap or parental controllers.

    Somehow SM got them angry or was it apples, also the frontrunners for presidency are often angry, highly explosive but "lets see", the beat on each other below the beltline, the frontrunners while marcets turn nuts by billions of offered apples, a billion of small littlebig helpers, littlebig virtual illusions, or very big sozial forums, nobody knows really.

    But whats about the new radical state runners, the leaders in many lands, the marcets politicans who fight beside the huge megacorpses, wo partly suck and buy them as well after a while, or both at same time.

    The huge melting scenario, politics in virtual, a few billion people joining in virtuality, but less the corporations which often do not talk about their web performance, if it is there at all, do they have a performnce there, or is it more on teh stock marcet side only, where they let peple join.

    The huge mege melting scenario, but even and specially so, many people get upset, it does not work, the dream and illusion screens are too small, after all to small against reality. These million huge revenue doeing Little-big Screens, the socalled smart phones are not really worth the hype, all these million littlebig screens are not worth the revenues and profits they do by the masses joining here and there, melting into the huge mega LCD, the mega liquid christall Display. Just imagine all these million users behind their littlebig screens, a billion apples which pretend to help them a bid, which pretend to get something done for them, done by the most costly companies in the world, to get their profits done.

    To get the profits done by the worlds megamelting virtual, the digital companies by their millions of littlebig Flatscreens. Which are working daily on the worlds virtual superpot, the digital superbowl, of which will be the final product the worlds mega digital melting pot, by a billion littlebig screens well fed by billion virtual apples. And by the way that does good profits, yes all these littliebig screens are doing well for profits it is billions. Do not underestimate the taste of billions when they got that taste, it is also a self reproducing cycle, the digital cycle, which lives by itself as well. Quite a monster allready which sucks and swallows on the masses, many got addicted over the time, even with parental control. And the monster keeps on swallowing and feeding on the masses. It can be seen as adigital meltdown.

    But now, finally, a president and the people who voted for him, he is angry and they are angry, something failed over the years.

    All that melting by these million littlebig screens, and all that apples which come along, poisen apples also, the apples from the mega virtual marcets apple trees.

    They can not take it any more, all that fake news, all that virtual rubbish, all that fake and illusions by the million apples, by their companies brought over the world, Microsoft unsoft, Apple corps, google glass, Google bussesLA unliked, streetview, circles and the more not to forget the megasocial forum facebook. Al togatehr account for worlds mega apple, quite a lot of and big apples the users need to suck and swallow.

    And that is part of how the unrest comes. These apples do not really taste good, it is rediculouse stuff, but good enough for profits, big money, software and hardware, as bad and good banks. Many do not care for your keeping with acces in simply TV lands with access to an somehiw enterprice net. I southern central Asia you pput a Linux runmashina on thetable, get the pssword by the guest hisue and you are connected. Simply TV region needs not any party, and will not get along with parties, of that or that kind, chiefly they try engaging by applis of heyhuts, doing some profits in cloudy misty conditions, not far from their heyhuts, some even with a container aside, kleptomans of apple trees

    Now there is smoke on the horizon, over the ocean, from uncle Sam, he is angry and he is on the way to put strafzoelle, he wants to block products getting to the US, the sme time the million apples get everywhere on the billions littlebig screens to the users, the megaboil from uncle Sam and his apples, from the digital the virtual apple trees.

    The president does not want that iron products, its to hard, too real, too heavy, it is not tupper ware, it is not digital helpers, a million littlebig untastey appels. No screws please any more, not alminium from Europe, only virtual stuff maybe, only another billion apples from Europe to the US, maybe that would do and fit.

    Well let s see ! Lets see what happens.

mobile standards The CEO tells the haptiv moment, the moment of triggers and poushing these triggers on mobiles should be there. (not only on mobiles) and not for the menand elders only (senior advanced mobiles).

    It has to part of the old technical Waehlscheibe, and some of these mobiles are yet out there.

    Millions of good profit doing mirror and LCD mobiles is mostly senseless rubbish, to rubb on for others profits, it looks to our CEO.
    It looks special, always being connected, part of the mega marcet, from Wall street and Nasdaq to Nikkei. But a mobile up from 200 euro is just profit doing rubbish. (another iconrubb or squeeze, a squeeze instead of a smoothy)

    Buy yourself a Netbook, proper PC with real options, better not two side screen in delta switch. With real options from emailing over grafics, videos, DVD (also in ambience proper site source coding opt, or just checking websites from news corpses, Me toos to Wikipedia and -leaks.
    Huge mega revenues and profits doing mobiles are just illusion keeping littlebig Flatscreens, often very costly, somehow looking smart. It is mostly pretending somethings which is never worth the jokes for others profits (also profiling, tracking, GPS, marcet, scans in duty free).

    A little torch, a cam for pics nd friends, or in case for worst case or accidents (cars) and others, Sims and calls should be good enough before getting lost by distraction for others mega-profits.
    Triggers are better than the mirrors for shine and illusions.

part of IT - Innovation

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