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Super shredder

It was a great programm of the cero years, from the start of the cero years. It left no traces on the PC and that was great indeed. It was the times of the fuzz with PGP or Chaos computer clubs, it was long before the times of networking in Kyrgyzthan.

Now during the virus covid19 times the trsnmission numbers should stay below 1 and 1,2. ! 2 is a special number with the palefaces also 21. Twentyone ios the neumber kids need to count at schools for one second, isn that special ??

During that bad times when the palefaces struggle on the Great Plains, even there without great tribes and the very great bugfaloes, the struggle moves on. It is a long fight and now Minneapolis is burning, no joke.

I can not see the Minneapolis paleface cops on TV, only the one staller.eu series, that is Ok, all other cops on TV are irrelevantho.

During the times of Bush the 2nd, the US governmentals got letters with Anthrax but do not ask about the fatalities. Later there was the web bubble, then later on was the big banking crash 2008. Palefaces it is over. Here the proffer of another odd, really unspecial case in allready the 3d stage at court, a car and a moronic chick (tumoric etc) at a private parking lot after about 2 hrs, it was a long fight, a long struggle, palefaces it s over.

PS: ....to some chlorchicken consumers, That is bad, Chlor chicken are bad, kick that forget that... palefaces !! Not 2 times a week !-)

Some cases collected

BB ) Over the last days two fighter jetsfrom the US over US territiries crashed, near Florida not far from their mil. compound, two F 35 jets. In Russia a Helicopter Mi 8 crashed not far from Moskau (Moskwa).
    This can happen as the jets are very complicated and sophisticated, or maybe corona was involved as with an US aircraft carrier, maybe a software failor with the fighter jets, the other air vehicle is quite old (may 2020)

B ) Another misshap that happened on purpose was that the good-mobile got stolen which had not even german as a language on it, that is not even stupid during worldwide virus scenario. There is no categorie for such stupidity. The new ordered mobile for 20 euros from nokia MS was allready during order times on web a better Kitchen-alarm, nothing more.

A- ) In the case of international fliers (airlines) it can be said they have now a hard stance, many civic jets are grounded since weeks, most of them, out of service. If that will ever recover, who knows. Late 2017 the master travelled to Brazil for short but in specific to reach Peru- Lima. The total travelling on planes was a hardship.
    It can be saied that I got sick of flieing so. Not the way from San Salvador to Mexico city but the way from Belem via Sao Paolo to Lima- Peu and the way from Cancun Yucatan back to Mexico city and then to Cuba. Quite a hardship all that distances, finally I survived that much of too many miles and more stuff. Such over the big corner flight routes have to change, the 4,2 m canoe is very soft and smooth looking ...hhhhmmmm
    Lago Conococha and Wilcacocha (Peru) was great and the magic Las Nubes (Mexico) far too much, and in between peak Huascaran and Copa (6000 m -ders) much magico, - ... never to be missed and forgotten.
    End of next year 2018 it got time for bunnies.
They got many more till now and they are really good looking !

what happened to firewalls and fakenews filters

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Was echt passiert ist

Ja ich gebe es zu ich war bei Nazis einkaufen, doch es gibt seit jahren keine Alternative, mir tut das leid gaebe es Alternatiuven wuerde ich nicht bei Nazis einkaufen, doch es gibt nur die 2 gr Maerkte beim Dorf.

Ubeber Jahre hab ich mit dem Rad dort eingekauft, bin bei Wind und Schnee, Regen und scharfen Winden wie in einer Pipe mit dem Rad ueber Jahre Einkaufen gefahren, tut mir leid dass ich bei Naiz einkaufen war.

Die Hasen machen sich gut doch es gibt Probleme. Ja da draussen gibt es manchmal ein Problem, Torti die Dragqueen zeigt manchmal komische Ambtionen nachdem sie ueber stunden bei Sonnenschein mit Loko geschmust und so weiter hat. Dann muss ich ihr erklaeren und verhindern dass sie auch Loko bespringt, das mag ich nicht, wenn Torti zuviel ausprobiert. Bei aller Gleichberechtigung und Emanzen seit den 70ern unfd 80ern ! So geht das nicht !

