Total woods and hills burning, including Canberra in the smoke over 5 months in Australia around the change from o19 o20 ! How s about victoria state in these days ? The informants told us they know Victorians ....

Total woods, family houses, woodhills and villages are burtning in California USA. Is that a big issue for scientists, are they thare, is the president there. How does he keep with that droughts and wildfires, whats the reason in back. Does the president denie or approve climate change.

The palefaces had huge losses and fatalities during the covid 19 pandemie which is not yet over. How much prcentage of the total population without the dreamer ones is that in the USA.

Is it more than all jail inmates in the USA togather, is it the number of natives and all jail inmates in the USA ? And how many of the dead by corona, is white people over 30 in percentage.

Greenland: temperatures rose to plus 3 celsius over the last 40 yeasr there. How do president keep with that, when they could not buy and sack Greenland. Any Pamnelas and or other whities on that. What these presidents wan to sack more. Whats about Honduras for sell, whats about Puerto Rico for sell to best president bidders. Whats about Lebanon or Bahrain for sell.

Is Greenland again on the shopping list and can it be that is for the exchange with volks from California, the climate adjusting sellout for total villages which could get trasferred to Greenland then, after the big purchase, another big deal of the neoliberal west.

Two big tankers stranded in the indian ocean, is it on the medias, is that also worth big stories (or then later in 5 years as with Nazi dokus 80 years later), what are the effects on oil marcets and numbers, What s the effect on the ocean systems and maritime lifes, Mauritius is not any island since long.

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Some lackings in the medias on that ! Who is going for that licky slicky oils and petrol of these two haveried tankers. The one at Mauritius got sank, any other solutions after the Costa concordia haveria and deepawater horizon. Where are the Desaster links and main chapters on menue bars and main links on the big NEWS websites and agencies.

Any consciouse lackings .... Greta has to take action, better 500 Gretas, if they are to odd and too many misshaps and lackings on that desaster rows, also on websites published, during the rise and maybe growup of Android generations here and there.

These desaster topics and main chapter is waiting for long to get shown and performed on bublic NEWS websites and medias. And that is a must in total hemispheres. The desaster chapter, Climate desaster, oil tanker losses and breakings. Freaking at dutch shores and the effects. Toxic fish on row, Bush and wildfires over months, Two times burnt Paradise villages, How many rebuild efforts in the californias or Greenland instead on shopping lists.

Small speaking and phrases of misshap presidnts on the covid front and djungle razer regions. How many Gretas does that need.

Landslides and high waters in Europe, floodings 5 times 2020 alone in China along the Yangtse !

Dreamers have dreams and misshap presidents as well, the fronts are many, just the question at which one they like to fight and hint to, and the big question how and when tehy wakeup from dreaming. There are sweet ones, wet and nasty dreams, do they know in which one they are now.

Numbers are sensitive and sweat tests will get them right, the sweat tests do not come by cosing with and small phrasing pendemies.

Did they get the numnbers right, did they get the messages on that their beloved numbers and Android, where did it arrive till today, the Androids. Dreaming of some scientists along the wildfire fronts.

Or avoiding the right data on medias during another preelection time. How many need to do small lips on Wildfires and villages burnt over weeks, small lips on teh pandemia and do they get the price thatfor, the bill for that deal later which got done on the vaccines, allready in the dreamers monopoly stores and garages.

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Do the dreamers get that bills and accounting right, the front and preempt buy of 3 mrd doses not yet out there. The dreamers have ot see that clearly, after 20 years neoliberalising some marcets, constructs are many for airbookins, and fiction vaccines paied preempt.

The bills for tariffs is another topic .... but some presidents could do that, just the question for how many more weeks in the heavy smoke. What will they try next under what banner, the banner was scurity, was it security, was it realy secuity.

Did they shoot that down from some planes with a banner behind ... "savety" here is the presidnets plane with the savety banner in back. I hope for the androids that they get that right, and what they keep for savety the next weeks and months and if they got the demonstrations right, and the new scanerios during these demos. That gave some new hints and glimpses.

Did a president
get a bill

And let the people of the total Americas know how their rulers keep it with saveties and securities, either in latin amrican spanish villages since 40 yeras or in Califonia itself. Also in sunburnt southwestern states there. Maybe scorpions and spiders start crawling north allready, Instead of the friendly bees from truckloads in almond plantations duirng february. February is spring break times .... What they take for savety ....

Till then get that desaster link into main chapter bars on websites (Wildfires, stranded and leakeing oil tankers, pandemies, floods and mudslides, floodwaters and rising water levels etc), if you fail with that, forget all what came with pocket flatscreens, all gains and losses of Android generations parents ..... neoliberalized, and where to find them.

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