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Traffic volume in different lands

I keep that chapter in english so thatfor many people, if curiouse, can understand it.

Traffic in the USA and Europe is a big thing since decades, over last 20 years it got alos a big issue in soem regions in India, but sametime there you see as in the past, rikshaws, cycle wallas, trucks and sport and motor bikers. Allready during the 80s in the USA even cars got bashed, japanese cars hammered, what lead to the conclusio that nothigs save there, not even foreign made cars from destruction course.

In contrary in many european regions the issue was big and hot with electro Oscars in inner cities and electro bikes, so that in pedestrian zones or designated cycle ways in their cities also the sportive aspect of cycling got missed for the electro neobikers in inner cities, what is not too much of progress if you see it getting to body fitness.

I did never see so many electro bikers over last years like in the city where Mozart got born. Sametime the elector Oscars and some electro Rollers in cities alike. It is neither very green, not that much special for body fitness and the accident risk and friction zone gets advanced same time, wheels of that stupid things are too small, the kurvenradien too small than to fit for fast and proper reactions .. in case .... just remember first cycles on streets some 140 years ago.

The other things are cars, in Europe, Japan and the USA thats a big thing there on teh streets, not only since the 80s but also last 10 years as developments of socalled SUVs got big and a big story, for the volks far over the mini or fiat 5sento drivers.

In some backlaied hunters and mideuropean mountaineaouse areas it got also spoiled Pick Ups over last years, as in the USA for long allready. What they need for rennovation, construction, goods or cow transports on the country sides.

Getting to international street traffic it can be said that the worlds number one accessive autofahrer and car riders, pimped or not, are still in the USA, Europe and Japan, but closely followed since little years by China and India, mostly around their heavy populated cities.

Since the actual president of the USA started the trade wars regitration of cars is sharply dropping in aisan mega economies like India and China. The numbers of yearly new bought cars in India was around 7 mio cars per year.

From experience it can be said that beside the molochus city Lima, capital of Peru, with 8 mio people, traffic in the rest of the country is not heavy, more to 20 % or less on land roads. The connectiosn are there but cars are little.

In Mexico street traffic is bigger, but as well on the land or far south its small, only big main roads have some trucks and minicabs with costumers. Streets along the pacific side are calm and easy going usually, same at border regions to Guatemala, what is totally changing to teh molochus Mexico city, where also pedestrians can show heavy in numbers at single steert crossings. The countryside is easy going with street traffic. Main highways are busy as everywhere.

In Brazil beside the megamolochus cities, Rio, Belo Horizonte or Belem, traffic on countryside is low, easy and mostly undisturbing. Main connections are busy, but at sierras or djungles cars get the challange by djungles and mudpists and gravel roads.

So of the countryside in Brazil or Mexico it can be said that streets are often empty, also in Peru and the indian outback, specially in the inner Himalayas. What is overall nice and refreshing, some cars only here and then and good air along rivers and steep valley slopes.

Tanzania has proper connections in the country as also Kyrgyztan, in Tanzania it is mostly big busses, in Kyrgyztan minicabs or Taxis for big distances even, and prices are very reasonable there overland, the streets broad, some tunnels reach at the other side in the Pamir to cities in moonlandlike looking areas (Toktogul) near a lake in turkis color. But in both countries on the countryside traffic is little and Taxis, minicabs or busses get mostly full. Climate is totally different in the lands. In both it can be a good release when window get open for some minutes, either during early spring or in the heat of bush deserts.

In Tanzania some guys had heavy motorbikes and did a proper showup demo (Mbeya). In the mountain steppe of Kyrgyztan no motor twowheelers got seen at all, but sportive pushbikes and cycles for sell at Tsholpon Ata at 1600m at the kyrgiz sea. In Tanzanias innerline regions taxis can sometimes look funny when a window is missing. Then dropoff and change for a minicab coming along. No google company shift busses got seen in either lands and I do not think that will hapen soon.

The situation in Oman is extreme as there are so many highways and 4 to 6 lane roads in its north near Muscat and the way to UArab Emirates that I could never see for whom that got built so far. Some roundabouts had more a psychologic modern character than anything else (gets approved by the map), desert mountains always close.

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Civic jets again

One thing is to construct aeroplanes since the 80s which, for 150 mio dollar or 180mio $ each jet, then leasing over years, and the workforce behind to build these civic jets. And even as that jets get build since the 80s in variations, two crashed on ground over not even a year.

The other thing is shooting down a jet accidentally with superfast and modern rockets. The hint goes there that the airspace needs to get closed for the while of the attack on alien fighters. Specially when rockets get fired close from main cities or close to aerports.

