The world and the nazis 2

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Face them

The US embassies new location in Israel is Jerusalem while otherwhere embassies got closed, minimized and stuff reduced and taken to home countries.
    Iran is next on the attack list of the US president, a strong muslim regime with power (also strategic) and influence, for long enemy to the USA.
They named it The new american century, so with its new ugly president from the USA, new wars on want, very clear.

    Face them, face their greed,
face their immigration policy with families,
face their fightings, coups and plots,
face their "No trade now" but,
face their meddling with Europe,
face their foods,
face their one new embassy in Jerusalem and the others,
face the times ahead,
ahh you are too dull to see and too weak to face it.

    How did they name the century,
they want to make you part of it and not by trade,
do you like it, take care.

    The one new embassy in Israel Jerusalem, the rest reduced of stuff or shut down. Bad diplomacy and high tariffs on imports, trade once their holy cow. Migrant families torn apart by command.
    Old friends quit for the price of tradewar and new wars, and pressure put on them for more military spending.

    Ahh you are too dull and dumb to see them, then take care !

Nazi Koerperpflege

You have to be carefull with nazi katholice Koerperpflege, it can be very unhealthy. it can be like with chlor chicken and junk food. When they do not like you their way of hidden, secret and passiv Koerperpflege can be very unhealthy and dangerouse. They could not only poisen your food and drinks, (check how many women become vegan in the while) but also brush your axel hair with bad chemics, special colour, whcih makes yo feel different for some while till you discover it, take care, it is part of nazis koerperpflege. The nazis with Caspar melchior baltasar could come to your home during nights and days and also steal some of your books and music tapes, they could cut your table and puncture your bike and cycle on routine. They work hard on making enemies.

    In other regions tea pluckers are exponated to heavy pestizides, chemicals, there are chemical mixing places and places to wash there after in some tea estates.

    Nazi Koerperpflege and also working for them can be very unhealthy and dangerouse, as with food it can be a chemical mix, (check in the while how many women become vegan in Europe, for exapmle) very unhealthy for workers and food consumers. Also in lands liek Mexico or Guatemala the field workers use heavy pesticids. So if you work for them or if they do not like you you have to be carefull, it can be very unhealthy and dangerouse.

    In other lands like the USA where pupils at schools also shoot each other, they drive around bees in trucks for having them pollinating almonds, many bee nations in some trucks to pollinate a few hundred almond trees, very exhausting for the bees, aside they are wondering why bees get less in some euopean countries.

    It is all by similar heads, politicans, latifundistas and rulers. Their way of employing and exploiting, food and work policy, and also with hidden and unhidden cosmetics (also surgery, while some become vegans and others try silikon implants), it is related to poisen, antibiotics, tubs and chemical industries.

Extreme nazis do extreme products

When you eat good heathy food, when your children get good education at school, whn there is good governance, there will be no terror, it will find no ground to foot and no reason to produce.

    But if you look at what changed over last years in many lands, then they like to speak of terror.

    But is it not bad and poisen food terror, is not hate speech and fake news terror, whom shall people trust then. Are hate-speech and fake-news not putting the seed for terror, Is not bad education if any at all doing the soil for fighting, crime, hate and terror,

    Look at some heads of state, extreme rulers with extreme ideas, also extreme nazis, Extreme nazis like to support other extreme nazis, the most scrupulouse ones, the most wreckless ones support each other.

    Extreme nazis change things to the extreme, on of their methods, that is what they like, extreme foods, extreme biz, extreme profits, extreme shootings, star wars (new tentacle of the US army), extreme reasons for war (tradewar for security) and the more.

    Extreme changes and measures make extreme products, reactions and results, you have to be carefull with the nazis, they start at school allready. School shootings, massacres, fat unhealthy food, unhappy volks and nazis, unhappy and extreme nazis do very strange things, take care then when you get their food, when you use their cosmetics, drink their vine, when you take their money.

    Buddha tought the middle path, neither extreme on that or that side.

Talking war for security

The strange thing is with nazis when they want to go for war since years is they start talking like women then, there need to be a reason for war.

    Then they talk like drama queens make a big thing out of nothing, when there was no reason for war they talk one then (perfect NLP). Now the US justifies trade war with security for them, anybody ever started a war for his security, I think that is new.

