The medusas tentacles need to get cut !

The medusa got fought since a couple of weeks, all people know it. The medusa forced many dead people and turned down manies peoples lifes to different turns and levels. Social distancing reminds to social networking because it got the networkings over a distance and only virtually, whats not that strong in many cases than meetings in real life.

Thre meduses tentacles reached many firmas, shops companies and produced losses in unimaginable numbers. And it has to be aslked if the numbers of the past should be the numbers of teh future. We can see the case of wirecard where 1.9 billion euros are missing, smewhere blown to ashes. The relevanth one head of wirecard steppped down from his post.

The medusa stroke on total aerlines which got grounded over weeks, whas about making theme parks out of some grounded fleets. Triumph for future, the old Fryday 4 future movement got quite a few goals achieved, even without the far reaching tentacles as it with covid the bad medusa of which the tentacles need to get cut.

We can also see in soem regions tensions like before elections, once in Ukraine now in Belarus or Serbia, the elections could show open, the elections could show in new ways. It could be half open or very open or transparent elections, some campaigns here and there as now the frictions and tensions in the USA the democracy and election, so tosay the dark chosen universal studios with democratic forces. Now grouned b y soem [police cops who dared to knee on the once and powerfull workforces in the souther states of the USA.

The now frontrunning president there was asking for support from the head of China, lands with totally different traditions and culture. But by what cost that support would be, better not ask. but the blunt and direct requests on that and the book of relevatiuons from the room where it happend would give proper support and foundation for the next president there, if one is needed overall beside the white wildwest cops in the streets and aves of the vast empty spaces between the eastcoast and the bare and naked west coast of the US.

These presidents could get a conference switch by the support studios to discuss futures electiosn and the wanted outcome lets say with the support of the presidents of Peru as well, the president of Uganda, Burundi, teh president of the USA and the ones of Puerto Rico and Haiti, the dircet support and help request in these tense times of the far reaching bad medusa.

And there is nothing more than that one relevation of the direct help request from that dealmaker president to the peoples congress leader of China. On a screend mashine and the right support studios it would be far more transparent and eye opening to get notice of this poor fellow and their direct help requests of futures votes outcome (.... ) also called elections.

Tencent could give a share to that dealmakers, if that much trust and confidence is missing in the US itself for of course, also a bank in Nigeria or Burundi could do the actual frontrunner a bid of support for that, another flatscreen votes, if the other president does not want to give that helping hand.

But lets get back to one of the main bad tentacles of covid 19 and that is the meat industry, it shows and points clearly that main standards are missing there, the living conditions of the meatcfacory workers need to get improved, and whoever eats that much of meet pork, can think of the standrads and the outbreak by one of the covids tentacles.

Pigs are not pangolins, the one gets produced and kept in meat factories the other is one of the rarest specias in southeast asien djungles. Since the times of the madcow desease in GB they should better be carefull wich animals in meat factories getting fed with fishdust, oxitoxin, hydrochlorocin or botox on the nahrungsmittelkette.

As long as cows with horns are out there its not all lost yet. In India at the hight of Benares quite a city along the mighty Ganga there are water buffaloes along teh river and in teh city and they all have horsn ! So far then horn ok please, as in the past so in the future, the magic land since centuries.

Finally some meat products reache the human meateaters and that misses since quite a while that relevanth marks, infos and stickers and the big data on the state of the meat, missing in many cases. The tentacles of coiv point in few directions and that is good for investing in the new changes to come.

The tentacles of the striking medusa can be cut and will get cut, special and interesting in which directions that all point. Many sectors and industries got hit in often most digitalized states, now on the 5G breakthrough.

Specific industries show complex and the more complicated, what is not of a relieve to the stroke people, shops and firmas with burns of the covid medusa. So when on TV 500 mrd, or 200 mrd in the US or 13 mrd in Nigeria, Hambantota, Djibuti, get blown as as futures gifts and support to industries it reminds to the air bag. A kind of insurance, and sametime the banking sectors gets a blow and strike by the medusa. Sametime banking is also comlpicated as it can hardly be seen and traced, some stock brokers do a call here others there, they are young some got old. Does anybuddy of them want to get the transparency mark. For a million fake accounts one fakebank can get cosed.

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Khan Tengri who is renting boats beside publishing information
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The medusa can not be seen easily, same with money, some got bunkered on islands others in pockets, some gets even discovered on flatscreens, it gets named netbanking. Anybody knows where the billions went.... ?

But lets be clear on that, the medusas tentacles need to get cut, and wherever it grows a new tentacle it gets cut.

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