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Age of Stealth

Many nations and people were vitnessing the covid times, it was bad and devastating for many and many firmas. People have been seen ghost stadions, ghost villages, ghost shopping what is a very bad for the ones who account for stimuli package scenario and the consumptionist magazine. Further people have been seen ghost football games and ghost players, but with their group of 11 or by the group of competitors during the games.

It was allready some time after ghost mashines were up there in the skies, run by nobody but some commanders on ground in soem odd containers, and nobody got to know if ISIS had drones allready. Anorther matter of fact is that drones had not a secure time over Iran otr the bordering lands of the Fareast.

Drones got done like ghost elevators what means empty elevators, and for sure by ghost developers of these drones without a cockpit and all the equipment around like it is often with skiing. helmets, sticks, skis and neopren or some anorack jacket, not to forget the heavy hardplastik shoes.

Nobody knows whoever invented skis, it could have been ghosts before carvings got developed. Coming back to drones the next step is aeroplanes these can fly much faster than that drones even as some mention that drones can cover and even controll a space like the total Pacific ocean, other ghosts should question that really. Others are happy to got to know of the Euroreaper or the euro creeper drone.

Anyway many got to know of ghost villages and ghost games so far till today start of 20 21.

Others got to know of night combatants who train over weeks, years and months to get that combat done. Then often they cam on helicoptrers even as these do not fly too fast. How that got landed finally at nkght for combat not many got to know. Simple trees, houses and electric lines could be in way of the helicopters, and specially at nights of the nightal combats.

Nobody ever got to know of the many dogs uop there in the skies during night combat, matter of fact was that they huznted down one of their biggest enemy with a dog coming from an helicopter. If quarantene was involved during that night combat ride is of another hard topic by that much of engaging in some nights out there. But it was part of news (fake or unfake) that the dog got a medal then after the night combat ride.

It is always once over 2 month during the 4 years period that the story gets blown and told of the actual presidents dog. Nostory is not bad enough to get told so far, everybody knows that.

Then somebody had the idea to built glass elevators in huge shopping complexes and miracle hotels, something new then got built by the level of stealth on way upstairs in elevators, mode of stealth got not reached totally yet, and still alltime more about transparency again.

Mode of stealth was more the need up there for aeroplanes and fighter jets, some balloons maybe as well, zeppelins got seen then allready long before lolita fliers up for some islands which hint to stealth mode (islands). The difference between zeppelins and drones is that the first had people below the helium monster, the latter had no captain onair but in some containers onground but speed was little with both and these vehicles were not so special, but both got used for conflicts. The speed was similar only the exteriour was of a big difference.

Getting to stealth planes it gets more tricky cause that gets designed with engines but not the normal heat being blown for the rockets to get that down so far. Stratofortresses are heavy and ugly, no deltas no stealth only huge and longrange and that old stuff of planes lost also 4 nuclear bombs along the southspanish coast once during the 50s.

Loosing atomic bombs from planes is of another catastrophic matter and that happened. Maybe the agenda was - "Where there is no aerport and no targets that can be dropped or lost then..." ??? Same counts for leaked and broken supertankers in fjordes with drunk crew and stuff or somthing. Whatmore to get lost blown or found at southspanish coasts or anyhow they name that areas with sand or rocks, cliffs or alike. Is there lights for ghost ships, barks, caravelas or ghost tankers, even ghostcar shipments in thousands properly covered hint to a way of stealth, most other carrier boats are open deck ships. The lighttowers along shores help them during nights onway thatfor stealth gets not out of hand to nights when dogs get dropped from helicopters and others crawl for fingernails, another hint to stealth mode, the cover of darkness. Peaks got named Lothse and Nuptse others do not hesitate to give funny names for their kids as of some holy books or alike, if the normal gets covered by special names for celebrity kids whatfor stealth when the cover by the name hints to the going nut celebrity mum and dad.

Sue was one of the western titles, the name was Sue. Mostly singers never sing for stealth, only studios are here and then under stealth mode.

Once in a while the lights get blown and nobody ever asked if it was for nightal combat and a dog sent from a helicopter beside all the many ships since ages which need lights during nights. Dinner tables are of another case like reality TV which never got funded with subsidies. Dinners are often done in stealth mode and same accounts for offices as long as reporters do not hunt them down wild and grasping for another story uncovered from stealth mode. It is and was stealth, read some lips and miss the presidents dog and night combat with dogs jumping from helis and good for a medal laer from the poresident who never had a presidents dog himself.

And realistically. now after so many ghost scenarios, games villages, shops and barbers in ghost and stealth mode, the mask becames a comon mode. Once verteufelt for long with muslims but like it or not, in many regions it is for good needs the case about masks. If stealth does not work, masks will do lately.