Loko (von Lokomotive) hat sich als wie als Graf von Oberfalkenstein (eine hohe Ruine) in die Holzlage zurueckgezogen, wo er jetzt wie ein stoischer Wurzelsepp auf die Nahrungsliefreungen wartet. Er hat ueber 3 Tage mit Brauner Gefahr gekaempft, die ihm Torti abspenstig machen wollte. Jetzt halte ich Braune Gefahr den einjaehrigen Struppelstrolch auf Distanz. Gesternn hab ich morgens Brauen Gefahr im Garten gejagt, damit er nicht mehr so begriffstuetzig und laestig ist. Das duerfte schon gewirkt haben.

Ich mache es mit Nazis genauso, sonst eben verbieten und wegsperren, zur Zucht kommt Braune Gefahr ueberhaupt nicht in Frage !

Wir hatten heuer schon schwere Verluste heuer, Greenspan die Stolze, Lamperle der harte zaehe Kaempfer mit Schlappohr, und Comitan der sich wochenlang nett mit dem ersten Wurf beschaeftigt hat, bis er den ganzen Garten erleben und abweiden konnte.

Und uebrigens in Comitan im Sueden Mexicos fahren einige Trans-Ams durch die Gegend auch ein gelber Ferrari wurde gesichtet, aufgrund einer kaputten Hotelglasfront-tuere musste ich die Stadt vorzeitig verlassen weil ich ja das Hotelzimmer nicht erreichte und mein Ultimatum dazu ablief.

Das beste Elixir fuer die Haut pures Coconut creme und pure Cocooil gibt es in Europa garnicht, ja vielleicht in London oder Hamburg, doch fuer Cococreme faehrt niemand nach London von Mitteleuropa einkaufen. Der Coco-oil.eu index wartet auf sein Publishing, auch nachbarschaftliches mobile rubbing on a stolen chineses mobile during covid times ist 100 mal mehr als fahrlaessig dumm, kauft es euch und wo..... ??

Das Boot liegt wie eine schoene sanfte Flachkuppel vor dem Fenster, mit langem Eichengiebel, ein grosses Flachkuppeldach fuer die wilden Springer, Torti hat gestern schon laenger darunter gelegen.

Doch die Dragqueen zeigt manchmal komische Ambitionen beim Springen, Loko mag das auch nicht und lagert derzeit wie der Graf von Oberfalkenstein in der Holzlage die seit wochen schon adaptiert war, Braune Gefahr erwartet seine Umerziehung oder ein Bad im Teich, das Boot im Teich zur Strafe wird nicht umgesetzt, weil es nicht schmutzig werden soll.

Nazis raus .... ! Ich habe jahrelang mit dem Rad demonstriert.

The video on bookings during corona times for driving a twowheeler (Leichtmotorad 102 ccm) but in specific for a sick Funsen who got 10 minutes to leave a private parking lot with her car, and she failed to do so bot provokated with her car and bad speech. 26 th may is the case before the provincial capitels court.

for now the pics 500 MB plus video material is quite a lot ..... for transact.
For more of kicking multimedia acts (Duerrnberger protokolle) during 5G times check that

Website to books !

When the time is ready and the master gets the books done out of the websites respective one of the main differences between websites and books is the choice, the stile and way of chosing and choice. On a website you can chose and link to another 10 sites, to 20 more sites and getting lost so. Most of people will end up at very diffrenet points and sides and I am sometimes curiouse where people end up with the many choices by the best websites.

    Some pages, even from the openup USA can not get read and checked from Europe, so some of the newspages which then do the message, "sorry ... we are doing a window cleanings, sweaping not availiable at the moment" and alike.

    With a book done by a website the links get lost, the huge choice and offers the attraction by the many options is a different one. It is then a more solid stream and riverlike option, you can jump some sites in a book and flyover or miss some pages, other may catch attantion later again or from the start to the end. The options are different the way of choice, but 2- 3 books are allready possible by the choices of that site since long.

