Rattlesnakes revival

Voting times

Rattlesnakes revival

Anybody in Europe heared of Flint in Michigan. It got a troop exercising location, a combat zone from 2015, the times of Mr Obama.

    It was the times of the ISIS and its overrun, the times of the Obamacare program. Mr Obama, it looks had no idea that in Flint itself US citizens were living. The city, town and its houses got chosen for troop exercising during the the last 2 years of Mr Obama, it got chosen for troop exrcising.

    And remember, anybody who goes for US citizens anyhwre around the world, you know that phrase, these guys will get hunt down then later. If anybody goes for the US fellows, anywhere in this world. Flint was not a movie or some acts (can be seen in Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore)

    Look the rattlesnakes are out there again, it is fakenews some say, one of the biggest promoters of fake news is the president himself. All what is not ready to fit into his mindsetting and program, since the ceroe years rattle snake programs gets the tag fakenews. That has to be seen clearly. Flint can be seen as an example for many ghoste towns in the USA, and there are quite many of them out there till today. And the problem is if it is not ghost towns allreday, wildfires could make it out of them.

    The rattlesnakes do not seem to see the wildfires getting close, they hide in their hioles in the ground then, then they get out and pretend to have done a good job. The risof the rattle snake has to be seen clearly. Some adviser inthe close corcle not yet fired and burnt by his job, spoke of another 20 years. Look the rattle snake system speaks with split tongues, it can not see the climate change it movesd then from NY to Florida to escaepe climate change which in same way hints to the untransparent preseidents tax evasion program.

    Look rattlesnakes, 20 years is quite a while, but if you look back, onkly to California, in whcih time did the towns and vilages burn dowen there. Think about it, in whioch time gets the dust belt over them, and what comes then after.

    Another rattlesnake in the name of reconstruction. And do not forget the term terrorist and how the citizens of Flint would define thet, terminology that, the snakebooks telling of terrorists with the stories and tags on that. Real helicopters and real tanks got droven to Flint, but ghost towns are many there since decades in the USA. If the patriot snake can see that is another question.

    Which are the inhabitants and animals ain these ghost towns and how anmny ghost towns aroundteh world want the rattle snakes to reproduce the next yreas and decades. They were quite successfull in then mid east with that.
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    Now in Europe they like to talk of ghost stadiums and ghost games, football, soccer and the more. Rattle snakes rise and fall, in these tiems it is not the question how to kill teh rattke snakes, no its the question which one is worse and which one could be less dangerouse.

    They life in caves and some in socalled white houses, some talk of witchhunts and fake news, others of Obamacare during they train war in a city in the USA, the training for more ghosttowns worldwide it seems. The thing is to opt on teh less dangerouse rattle snake, the one which can be contained, the one whose poisen can be watched from a terrarium, a glasshouse and the stones or poisen it spits would not be that devastating.

    The sanctions on Iran get tried to be reinforced by a president, that does only work as a propaganda trick soemwhere unilaterally, another propaganda trick by the rattle snake. As it was the case with nulling, cancelling the part of the USA in the Paris climate accords, they got boycotted as by the part of the USA it could have taken. Obamacare got some killing strikes by the predecessor of the actual one. It s the papers some laws or contracts.

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He wanted to sip on a glass of water in Flint, another rattlesnake good for some bad show, better to keep that on Tik Tok, instagram or facebook, the show of the glass of water. There it fits better then.

    Worltrade got hard punches, and tariffs were soaring, children got seperated from their parents at US borders, what reminds to the tiems during the indian wars and slavery, ghost towns and wildfires left aside.

Did a president
pay a bill

    The answer in these months and weeks is to keep the worst rattle snakes in its containers. The people have to see the rattlesnakes show and circuses, part of it is on the pocket smart flatscreens. Rattle snake systems got highly advanced over years, its poisen is devastating.

    The big challange is to keep it at its place, in its container that it can not do further harm in the future if it is not too late allready. Rattlesnakes have absolute no problem with fakenews, it is more the ballot boxes then.

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