    Once it was weapons of mass destruction now it is security, war for security, soemthing new, It was the same since the native american wars, There does not need to be much to go for war with the natives once tehy just killed them, same still today, this reason or that reason if it is there or not does not count, now war for scurity. Mad enough to believe it.

World police

There are yearly school shootings in the US,
world police failed to maintain order at its schools.

    There got many PC system software put out there (OS operation sys) on marcets,
which did big profits and fooled many people what they did not like,
world police failed to maintain order with PC system software.

    There are no superfast trains in the Latin Americas,
World police, nazis and kathols had a blind eye on it,
not good for their profits, only for gains by banana transports.
They failed to keep up with that standard in Latin Americas.

    There were many plots, coups, regime changes and dictators in the Latin Americas,
world police got its jobs done for long.

    Just imagine if Pinochet, Batista, papa doc Duvalier, Marcos and Imelda had the nuclear bomb. But for them there was no need for that deterrence,
they were deterrence themself and
so a good deal for world police and under their protection,
also as many 1000 people got killed under their rule.
There was no need for more deterrence then and that was ok for world police,
they did big profits and biz togather.

    Now there are no english newspapers in Latin Americas,
it is for a reason, it is a products, a hate product by the world police,
thatfor you do not get english newspapers there,
they do not like the imperialists, world police.

    There is so much junkfood, chlorchicken, gentech food out there in many lands,
World police failed to keep up with health standards by food,
and many get it without knowing, it is good for biz and profits.

    World police is opposed to specific pipelines getting built,
what would mean more souverenity, independency and saver energy supply to others,
and that would undermine world polices oil business and strategy,
it would weaken their column of petrol business.

    There is so much spam mail, hate speech, fake news and accounts, also viruses out there in the web, not to forget privacy.
World police failed to maintain law and order in the web.

    The boss of the world police wants to make America great again,
also want to produce more deadly weapons.
Take care then so or so, world police is a fast and wild shooter.

Seven policemen

You know there are many police men out there, sometimes they come to a house, in three cars 7 of them. Just like that without a paper from judge and they tell the man from the house who had a joghurt there at the time, hei we came to disarm you (for no reason), you are not allowed to posses weapons.

    The man from the house took the joghurt aside and answered to the police men: "These are my garden tools, I need them for working in my garden, what you want, you have no paper from a judge and want to take my garden tools." But they did not understand.
    Seven police men, for each day of the week one police man, just imagine.

    Then later came the new president of the USA, the self declared world police. He decided to block and barr 7 countries people from travelling to the USA, as one of his first acts in his new position. But his try was a failor, as many were opposd to his first major executive order. He would have loved to rule by executive orders only.

    Then in that little land were 7 police men came to the house to disarm somebody, the decided later then to close 7 mosques. While in other lands they had a ministry for hindu relations and a ministry for muslim relations (Cylon).

    But as neocons, nazis and kathols in the west want to play world police since years and were meddling in many lands and regions, they sent their new private socalled security companies, practically paramilitary forces, it was mostly about security by world police and often a failor.

    So there came new paramilitary forces, none governmental orgs and popped new churches there (the main was scientology), that was how they did it. It was part of neocons new strategy under the banner of neoliberalisation international. Private armies, new hidden churches and none gov organisations (NGO).

    In some powerfull nations these foreign agents and organisations had to declare themself as foreign agents or got forbidden at all, and specially if they got financed by foreign powers.

    The main one of the new churches was scientology which worked in the back and dark, hidden but paied good, what was always pretty enough for many. Many paied the new fakechurch and the church paied and influenced the decision makers on top.

    In some countries cars got the balance on both sides then, left or right, it did not matter, and light switches were in knee hight, soemtimes they put some long flags on the streets in the capitel of only white or lights rose colour, which looked strange then.

    In other lands paramilitary and security forces got motorbikes and training in marshall arts. In some lands only police had motorbikes (Ecuador, Peru) beside the poor living there.

    But for the new boss of world police the results were not good enough,
he felt betrayed and that the world police nation got treated unfair.
They had so many friends out there or forced them to become friends or vassals at least.

    So then he decided on really something big, which was since then one of their holy cows and good for nation friends. He wanted to make his nation great again and decided to change world trade, therefor high tariffs got put on imports to the USA, other nations had to react and follow, they were forced to do so.

