Risk Locations and Scenarios
for Contactpersons and
Exponated ones

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Risk Locations and Scenarios for Contactpersons and Exponated ones

The focus is now on thecontact persons in regard to the covid 19 desaster. The contact persons have to be shielded like with plexiglass windows and shields at any counter around the world. Furthercontact persons and exponated guys like at Schleppliften or Sesselliften where skiers take the sticks, shoes and skies up the mountain slopes. Some of them, the lessexponated to riskprone areas will not get thattroubled. But specially at Schleppliften and partly in cable-car cabins with more then 1 family in Europe what should get watched carefully.

    "Inside-outside cabin" (also construction site containers) is a nogo as long as temperatures are around 5 celsius plus to minus. Thanks to France ... that they did the measuring of the world to meters and kg, since before the times of Napoleon. Metric systems will show further success. If contact persons in the USA or Brazil will get watched through strong plexiglass and with masks at any counter around the world will show the future.

    The brazilien president got a few bookings by othe ministers and political heads from that land for his bad covid desaster managment, it could become as well a try for 3 to 5 impeachments on Bolsonaro in Brazil alone. Yes the virus is a small tiny particle but should but should far not get more minimized and rediculed by unresponsible heads of states. In Europe the heads of some powerhorse states took refuge to zoom and plexiglass shielded governing what is and was indeed very necessary and if it was a good example by an head of state in Hosenanzuegen.

    So in case of any other influencers, that was a name, a pronome beside 3fach oder vierfach deutsche namen (CV HC, BV, BB etc etc), during 2019 and 2020 and hit in the direction of regional saunashavers (males ... once in 15 years seen in a local sauna// them over 40... ), which are indeed the most disgusting influencers which you can imagine on a metric scale around the globe and will hopefully never be seen again in real world or any none-TV case while opening the door to the sauna cell.

    So in similar or related cases and scenarios watch the unbehauvioristas and un sientofoggies (or written with k), masks stay and are in need in close indoor a nd outdoor scenarios. Prone and sticky areas are and will be schools, kinderkrippen (kindergartens) waldschulen und auslaufschulen, also studentenheime and universities. In that cases mostly dangerouse before spring times and rising outside temperatures.

    Influencers and socalled conactpersons, also below the age of 10 or even 5 years are possible. It is big names and some .. big marks. What kind of influence and effect these specific cases in that young age will have in future scenarios is yet unknown. But as conatct persons (influencers) these have also to get accounted in dangerouse ambiente under covid conditions, and other modern times virus scenarios.

    During the change form o nineteen and o twenty also the phrase of ..."more deadly"... got here and there heared of. Sametime civic jets which are out there since the 80s (max) can also prove deadly.

    If the kursziel is deadly or more deadly watch the contact persons who want to order or do business with these specific civic aeroplanes. Relevanth affices (office) could get verwanzt or as in related cases that was usual routine with UN offices.

    Dealmakers and contactpersons if not even influencers themself should get a close eye at Schlepplifte, elevators, indoor or outdoor routine and habit scenarios, also areas where masks are mandatory under covid circumstances. Same applies to motels, hotels and restaurants.

    Autokinos should get forbidden as ghost-stadions and ghost-games got (partly also ghost downtowns) odd enough during last year by effect of the bad virus. Contact persons, half, semi or full conatct, also teachers and influencers, need to show discipline and restraint from jumping or the intention to jump on each other. (partly spanish or brazilien cases)

    The new choices between less exponated and riskprone persons will be between handshakes, folded palms (not be mixed with artifical islands) and ellbow welcome.

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