After so many planes got seen on the ground oiver one year, so to say in stealth mode, off the screen, off the radar, it got time to set cars in the same mode and reports from Germany hint to that direction that the virus scenario advanced pushbikes on streets over weeks.

So the task is not without the driver, without the driver license, NO the new task is without car. It will get cars in stealth mode after drones and submarines. That gets then to roads and paths for sports and reclaim the streets with sideways in times of SUVs.
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Die Seite mit dem gelbem Schnee

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Imagine cars without drivers, streets without cars and engines without gear. That is then cars in stealth mode. Hard to be seen anywhere, hard to be traced and followed, cars in stealth mode can not be seen at any junction and that is most save then. It is the new times and the new mode of cars, in stealth mode. Not be seen, not in mute and not be heared, not there and not here. The new trend and new mode, modern cars means no cars, in stealth.

No radar, no senses, no color. Streets and cars in stealth. It is enough with ghost villages and ghost stadions, some speak of the ghost pass (vaccine pass) and ghost nurses, it is enough. The new cars and brand is stealth. There are some left, and with drivers and the license but a pass for ghost times that is too much.

After the apps failed a mobile got to 400 and 1000 dollars, that is mystic and idiotic, it could alco be named stealth mode since years. There is no need for ghost passes, what would get to testing for specific smaller groups once in a week, thats OK, but a passport for ghost times would be far to much.

Better enter that state without passport and cross the shores and jump the dam without that much of register and buerocracy. If they dod not see it on TV, did not got that by the news, there is no need for the document of ghost times.

The only state which will be left then is cars in stealth. That is on the table and in designer mode now, cars in stealth thatfor less accidents, less gasing and less Lackaffis.

Katalania and Baskenland for independency

People of Katalania are demonstrating against the Juan Carlos, a spanish king or somebody. Juan Carlos was fleeing to Saudi Arabia over a while.

The name and tag was corruption, Juan Cralos was fleeing corruption from and by corruption. Katalania wants to get split from Spain and not for nor reason.

Juan Carlos did corrupting and people were singing and doing hipHop about that. Also kids got seen in a government and pupils get kisses there at scholls which got proved by a spanish fem school teacher herself but that was in Marrakesh where even on one table naked legs got seen ... (another story not far from a Suk)

That means opinion free speech is in danger in Europe, people have to be ware of free speech in Europe. Nine month in jail is not any time. How long was the flight by Juan Carlos in Saudi Arabia and did he stay in a hotel there, under what conditions and auflagen, with a fussfessel like for many politicans, privatieurs or kings would be need to researched on, or done by independent journalists even.

Juan Carlos needs to get face bookings and networked on corruption, was his passpot valid or a faked one, was interpol on him.

Then comes the splitting of Katalania and even Baskenland. That is big issues for Spain. People were doing songs and hip hop on Juan Carlos, that means freedom of speech is yet alive in Europe and the artists have their way of explaining and singing.

And if Juan Carlos did the right thing to flee to Saudi Arabia, why not Monaco por Venice, neds to get investigated.

In the while artsmen, rappers and Hip Hoppers can sing and bring the issue on the table so if not the system of Spain is a total failor on self rule by the people of Catalania and the volks of Baskenland.

On political scale it is then about the self governing and independency of Baskenland and Katalania, on more reduced scale oit gets down to private biz advertising and if some social masks and platforms to get the split no way.

In the while artsmen and women, musen as well, will do songs on the corrupt kings and their adjutants in some flickerlteppich freedom of speech and expression lands. In far reach distance it gets to spanisgh villages in teh Latin Americas like with Peru and the adjutants and their crownies over some 3 to 4 governing periods there. The cases are well known and over total Latin Americas and even to the north of that continants the task is hot as we can see with the case of last runand stand on The capitol .. and its hill.

There is many hills out there from Brazil over Venezuela, Honduras, and all that hills are for long overrun as it was the case with the Last Run and Stand of the Capitol Hill in that northern hemisphere.

Corruption is always on the table since the ceroe years, either from Spain and its crownies to other lands with spanish villages. Another case is a king in Bavaria, yes in Bavaria. The problem there is in the hanging, so to say pending with that king there in Bavaria.

Do they see any trains at the railway station Barcelo sans, no they see one hotel on top. But Juan Carlos took time out from that long family biz or anyhow they name it in Saudi Arabia. If he took stocks from softbank there will be on another table with the mark and sticker by the name corruption.

The people and volks of Katalania want to split from Spain, and not for no reason. They have catalanien and spanish travel agencies (in Madre mad madrid sierra) and that is also a sign how much they brought on way for the splitting allready till today.