    Some of the topics in a book can be timeless, others relating to actual history scenarios, deleted or not then, others to personal lifes like with facebotters or twitter politicans and theiur cheers and admirators. A book takes time, a book can be read in the rocks, on the mountains in the parks and nature, also at home, in a tent or the camper during rainy times. A book does no disturbing popups, also no flash or multimedia switches, maybe with canads in back with some websites, a book is soild. Once books got searched in farmhouses during 18th century and before, before the big migration times the flights and forced migrators.

    Times changed since then, but settlers and migrators are many yet, work migrators, refugees from wars, settlers for adventure or even in silikon vallies as rentals or apartments have highest prices what forces settlers and campers in same vallies.

    Books can be taken on way, books and newspapers can be studied onway, that makes a difference to computers, also netbooks. PCs and netbooks can be shorttime switches, can get closed and are more irritating over a while (user experience), in contrast books can give you peace, no popups, no updates, no viruses and firewalls needed, no autonom or alltime connections with abook. A book relates to old school and nobody knows if modern school by netbooks or computers ever existed. It did some profits over 2 decades, now the virus forces to homeoffice, a kind of semiofficial topic, half official and open process, with a bid of transparency here and there in use.

    The force by the virus can produce strange to interesting ambitions of surveillors, output and reactions at the homeoffice fronts.

Home officing

Homeoffice can be with a makro, can be observed by a virus or intruder, or can be done by some software, a programm so to say, a system OS (operation system), it can be virussave or work intensive, home office can be seen as the markets small tentacle for banking or with a power bank, it can be the digital tentacle informstion.
The octopussy with 8 arms to fun and cheers,
to politics or information,
it can be seen as the virtual Octopuss to pay and order,
to orders and processo,
to wants and unwants (droppings), to open skies or misty clouds, dirt and fog.
It can be the choice of the day or the annoiance on routine.

Homeoffice changed by the programms and the main gameplayers over years,
insiders know it and know more,
by the virus megacorpses are dropping from the mist and fog (cloud)
of their products and profits.

Prophecies of the Native Americans

The turtles are a special messangers and carry prophecies and stories
the ones who are open to see the signs will suceed to learn from the messages.
Bushfires were burning over months, climate is changing,
the came the virus and total economies got hit,
the turtles carry a message.

Their young crawl from the hot sands and beaches to the sea,
they choin the sea as babies and appear at special times,
later when they are old.
    When much is changing, climate striking, fires burning and people dieing
the turtles need to be watched,
as part of the big picture under the skies.
            to the Turtlewatch (end of Oman/ Egypt)

Fatal error misshap

During last motherday (international) something bad happened. The smaller of 2 Netbooks broke down. The system OS got a a strike, all data got lost at motherday, a wonder ?

    Fans and cheers, the garden out there is big enough to take all bunnies, and if some small bushes and trees are wandering over 2m over two years here and there in garden, it gets registered and observed since long.

    The bunnies are usually fit, top and very attentive (natural or perverd enemies) over minutes, also rammelig. Ther trees got green and Flieder is in heavy blossom after 1,5 months without water from the woodstream in the garden, the first time duirng 50 years.

    The master is happy that most bunnies did it till now, only three losses allready till now this year. And if I find in the Hasenkraftfutter (bunnie food) some Affenbrot or lackritze pieces suddenly and observe with one of the bunnies signs of poisen, the showdown could be really like in the old Wildwest days.
+13 BBB

    Never mind, the bathrooms syphons leak got repaired with Epoxy (!!), and the next day after mothers day nearly 70% of the website data got recovered and about 30% of all pictures, garden, bunnies, canoe... and travelpictures of last years which got a loss of about 50% from 2016, .... got recovered over 20%. The biger Netbook is not even in standby mode since january 2020 (login password misshap, no dataloss) and you are reading a website.

    Just imagine, cars got failed by software a thousandfold, and new civic jets dropped from skies with MCAS even involved.

    If they can do 2-3 books out of a superwebsite the future will show. If they are fit enough to take that. It could become a PROSPEROUSE STARTUP IN PAPERFORM without cables or stolen powerbank from South Asia during pandemic times.
    I strike and not only for the savety of the most beautifull bunnies in a valley and garden.

            tuesday is service day; Dienstag ist Services Tag

Bring me that justice statistic

You know there is that permanent justice mit Richter Zipse.tv in that country on TV, and as I got involved over years in justice on TV.only and not only by TV I asked myself how many Lawyers and Judges in Europe have long hair as malepersons of justice by their jobs.