Once they had the airspace closed over half of Iraq. It was and is the longest war for the US. Some named that rediculouse even and specially as then, the USA is not that of an old country or nation, some would mention.

Another thing is calculating flight time, duration, for civic jets, which can be special either by the stopovers which are needed or not over half continents or the flight against the earth rotation. Usually civic jets fly by the speed of the earth rotation 800-900 km/hr (is it slower or faster at the equator ... the atmospheric speed) which is fascinating. Another thing is conflict zones, zones of war, which need to get avoided for civic flight providers (airlines) in some cases.

A tank will not necessarily take down a civic jet at 10 000m alt usually, 10 km is allready a big distance (rivers, gorges, burning petrolcanals etc) for a tank ... but rockets can be dangerouse. In some countries they have tourist corridors on the ground, in other lands airspace needs just to stop for half and hour or two hours, as with railway delays.

Flieing against earth rotation can be done in a variation of ways, it s not only one odd line or route, it can be as with a bid of Pythagoras ... calculated against the earth speed. Once i got taken over total Asia, missed Khabarovsk on way and got dropped in Narita Tokyo, after the exact midnight flight over N and South Koreas border.

But let's be realistic on it, rocket engeneering is costly, building civic jets is even more costly, and then having the different systems of the civic jet working against each other like, sensor failor, engine too big, not getting into wrong angel during takeoff and then not autopilot but captains trieing to get the mashine out of troubles at 1500m or 5000m. That is a hot mix then really.

PS: Evector Outback could get adapted for waterstarts and landing on rivers etc then I would put a .. wishlist. Front under cockpit more for waters and waves and some swimmers under wings, with waterproof fahrwerke on waters.

Der kleine Jakobi und sein Staubsauger

Der kleine Jakob war auf Landschulwoche,
als er zurueck kam wollte er sein Zimmer aufraeumen,
weil sie es ihm immer wieder gesagt hatten, frueher.
Das sind doch die Hausaufgaben fuer die Kleinen, dachte er,
doch der Staubsauger stand versperrt irgendwo im Haus und der Schluessel dazu war weg. Der kleine Jakobi ging dann taeglich hinaus um seine Hasen zu fuettern und die Voegel,
er war sehr sauer u wuetend weil er sein Zimmer nicht zusammenraeumen konnte (get your things togather is a phrase from some lands) so wie sei es ihm immer sagten.
Sowas hatte der kl Jakobi noch nie vorher erlebt, er war sehr wuetend deshalb.

Designed by clowns, controlled by apes

I got notice by some insiders and informants that some civic jets got planned by clowns and controlled by mokies. I can imagine that that is true, that that meets reality. (Entworfen von Clowns u von Affen beaufsichtigt ) It is since ages so, beside bigger getting wildfires (bushfires).

    In other regions AC busses can not do the service of delivering its costumers and tourists (travelling) along one of the worlds oldest rivers and culture lifelines, the river Nile. That is a shame, shame on you.

    In other lands of something neoliberaleralized palefaces seem to have no understanding (Verstand) since the indian wars, also Nazis and old Nazis, (Dee Brown, Bury my heart... ) where in these days Blizzards and Tornadoes get severe in old Kwahadi Comanche regions (Texas).
    Stay prepaired and elsewhere. Today it is not yet clear if chlorchicken get fed to their volks for becoming totally pale or fully poisen resistant for the time after 10 more generations, same counts for Oxycotin in that lands.

    Getting back to travel vehicles in Europe Japan or elsewhere showing busy in cities streets how many more 100 000 (100 lakh), beside the neos SUVs need to get called back out of lackings and failors.
    That could be allready named for a while failed auto nations. Still managers gain big by that SUVs or whatever neo over years in that vehicle segment. Parallell to climate change denial with CO2 certificats (pollution paper traders) what is stupid indeed, and partly allready fully getting embeded in bushfires over years allready.

    The question on the palefaces understanding has to asked (basics alphabet etc) repeatedly, since the times of the buffaloe slaughters in millions.
    Another thing is household mashines, if next time a vacuum cleaner is not useable, not accesable and at its place, flight back will get cancelled, read my lips and count this words.

    Other mashines like aquarium filter or fruit mashers (blender) get since a while brought through customs free to some marcet with 3000m alt mountains (max hight). In the while daily big newspapers in german got to 4 euro (news high noon, IT ?) like with garbage bags in same region (per piece) so 2-3 editions will get cancelled per week.

I am not surprised palefaces

I am not surprised that more than 45 % of the goods oredered on Amazon get sent back in Gernaby and the EU. What can you conclude by that ? Any ideas, do they know what they order, do they know what they want. Palefaces I stick with the Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Yanctonai, Nez Perce and Kara Kitai.