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Bill Gates rechnet vor

Bill Gates rechnet vor

Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Bill Gates spricht in Dimensionen die keiner versteht, von millionen tonnnen carbondioxid CO2, von tausenden Jahren die es braucht die zu beseitigen. Bill Gates rechnet in minuten vor, wei ein Grossrechner was das kostet und wielange es dauert das Welklima zu retten, von Flachbildschirmen war nie die Rede.

Wie Dr Verbose der Weltrettung schwebt Bill Gates in den uendlichen Weiten und Dimensionen der Grossraumanalysen im Rechnenzentrums, taucht ein in den milionenschweren Troegen udn Toepfen des Bonanza und Zasta und den unglaublich breit gefaecherten Vorstellungen zu der sehr schwierigen Rettung des ganzen Zaster, oder doch des Welklimas, und der Stabilisierung von millionen vom Chaos gezeichneten Desktopnutzern und wie das ganze in Folge zu loesen sei.

Doch wenn man konkret an excel oder die letzen 2 OS denkt dann ist die Aufgabe zu gross vor der Loesung derselben. Die user experience (nutzer erfahrung) von Bill zur Rettung des Weltklimas ist empirisch betrachtet anhand der Desktopeinstellungen zum Scheitern verdammt und verurteilt. Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

anybody knows what comes betwenn good banking and bad banking ... its name was wirecard

next sweat tests for banking or was it BANXI the new master of POPART

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The Great Frontline

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Whistleblower Durchdringungsgesetz

In Europa wird gerade an einem Massnahmenkatalog und Gesetz zum Schutz fuer Whistleblower gearbeitet, genauer in einem der vielen Messezentren um Madrid, wovon es im jahr bis zu 700 Messen gab (--!!!---), das war aber 2020 nicht moeglich.

Im Netzwergdurchdringungs und Schutzmassnahmenkatalog fuer Whistleblower geht es genauer um die Massnahmen zum Schutz der compliance and equity auch gegen sexuelle Anstoessigkeiten und Uebergriffe von Kollegenseite her. Dazu schreibt einer der Schutzmassnahmen und Kataloge, die zurzeit in 17 Sprachen zur Vorlage uebersetzt werden, vor, dass es dazu an Arbeitsstaetten Schutzkleidung bedarf. Genauer auch der Erfahrungen wegen auch in den USA in Aufzuegen und Rolltreppen.

Stahlkappenschuhe auch in diversen Lokalitaten wie Baustellen oder auch Grossraumbueros wo die Sichtweite 20 m ueberschreiten kann. Dort werden bei Neonbeleuchtung Sonnenbrillen vorgeschrieben, auch bei Halogendampflampen ueber 100 watt sonenbrillen .. fuer Whistleblower. Im speziellen bezieht sich der neue Massnahemnkatalog im System auf Gefahren die fuer Whistleblower bestehen koennen, doch auch und gerade in NGOs die vielerorts, falls vorhanden, sich als auslaendische, agentische oder agitatorische Organisationen kennzeichnen muessen.

In afrikanischen oder Laendern der lateinamerikanischen Hemisphere (---!!!--- ) sind die Massnahmen zum Schutz der Whistleblower noch staerker angedacht.

Dabei geht es nicht nur um Schutzkleidung fuer Whistleblower sondern auch um diverse zellen oder firmeninterne Brief, Post und Notizkaesten, auch als Beschwerde-boxen samt QR codes denkbar (smartmobs). Indische Bahnhoefe ab 4 platforms koennten als denkbares Vorbild dienen ?!

Bei Gefahr im Verzug koennen (manchernorts auch feuer am dach ...) Whistleblower dann euber die neue whistleblower-euro-app in der Firma Alarm schlagen.

Ueber neue vernetzte apps im gesamten Euroraum, der Zone quasi, wird dann in Folge ueber weitere apps aus artverwandten Firmen oder Compliance telefonen die Alaramstufe in diversen Farben (ueber dem dreistufigen Ampelsystem) an die Euro-whistleblower app weiter gegeben.

Falls dann noch wo in Subunternehmen des Mutterkonzern (alphabet... amazon ... ) zum Thema Arbeitsunfall oder nichtausreichende Schutzkleidung oder "Ast runter gefallen" oder die Traktor Umkippwarnung aktiviert wird, wird in weiterer Folge ueber das Reverse Engineering des spezifischen Whistleblower ein 3 stufiges Protokoll aktiviert, was dann in Folge als Warnton aus dem Beschwerdepost oder Briefkasten firemintern aktiviert wird.

In folge koennen Whistleblower aber auch umgeschult und fortgebildet werden, in der kompliance Anlaufstelle diverser Firmen wird das Whitleblowing dann genauer eroertert und eventuell Unterstuetzung angefordert. Sonst auch bei einer gemeinsamen Sitzung und schulisch angedachten Aussprache wieder gut gemacht.

