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A Fiveyear Plan is far away !         Something smart

A Fiveyear Plan is far away !

Brexit took them four years. There were no marks and logos, no brands on the huge trucks.

In the while they had ambitions in Libya and with Boko haram.

They ordered fighter jets and had not enough pilots for these.

Now they search for truckdrivers in GB because most expats went home, also NHS is at stake for long.

In teh while an aeroplane producer got branded newly Leonardo in the south.

The virus forced new strategies during some freedoms got cut, but smartphoens staied costly in never found smart economies.

It will be interesting to follow the ships moving around in channels for lost truckdrivers in EU marcets.

What is next on their radars ?

Something smart

If they have no followers there will be a smartphone they say.

When they have no followers there will be many cams in citise, towns and some smart phones.

When there is misstrust, missconduct, missunderstanding there will be some smart toys and phones, to help them some saied.

When there is no mind there will be a smartphone,
they shouted and went to purchase one.

When they lost ears and eyes there could be a smartphone to be of help ...

When they do not know the streets
there was G-streetview before and a smart toy.

They say kontaklos zahlen .... a smartphone was left.

They had tickets with price, trainname, distance and measures,
then they found a QR code with a smartphone under the rubble.

After the returned from far away lands, the night raids and combat,
many finished and neutralized themself.

Others got the Havanna syndrom, some thought it was by smoking and searched on a smartphone for that. Lately they got told that it spread to Vienna and mixed it with Guantanamo bay.
Which never closed, not even during the longest nights.

They got used to it, democracy was shut at nights.
Night raids and combat was their usual routine.

They talked of smart cities and towns and got nothing but migrants, refugees and
... smart phones by what all that cities got hidden and covered.
All their fuzz got reduced to smartphones. The nights was their new gamegrounds, and allready for quite a while.

Where it was always dark the nights was of good cover. Where there were no senses smartphones was the last refuge to compensate the loss.

A hotspot for its use got never found,
all assambly points gone.

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