    After their president felt his nation got betrayed
world police moved on to restore world order,
they did not feel betrayed any more,
they got to feel as a great nation again.

Feeling betraied ?

If you did huge profits by software over years
do not feel betrayed ...
If pupils shoot each others at schools,
no need to feel betrayed ...
If you had to use software which you did not like and understand,
dont feel betrayed ...
If people get fat and obese by junk food and white by chlor chicken,
no need to feel betrayed ...
If you learn to speak the new language in the name of money,
no need to feel betrayed ....
        Feel great

Of Americas murder statistic

Mexico had more than 25 300 murders 2017 alone, this means 70 murders on average per day !
(That is in reality the statistic of a silent war)
In the USA on average every year 110 school pupils get shot in school by other school pupils.
        - American hemisphere -
Do you really think they are good with fighting terrorists,
paramilitaries, death squats and killers
or better in producing the same ?

7 th tentacle

The 7 th tentacle of the US army is Space agency and intelligence
and another Starwars president.

No smile for passport

In many countries in the west today you are not allowed to smile for passport pictures. There are many out there who do stupid things to others and then they run around smiling allday, but for passport pic you are not allowed to smile then. They do not tell you that you should not show your teeth, or that you should not look angry, greedy, idiotic, no you shall not smile for passport,

    You can look angry, idiotic, greedy, horny but smiling no. Isn t that strange, they do not want you to smile, you can do a thousand selfies (actually in Goa there got now 24 assigned no-selfie zones, some got killed in waves and sea by trieing to do selfies there) but for passport do not smile. You can look idiotic, stupid, mad, horny, greedy, bloodthursty but smiling no. Marcets and kapitalism do not want smiling people, other looks are ok to them but no smiles, no fun !

    Some of them love to smile, they are notoriouse smilers for many reasons, but on passport no.

Tough men talking

Quite interesting now, many tough men ariund the world meet now to talk on their most liked issues. From the US, north and south Korea, Japan, Mexico, all tough men, also from India and Iran. They are all showing tough now and make pressure in all directions.
    But there is one tough and conservative man who tells others with whom to trade and with whom not to trade or do biz. It is Erpressung so to say, now they all get tough and put tariffs on each other, every day getting harder and tougher, bohut sakht.

    During tariffs on goods get higher and rising, some tough men have talks in the while and some tell others with whom to deal and with whom not to deal since years, it seems they know since years and decades what is right and what is wrong for others, even as at their schools pupils shoot each other since years. But they think to know for others, some tough men doing talks now, beside tariffs on imports are rising and stock marcets dropping. Tough tariffs, trade war got started for security of homeland some tough man say, while they can not keep it with their schools.

Can does and cannots

You can make love in Rio and Sao paulo,
but do not try a motorbike there, it is dangerouse !
    You can make love in Belem and and Belo, but do not try a bike there, dangeouse ! (Brazil)
You can make love in Huanuco, Huaraz, Chiclayo and Tarapoto,
but do not try to ride a motorbike there, dangerouse ! (Peru)
    You can make love in Quito, Santa Maria but do not try a bike there, too dangerouse !
Only police uses bikes there and pizza service. (Ecuador)
    You can make love in Comitan, Oaxaca, Campeche and Cancun but do not try a motorbike there,
too dangerouse ! (Mexico)
Centuries of Maria cult and slaughters left its traces.

LATEST TALKS (and exciting telefone):
USA-Mexico, India-USA, India-Indonesia, France-Nigeria, France-Vatican, EU-immigration talks, Germany-Austria, Anti terrorism conference ...., before Israel tour-EU ...
What you think they talk about ?
    In the while trade war is heating up here latest numbers on it,

The meisters new card

Signs to recognize a nazi

Often bold, blunt and hurting speech, hatespeech,
often irrational, not rational arguing,
denieing historical facts or making fun of it,
rediculing of it, speech under the beltline like for election campaign,
intriguing (often with katholics who are even more irrational),
proud of hurting and offending others,
likes to make enemies and if there are too little they produce enemies,
they live on enemies thatfor making enemies on default and repeat,
(socalled enemynazi syndrom) making enemies s important to them.
Usually they have enemies by their attitude and hostile ideologies.