    I mean there I remember some of them by to justice related cases with long beards and some mustache here and there, also dentist assistents in the kanzleien of some copyshop village, which failed beside all costly equipment and the female assistentin.dent.

    But what s about over shoulderlong hair judges and lawyers in Europe, beside the female involved ones in justice. I kmow some of them but not too much involved with cases really, I mean with bookings beside the tv... I can imagine some of longhair male ones in France, maybe 300 or 500 overall in total Europe, also some maybe in Bulgaria or Great Britain where they wear wigs. There are ticket conductors with long hair and the dresscode is anyway easy to be seen, the scotane or talar or that with the red shlips in mid, the krawatte with the krawattenknoten, that is far
too complicated for many ?!

    But till today I remember well some of them in that alpine regions, till today ! But lets get the info on the longhair ones beside mustaches or long beards with judges and lawyers in Europe. I don t think there are longhair male lawyers or judges in Poland or Hungary, but who knows.

    Some persons get akten, the bookings and case-papers over years, others like in GB wear wigs for heavy cases, but whats heavy cases when allready new civic jets drop form skies, whats heavy cases with 1000de empty trucks in the streets of some marcets.eu. socalled leerfahrten.

    So the statistic on european judges and lawyers with longhair (no general-sheridan.generixs loosers .. ) would be great.

Nature observations

Another petrol station

Some two days ago I did that 5 hurs extra for the bikedrive license, and that was OK, no problem so far after 1000de hrs on indian roads, but also busses, superfast trains and 15 mio on daily trains there on a daily base without corona sceanrio.

    During that 5 hrs for extra biking I did realod petrol, normal or bleifrei petrol for the own bike, the liters needed was less than 4 ltrs, 10 euro got put into slot and autopatrol mashine, no return or excange money of course for the 10 euro for 4liters.

    The next day befor barbiecue along river somebody remembered the tips for the right costly bike oil, the number and code etc .... moved to another petrol station in expectation for the oil, got told that there would be the specialist, 500m on left side out of city. I reached even so far before barbiecue with boat onriver.

    Bought 1 ltr for 26 teuro for the Bike, the last bike I bought in that land, the tank full, put the oil as I got told the day before during the 5 hrs extra course. Then the bike was 20km/h slower after the oil and costly oil purchase for the bike. Before the final shipment to India, a medium sized container, the bike will probably stay in that land, also the 240 ltr aquarium, also the woodstove will not get sent to Kumaon then, noway.

    The bike got filled, oil put, now it runs 20km/h slower from 85 km/h before. I think they will take the consequences easily, it s the last story after new civic jets with sensors and software dropping and 100 000 calledback cars.

    ps: Anyway the canoe is much stronger than the bike, and now it got a kiel of oaktree 2cm strong which is essential on wildwaterapids over II, how the bike will looklike later on and howmuch it can do or cover in which time, that is not my problem. It is the first and last bike in that country somebuddy purchased.

        gruesse thommas-bernhardt-bauernhaus.f14 (empirically ocean24.de opens only by google)

Today school:

origins of "To miss, miss world" or ... "missing in action"

Once upon a times there was the settler getting over Lousianna to the mighty rivers, the old ones which get called Missisippi and Missouri rivers.

That made the english lesson by the far distance conference switch for remote schools and teachings on english to the final finding on the origin of "Miss contest, Missing in action or missing in friendly fire" - That can all be traced back to the rivers Missisippi and Missouri, old native American expressions which are there to be found in the central USA or on some maps.

Also Missy Elliott or Miss bunga or Miss universe can be traced back to the two old rivers in the USA since the times of the settlers and palefaces from Europe.

A miss contest or to miss something for instance like a spaceship or missing rockets .... or aeroplane missing. All that can be traced back linguistically on the two big rivers in the today USA.

Also special sounds, -" basket missed in river or bucket missing .." or
    Many million buffaloes missing since then ... missing settlers of ghost towns etc
Its origin is Missisippi and Missouri rivers -------!

Problemfall Gorch Fock

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