    I stick with the Mescalero and Chiricahua, Zeltal and could learn that nice sounding language Nahuatl. So before you really order something ... think about it. When I remember, Amazon was popping suddenly in the medias over some months a couple of years ago.

    Here in mid Europe the orders for specific books and the Epoxy for the canoe worked well by just calling specific shops. If you use Epoxy for repairing your shoes, it gets shoes for next 100 years !

Powerbanking ... or real savings II

Pics, remembrings, special notices, and emails or even handwritten stuff ...
even postcards (Peru ...) etc
Better get that burnt on CD or DVD.

Travelling in Egypt and Oman it can happen that in 3 weeks spesen for the bank gets to 65 euro ! That is not small spesen in 3 weeks.

In regard to neos savings and banking, storing, they love to speak of the cloud since little years, take care and better use a proper programm, den Rest im Programmhefterl !

Earthquakes, rockets and crashing aeroplanes

From the 7th to the 8th of Jan 2020 there were two earthquakes,
one at Puerto Rico of magnitude 6 and the other one at Iran with magnitude 4+.

    Southwest of Tehran a B 737 crashed on the ground, no survivals. This type of jet is out there since the 80s .... insiders may know more about its new max types and results. And that jets are not the first of civic type jets which crashed, the strange thing is that these jets type is out there since the 80s. If the sensors get rockets or stall, or stay off over the muslim nations, or other planes get shot down is more or less on purpose then.

Jet pilots from some nations get set on pills for their missions, also wired.

    On the warline attacks and counterattacks, rockets and the more with aircraft carriers get in the gulf of the petrol carriers since weeks. That conflict would not stay a small or medium size one. The meister can not recommend to rocket more contractors or shoot more rockets at specific petrol raffineries, or new conquered oil fields.

    That could become a very ugly and far more spreading war then, as well for the confetti marcets (stocks). If another president gets chosen then later or not is of another topic.

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Powerbank or Real Savings

Look it is about your savings ! It is pictures here and there, maybe on a socalled smartphone, articles or special messages and guess many lovemessages. But it is about the savings of the pictures on a solid device. Powerbank is something and usb sticks are corruptable.

    It needs to get burnt on proper DVD or CD roms, that is solid state saving then ! Power bank and power bankings is something different, that is a bid wired, but think about how to save your many pics and something to remember before the next hack of a crack. Allready quite e few ministerial and attached foreign affair offices got hacked, and nobody knows what all kind of data, partly translated or not, got washed from there.

Powerbank is something different.

    If you get it done on DVD or CDroms that can be named savings then, also special mais, articles or pics in a proper format. That what people would normally put in a timer or calender on way.

    The savings of good and bad and then it should get mostly to a PC (pers computer) CDs, DVDs and HDDs, then it becomes the savings of good and bad, from years gone and come.

+500 -2,3079

Europes largest airport - Istanbul

Yep Istanbul airport is quite a monster and impressing Its many runways are mega, and if you look out of the airport from any place inside you get to see 2-3 km runways and aeroplanes attached, it is a big space !

    Some costumers, shoppers, aerport citizens may like it or not, some princess could feel appropriate over hours for the royal princess shop part of duty frees and its many stiles.

    If you like it or not, it is a small modern city, and even if a fifth or a quarter at each side of the mega Istanbuls new airport would be cut away, it would even then serve its citizens visitors and costumers and workforce well and good enough.

    The question is just how long it to the main city close and what you see on way to the city, the more you understand that, the better.

    The last 4 hrs at Istanbuls new megairport a stilish small town with more planes than cars and more runways than streets works well, but still 2-3 ATMs are a bid missing, all teh rest works appropriatly in the eye of the next 30 wild years to come.
Happy wild twenties !

airports rated here (2nd half of page)

    Bye the way, I like airports like Bishkek (Kyrgisthan), Belem (Brazil)
or Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) with best of african birdbooks in its duty free.



It can be seen as two wings, two legs and a tail
or as two ears, two eyes and a nose.
or just for 5 fingers ....
It can be seen as two wheels, a seat and the balance.

..... Another enterpreneur

These strange busty doorhandles

The hand of Mr Biden never got off that women squeezi thing,
what can be seen as touching tittydoor-handles over years,
the key can not be left in door from inside
hardly any key to be left in the door from inside ....
    Not even during swearing in ceremony (politics) his hands got off from that,
a seriouse competitor during these days.

A post office in australia

A post office in the aussies outback (not queens not victoria...)
for the small mideuropean land of classical arts to bauhaus, got mixed with aussies outback.
It is a reality, that post office in aussies outback.

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