    Some of them had 2500 cases before court and like to equipp others with weapons, also teachers some want to see carring weapons, just imagine that nonesense. Many of them are also racists, or keep themself superior to others because of their white skin, white supremacy ideology, or feed on chlor chicken what does white skin, mostly without knowing. A main sign of a nazi is racism, distinctive.

Many become farmers

In some region many young men go to Landwirtschaftschule (farmer school) to become farmers, simple katholic farmers and thats the terrible part of it. Also once in the Wild West many settlers became farmers, today they are big agroeconomists, but they depend on the seeds they have to buy and pay yearly in the US, usually from always the same seed monopol company, which sells the seeds to the farmers. In Europe today the farmers often help in form of subsidies, but in many marcets, as it is still hard to be a farmer. It was always hard to be farmers, from mid ages, later in katholic feudal system, and then also in the Wild West by the settlers coming over the prairies. But in the Wild West they were more self reliable and more free at that time than in Europe.

    The katholic church (also Hitler) never liked farmers because they were depending on them for food supply, that was always the problem, there were many conflicts, revolts and wars between the church and the farmers. And the kathols were never tolerant with anybody or anything, not till today. (Cero tolerance doctrine !!)

    Now today in some region many go to farms school (Landwirtschaftsschule) to become farmers and on TV they have series like "Bauer sucht Frau" (Farmer searching woman) what is part of the centurylong Maria cult and ritual, to search and hope for a women, what is by nature often exactly the otherway round, that women hope for a man (or for a match as some say).

    So today on TV as part of the centurylong Maria cult series like "Bauer sucht Frau" or also "Liebesgschichten u Heiratsachen" and alike.

    In the while post offices get closed in same region, what was once part of comunication and sending letters, to family, from war or love letters. Today it is often a 2 minute message which gets lost or deleted short after and collected by others same time on mass scale.

    Many become farmers there today again, it is a long tradition, since midages, the wild west with new settlers, and today by Landwirtschaftschule and "Bauer sucht Frau" (farmer searches woman) on TV.

    The same time post offices get closed in modern marcets, once most important for families, sending letters from war, the more worth today as telefoning does often not work well today there, some have to go out to the garden then thatfor the line does not break. They also tried socalled "simply TV" there for a while and internet access (for some the enterprise net) got complicated.

    Some of them fear telefone masts, quite irrational, and do not know where to put them right for good telefone, TV or web supply. Frequency providing got totally privatised, same time duing summers they celebrate the big Frequency festival in Linz (Hitlers most liked town in austria) even as in some region frequency supply is very bad till today. Also the wired exhibition by the name "Koerperwelten" was in Linz.

    In the while the post office got closed, even as people demonstrated against the closure, many things get put to underground there today as electricity, canalisation of course, and the web gets put to underground. Internet supply gets tried by glasscables to single private houses via the canalisation.
    Some mother got told they want to put the cables for internet into the canalisation to the house, so the shit aside the internet in same pipe, that would be most easy and cheap they told her, but her son told her that that is rubbish, nonesense. Once there was a superfast ISDN cable over roof to house ordered by the son, today they try much underground, the internet via canalisation.

    Many young men become farmers there today and search for women on TV.

Satellite marcets

Once there were many shops in the streets of villages and towns, soem streets were specialised in specific goods, as is still today the case in many asian lands. In the west that changed since the millenium change and neoliberalisation done since then in many lands there.

    Today you find often one big marcet in a farmers field somewhere out there, some kilometers out of the next village and with a big parking lot for the cars to reach the satellite marcet in the field.

    Older people will have problems to reach the marcet there as often not capable any moe to drive and pay a car after neoliberalisation. Also children and pupils will have problems to reach the satellite marcet some kilometer out in th fields off the village, with a cycle it would be more easy possible. But if you go shopping for a family it will be hard to carry that much stuff on a cycle back to the village form the satellite marcet.

    So satellite marcets are mostly in reach for car drivers who have the space then for taking the many goods inside and the big parking lot to take the many cars alike at the satellite marcet. By neoliberalisation these marcets are often not easy to be reached by other means like on foot, by cycle or for young and old who lack posessing a car. These marcets are outside of town and village centers and need to be reached mostly by car in the once corn, potatoe or other crop fields of farmers, who sold the part of his once field to the marcet therfor. So today hypermodern supply stations, socalled satellite marects, not that easy to be reached by None car drivers (! not be mixed with NGO)

    Another thing is visibility, that satellite marcets can be seen from many places and in many fields from roads usually, examples can be seen in Elsbethen, Bergheim, Moellbruecke, Lendorf, Rif (Austria) and many more, while the villages themself are mostly empty of shops there. It is not like with headscarfs or short skirts which get shown in public on a private and personal level, no satellite marcets are big and its parking for cars is big, it is showing big by neoliberalisation, but not so easy for many to get reached without car and if it is not too many goods to be shopped a cycle could also do.

