Der grosse Sandkasten -
The very big game

Something s moving out there
Es tut sich was und

Now not short after mid of the year 2020 there is something moving out there.

First of all the big issue Hongkong, which is the door for western companies freedom fighters and justice squads. But mostly it served and could serve as the gate for western investors and british passport holders. The situation seems to be again so tight that a coalition of the willing and Just could get formed out of the willing, therefor that the freedoms of the very young people and freedom fighters of Hongkong gets somehow taken 2 justice.

An international tranfer government as in Libya could also liften the situation and help the minorities of Hongkong. But at least a coalition, like once in Irak could get formed and justice performed.

Sametime we can observe troop shifting by the signature of the US president in Germany, for long a strong and big allie in car production with the USA, but not so much as once any more. In these days also the Boeing jets are at risk, teh max ones. The troop numbers for getting shifted to Poland by the USA is 9 500, so Germany itself will loose strength and justice power, but at least for car production that will do lately.

Sametime it can be observed that strong messages and maybe supported by troop movement gets into friction by the ambitions of Turky in Libya. France can be seen as the strong allies of Germany and Poland in Europe, with some support by the USA helping hands and troops. Even as Germany gets some lackings by the shifts of the US troops to Poland.

So at the southern flank, in specific in Libya France wants to have a strong word, say and message for the international willing, or just a bid of engagement for some oil fields and wriggs (!!) with the international accepted Uebergangsregierung, which got in troubles by Gen Haftar over some while allready.

Much seems to be at stake and sametime the problems in Iran, Iraq and Afghanisthan are not yet solved, who knows if that will ever happen. With some support by the coalition of the willing and just, maybe also accepted by some international governmentals and courts for human and for sure equal rights, left aside the USA and its system of justice where black people get slaughtered and killed by kneeing for long.

But also school security is at stake there since long and nobody knows how many more special equippped trained and educated forces that will need and take in the future. Never forget "Neighbourhood is watching" !

So at Europs northeastern frontlines Poland will get bid of more troops from the USA, but specially troop shifting during preelection times is important. It got registered that some white friends, in specific WASPs got a personal email by the US president in the homeland of the big white father himself, for his reelection. He seems to be a strong campaigner even on e-mail level, what was elsewhen not so much welcomed, but in specific because the data, like with Facebooks 85 mio user data sell during last election time, beside faceboks new libra coin ambitions (strickwolle banking mit fotoburlis).

He the big whiote fateher himself aske many many friends personally per email not to go for the competitor. Much seems to be at stake, deals and teh bad corona management, which got lost allready. Samer with the battyle fron in Brazil against covid 19. But none the less, personal emailing could halp a bid.

Sametime at eth eother side with the big vast and powerfullnations, in specific in Russia we can closely observe the referendum for the russian constitutiuon. The poeple of russia can cast their votes also in companis or got told to vote for the referendum, in westren medias they told that the people of russia could vote under the open skies and remote areas, which looks very sympathic over one week.

Also the russian president himself got seen with his passport in civil dress and casting the vote, it sgould become a great share and great referendum over such a week and much later. Of course there si a difference between the citizens of Moskwa (Moskau) and the vast endless spaces of Russia. City volks have different views than the people from the land who like a strong hand. And finally the people of Russia do not get personal emails from the president like in the USA. There the president writes now, what a surprise, to his ... friends or what is left of that.

Freedoms and campaigning for that is difficult during pandemic times. Ways are different, and finally with the support of the coalition of the willing all obstacles and misshaps could get solved from Hongkong with new passport holders, like in Ukraine and GB, with the help of the coalition for justice and the willing from Sudan, Libya, Syria, France and Poland, not to forget Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The many WW 2 documentaries on TV showed clearly the direction of the Stossrichtung in these times an gave clear hints on the background of the actual intended US troop shiftings to Poland, for the case of further misshaps in Germany.

Sametime the Erntehelfer will get from Poland and Rumania to Germany and Austria, in case pandemic countersettings let border issues loosen. The many Erntehelfer get now called Wanderarbeiter, same counts for the chinese people in northern Italy who got seen and caught rolling Knoedelach in Vienna over a while. But that does not trigger troop shifting like with US troops to Poland. The overall picture points in the direction of parallel measures and Weichenstellungen now during midyear 2020.

GB seems to be shipping over heavy waters and show hardening its stance somewhere between the USA and the EU block, but sametime hinting and verbally hitting the Hongkong drums, which is now the rising new Superpowers closed wound with plaster.

The older and old powers like to fingerpoint at that megacity, location and financial hub, not far from the Weissen Wolken Berge, as they were always good and doing good show for coalitions and the willing for freedoms, regime change, justice or what they kept for that. When India freed itseld from the colonial hardships it got the magic India back for which many sailed around the globe over centuries.

Stars rise and sink and only the extreme and fanatic combatants go for nightrides, by the doctrine - "Do not see Do not tell" -which counts for many spheres, some combatants show open, others try to hide by the night. Interests in back get often covered by agitation in front, and not many people know whats the case in Libya, Egypt and Mid East, but finally the coalitions of the willing will let you have a flier or email, and if by the president personally to avoid victory of another competitor.

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