Falls der Strafrahmen der Thematik
- (fehlerhafte schutzkleidung ... sexuelle Anmassungen ... anbahnung, zu schnelles dating ..... uebergriffe gegen andersfarbige ... Abschreiben, fake oder zubunt Darstellungen, klatsch und tratsch ... fotoanteil ueber 50% ... gasing, greenhouse verletzungen, .... schutthalden, dreck hundemist am falschen platz, mobbing, spamming, stalking, Grapsching, ... vergehen gegen hundequarantene nach Landung, ... auch regelmaessige Rueckrufaktionen im Autosektor bei ueber 50 000/jahr pro Autotype .... verletzung und beunruhigung der vorgeschriebenen Arbeitspausen ... exhibitionismus am Arbeitsplatz oder dem Seitenschiff - Altar .... zu fruehem Absperren des Firmengelaendes ... Sweat-shopping, Einsperren im container, sozialgericht jahrelang im container .... verletzung der etikette oder schmutzigmachen der marke, abzeichen, anstecknadel, huettenabzeichen etc Besudelung der Firmengelaende ... 3.stock oder 20 stock ) unter 3 jahre bleibt, wird laut neuem europaeischem Massnahmenkatalog versucht die compliance und das monitoring nicht ueberzustrapazieren.

Whistleblower die im Rahmen einer Kronzeugen Regelung oder dem Massantatbestand (siehe freestate USA oder Bavaria) siehe oben, bei Autos zb oder im Rahmen der Taetigkeit mit dem Titel CEO, chief executive engineer, Whistleblower executive manager, cctv agent, cam admin, monitoring agent u admin, auch derdie Beschwerde Anlaufstellen conductor oder als AC engineer aussagen wollen, unter druck oder sonstwie, koennen sich aber ihrere Aussage enthalten, oder auf spaeter verlegen.

Auf jeden Fall wird firmenintern derzeit an dem europaeischem Beschwerdeformular laenderuebergreifend samt Thematik fuer auffaellige oder moeglich brenzlige Whistleblower Themen (!!!) samt den auffaellige und verdaechtigen Companies, wenn nicht sogar den 100 smart-apps dazu gefeilt und geschliffen. Das laenderuebergreifend Gruppenformular heisst dazu molekular strukturmodulare Whistleblower app; in Papierform auch die 27 sprachen whistleblower EU Papierrolle oder auch Papier zur Whistlebloer Thematik.

In der Grobfassung sind es derzeit 1 500 Seiten zu firmen, themen, bundeslade, app oder Beschwerdekasten der Firma. Bei physischen Whistleblower-boxen oder Anlaufstellen werden diese vom Firmen-Ombudsmann oder Ombudsfrau alle 2 Tage geleert.
Pfau und Pfauenauge getta

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I wasw quite late in the years 21.

Also Mr Snowden and Mr Obama got to know how programs and yearlong optmisation works. It can be in bubbles hard fought, most secured and shielded, also doubted and from tunnels even in midocean islands (Hawaii). They both know that archipelago from different experiences.

The story with me is different, (some got involved in faking and even tried a White house; a big mistake) in a way an orbiter in far away lands and regions over years, here and then getting back in the mountains. Experiences can show different clues and findings.

Info on digicam battery
The breakup before the last journey got done under stressy circumstances as a cardoor was loose the morning onmway to a court around ceroe celsius and many whitetopped mountains. Later the same day the packbag got packed and so some sall parts were missing, one of them was the reload case for the digicam battery. The reaload cable got ordered later to be sent from Austria to Bodrum Turky with 2 Linux CDs. The parcel got never found at Bodrum PO even as it got sent as registered but not by EMS as it was ordered.

Anyway the digicam lost its power lately in Egypt then the first days in Aswan after coming from Fetye and Istanbul by plane. Aswan is worth a visist, the nubian island and the mighty ageold river Nile with magic rocks, sanddunes and birds like Pied kingfishers, Kormorants, Terns, Hoopoes (Videhopf) and Seagulls.

As the parcel with digicam reload case is yet somewhere onway, here on the websites actual and updated pics can not be shown, only old ones. Embeded pics can be watched from travelling Turky Egypt with relevanth Nature observation page.

A working digicam would be worth the triggeracts as new babiebunnies show happy and wealthy near the house.

A wunderschoene and faboulose page guets built !!

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The great Frontline

Die Seite mit dem gelbem Schnee

Cutting of Mats

..... Others call it virtuality or later then hitting ground cars and smart cities tried forever, after some bucks for hearts got token. Third parties nd even 4th parties in the quadrado of users, cashiers and place of register is not more than annoying over times ....
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Jim Dotcom and Banksy are great guys and artists .... many thumbs up 4 them !!! many -

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