    Another effect is when children, young volks or pupils can not buy easily in centers of towns and villages food any more, then mothers usually will be forced more to cook and prepaire meals for them at home again, the conservative effect by satellite marcets off villages in the fields (in the while neoliberalisators discussed allday schools for them, so to say total system training) parents need to cook more again if its not from the freezer to microwave. So the conservative effect of satellite marcets is also there which are mostly in a monopol position as well there out in the fields beside car parking and not that easy accessability.

    It is far not like with samosa, dosa, papadam in the streets, not like with fruits, shokoballs or veg across the street, it is not like with electric goods or toilet articles around next street corner, no it is somewhere else ... stay in the car (Rage against the mashine, Bodycount). No these satellite marcets need mostly cars to get reached or mums to cook and prepaire meals instead for young and old.

    It is a bid like with a space station which is of course far more complicated and costly to be reached and they need heavy rockets therefor, only in there the USA and Russia join since years, but with sat. marcets as well people mostly need cars to reach it and load the stuff, satellite supply station to be reached form suburbs, towns and villages.

    Cars are a big thing since long in that marcets, SUVs show even bigger now, with cars it is mostly possible to reach and load the stuff and if cars are not too much faked allready by its software, take care, people can be lucky then, but cars are costly.

    Satellite marcets are in the fields, in the crop , very neoliberal in a very modern way, farmers sold a lot for the new sat marcets, got good money for it, now people come in cars to shop in sat. marcets in the fields. (can e seen for instance in Elsbethen, Bergheim, Rif, Moellbruecke, Hof, Lendorf etc etc Austria)

    Once the rich, kings, royals and the church were dependent on simple farmers, a huge potential for conflicts, sat. marcets make people dependent on their marcets today, not many options aside and it often looks as it would be of the once farmlands as these marcets are often placed there again, today the fields not done with tractors but the sat. marcets shopped by cars there, neoliberal.

Absurd tiny lifesavers

You know, somebody represent the USA, somebody represents Germany, others represent Britain, Russia, Turky, Peru, Cuba. Some represent deals and business, somebody represent special powers and forces.

    There a a few white houses out there with much security and there are houses which are more white, with some idiots getting around there who do idiotic since years.
    Some of them call themself the Freie christen, (others are nazis) and it looks they keep themself as so free that they think they can do what they want over years there at the house which is more white. From cutting the spring off to the house, stealing form the house to disarming the man from that house (without any paper from a judge or a reason but rumors) and it is since centuries like that with them, nazis, katholen and freie christen are intolerant, cero tolerance is and was one of their doctrines, cero tolerance with animals and creatures, other believes, jews and more.

    They slaughter and kill since centuries, do stupid and idiotic, expell others, slavetrade and witchhunt, inquisition and mass slaughter and then they come and talk of saving unborn life.

    So where there is life they mostly killed and slaughtered it, exterminated and enslaved it. Where there is no life yet they want to save it, in its very tiny, unvisible form. That is how they keep and kept it over centuries, absurd.

    Hostile, absurd and irrational towards life, also hostile towards sex and pleasure, but part of big biz and Maria cult (read also opus Diaboli, Henry Miller was impressed an wrote to its author), but seriouse about saving it when they do not see, when it is very tiny, where you do not see it, before it is there, then they want to save it, absurd. When it is tiny, small, hardly there at all, then they want to save it, the tiny life savers, the rest was good or kill, exploit, fake, false, burn, rape, abuse and enslave. Local mad observations

Neodeal nodeal

The thing is with the representrs from the USA they do not want to deal with total marcets now like with the European Union. No the USA wants to deal now with each single land, country and nation now, on many singlegoodies deals which each country, what to get and give and what not to take and give. On many little goodies the US want to decide, want to make a big deal of many small goodies which ech single land, with srews, hooks, hammers, cars, cans, aluminium, steel, may littlebig deals they want to do, but before put tariffs on it.

    Marcets like the EU got created over years to become economically strong, thatfor the USA want to single out and split them, take them apart and do seperate deals, also which many other countries and economic heavy weights beside tariffs they put. That is then the many littlebig deals for the USA, with each of the many countries, big and small deals with uncle Sam, that is how uncle Sam likes it now.

    Not with big marcets, strong or sovereign countries and big economies, no beside high tariffs new seperate deals now with countries what fits uncle Sam well now.

Fair trade also with the USA So much unfair trade, so much unfair products, so much of inbalance, so much inequality, uncle Sam wants it fair for him. Fair trade, Fair trade also with the USA.

Falling apart keeping togather

It is more easy to take and talk Europe apart than to keep it strong save and togather. Many do their thing on many fronts to becoem it weak and weaker from inside and outside, the weaker it gets the more easy for them to take advantage of the weakness. While other regions rise many make them weaker over the years (a strategy), then they point at the weaker even,

    While the rich get richer and fat the less rich and mid class get more weak and poorer by the system failors and the ones who engage to get it fail and do it weak. Heated angry volks are good for revolts, street fights, unrest, plunders and burning, nazis and fashists takeover. The weaker it gets the more some will take advantage of it.

    In the muddy waters of old crownies, neocons, neoliberalizers and nazis. (canbe seen by banks and firmas in ex Jugoslawia and other regions)

    Then you get their software, you get their food, you get their cars, you do not get the information they do not want you to get, you get their internet (access) and TV, you get their satellite marcets, you get their phones and their education,
    you can be lucky if you get health insurace, a job and rent after all.

It is quite interesting with Europe and the USA. Over centuries they were exploiting other regions and lands, had slaves and did slavetrade. Now they have disputes on trade and their military alliances.

    People could ask themself who of them is doing the bigger show, who is doing the better deal since years, who does the better products, who has better and saver schools, who does more healthy food, who produces better cars, who the most surveillance, who has shops in villages yet, who of them gets insurance and rent, who of them gets public health service, who of them get holidays,.

    Then you know with whom you want to trade and for which price, do deals and biz and with whom better not.

The Grammie, Emmie and Oscar, a big thing for grannie.

Unhealthy in the name of money

Trade gets done in the name of economy,
deals are done in the name of money.
What gets done in the name of money gets faked, false and crrupted.
What gets faked false and corrupted is bad to health
and does unhappy volks, citizens, users and consumers
what needs many doctors and psychologists then to cure the many problems.

Marcets hypocrits

Hypocrits tell you not to smoke, drink and take drugs
while they offer you bad food, while they show you bad, crime, glamour and show on TV,
while they do bad politic people get dissapointed and angry.

    They tell you not to smoke and drink
while they cut your loans and rent,
while they reduce your healthcare and insurance,
while they learn you the new language in the name of money.
That is the way of the marcets hypocrits.

It got time for health care

After many products got bad, food got chemical, schools and its savtey worse, movies and TV,
security and insurance, jobs and rent got bad enough,
it got time for public health care in the USA.

    It is just the question how they keep it in other lands with it and
if they want to keep it, take it, resist it or do it better.

Stell dir vor

Stell dir vor alle kaufen alles im Internet (tote Doerfer),
bestellen mit ihren Mobiltelefonen, die Ware wird direkt an die Besteller oder die Abhohlboxen geliefert. Nahversorger, Geschaefte und Einzelhaendler gibts es schon lange nicht mehr und dann trennt wer die Internetverbindungen. (Autofahren koennen sie noch)

Stell dir vor alle kaufen alles im Internet
und dann brechen die Leitungen zusammen

"Der Spiegel" Nr 50, 9.12.2o17 print edition
is very interesting ( sadly the articles can hardly be found in web like with

The meisters new card got done in Badulla within 3 hrs but had to send an email with attached file to office because from the usb-stick (pen drive) the design files got always deleted. So in that case send it to the office.

Only 3 minutes

It is 3 minutes on foot to the computer sparepart shop,
only 3 minutes to the cooky shop, 3 minutes to the grocery store,
3 minutes to the mobile and powerbank shop,
only 10 minutes to the railway station - Haputale, Sri Lanka.

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