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They told the sun was shining !?

Vision 2014 AB -

Patent pending

Dark tower of hardest worker

Presidency NO NO

Anybody more deadly out there ?

Intellectual property owners

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Journey over ?!

Going by guidebooks - A

    Basically it has to be saied that it is very good that there are good travelguide books out there.
The last one studied was of DUMONT series, in specific the one on Egypt.
It is quite a good done and reasonable guide book.

    But the funny thing is that on page 54 they mention some holy family. It is quite a fact that the ceroman had many brothers about 6- 7 it was. It was quite a big family so.
In the guidebook they mention the flight of the holyfamily to Cairo (or Ephesus), in specific you can read of some stairs up (page 54), then a bid to the right and up ... and a 1 000 columns, then you read of churchships and the more (seitenschiff etc) and of the river Nile portlevels once.

    Also with old roman buildings you find many columns.

    proceed here


They saied the sun was shing .... BB -

I do not know a vice president, in case the older one would die it would become a women (the 1st one in history of that land) then after the last one who got tried two times for impeachment and the one first dark one of the USA. But make no mistake, next one could be Eli Harris. (it gets wired and tough when they come form a socalled justice system ...)

But I can tell you I was hunting the vice down, I tried to burn him out of his cave, during the night and during days, when that failed they tried with a sheperd dog to sniff, guess what they got to shoot then .... Make no mistake , not during nightrides and not with the sheperd dogs. You can try with a stick here and then, Jacky Chan and me would be ready.

The island and a big marcet got a big caesur and some got hot over 4 years then after the referendum, very hot by that chance once in a century.

Its name is big finance, big capital, Boris got shown as a kasperl, a blond clown here and there in Europe, but lately people got to kow after Maggie that he got the sun on his head, the sun was shining during a few stageacts ... it was only the sun which was shining at that days then, thats it.

Also another ones head the sun was shining, guess it was at Arlington when the sun was shing again, that is what the most simple small men of big capital tell you from stage then, it can not be more simple .... when the sun was shining.

You knwo what that means .... get your sheperd dogs.

----------------------- // Leave means leave // and meen is meen ....

It was only a dog which got the medal ... remember ???
.... it was dark nights ... !!

In case next one comes from a scientology camp in Florida it will get even more strange, a suppressive person or something, who learn to speak special language, not only of the shining sun !! ------------------

Vision     2014 AB-

They can not see covid, they can hardly trace it, it got on an aircraft carrier one year ago, on a cruisship, it is deadly as tiny and do not underestimate it, and do not get in reach of maybe 3d or 4th waves. That is unaccaptable, get rid of that, test, test, testing ! Nomore chlorchicken, nomore burning of millions for prestige projects like mars, pluto or saturn, dreams are closer ...

The impossible is closer than many might keep it, as bushfires over months, the won battle over covid or the unpredictable. There was the first dark most powerfull man on planet who got the noble price preempt but not the clearance for a speech at Branbdenburger Tor later.

There is privatiers who burn money for space x, never ending carfactories, the impossible is closer than you might know. Covid is the challange as Fukushima which had nearly all reactors blown after each other.

The wall was not high enough to resist the Tsunami (14m), the wallstreet is just a name of another street. In other lands they put small notes in a wall and in border regions of some marcets the build new fences beside all the free marcet concepts since decades.

Be carefull since everything changed everything got possible, the last big sell after slavery was the 85 millions data, it just took not far that long. Everything got much more easy by the Daumenkinos (thumb movies, fingers on small flatscreens)

The new plan while in Turkey for next capitol was Denver Colorado, more in center, more in balance and reachable from California also. There is no stock exchange in LA or Seattle, what is groundhitting.

Too big to fail got hardhit, the fuk-reactors blew up (also supergau statistics predicted have to get adapted, either per blown reactor per year or over 20 years) , the deepwater oil quill was blowing over 1 months (it was not Saddams one), the impossible is closer than estimated, better know where the money gets blown for what target. The unthinkable happened either good or bad.

The impossible is possible !

The SU 27 is ready on the tabel, it got construcetd and looks good, only a bid too small. The next jets will be bigger. The SU 27 modell will get soon color, also chinese jets are under etimation, Shenjang and Berjew 200 would look great as well.
Kein Spielzeug !

The revival of the 80s and 90s ....

Out there somewhere there is a patent, and there are also garages and Aemter therefor (fuer Gruender oder zum Anmelden). It is about a watch on wrists, and the time format. It could become a great thing. It is also great when times are changing like from spring to summer again. But that is different to a wristwatch, climate change is big, also seasons.

But the patent is out there, not in an office yet and not on the table also, .. so then. I am not good for taking all the steps till the product for sell.

A dark tower of the hardest worker
Sometimes you turn on Tv and then you get to see some reaction, and some president reacted as he would speak to the US volks and soem do not look like working hard enough there, even as many got killed during his reign term by that virus, covid 19, and he had a skyscrapper built. Did he do that skyscrapper, scrap it it was many mashines and workers who built that dark tower. He got two times tried hard for impeachment, wich was not the hardest case in the USA since then.

Maybe now as the try hard to get that done, it does not need to get necessarily a failor, that 2 nd impeachment could work. (not a minor number so 2) Then nomore official position, only private tweets, smart phoning, and networking or how they call it on private, very private and some personal level.

zu Haussi

And further it has to be asked in regard to jobs, odd jobs and work.

Did the MS softies do good jobs with their latest versions of OP Os software (&-) did they, with win 8 and win 10 ? No they did not, it was not the best and hardest work they got done, very clear. Also indian logistic and hard accountees and workers on PCs told me the same. Overall presidency is not the hardest job, not in Peru and not in Hungary, not in Israel and not in Belarus.

Did Zuckerberg a good and hard job by selling the 85 milions data- NO ! ( ----but anyhow GOOD FOR PROFITS ---) Got he to face consequences or the "sugarmountain impeachment on try", beside all that private settings.fb on their groups setting, NO.

Computing can be tricky, specially on road and journey, and the more when we remember that many hackers got paied by the US government during the ceroe years for not going on their digital systems, the NSA, CIA, echelons, omni and carnivores etc. It was before the preempt Nobel peace price winner, more wars and programms during that time.

It was after 9.11, after to big to fail failed (is banking/accounting hard work ???) and after the storm and run on the capitol hill.

Another issue is intelligence, there ar many offices out there, also of firmas and the more of intelligence, in other lands they called that security or secret service. But be carefull when it gets all sold on few smartphones within minutes. (whats possible gets done, tried and sold .. NEO, part of neos systems !----)

& - its name is software and the firmians names is MS softies ...

Some nut guys better be carefull out there I dont like to advance and beautify old pages on routine nobody does that on million postings at some platforms ... ! Page corruption is unaccaptable. No amandment on that from 1 - 1001 ------------ !!!

working on corrupted pages could prove costly/ an hour webdesign is 30- 40 euros .... I dont like to do cosmetics on old stuff over the dam and cliff

Anybody more deadly out there ?

Another question was it hard to kill some few 50 to 60 mio buffaloes just to shoot them random for the cleaning of the plains, also of its native volks, .... over 5 years. It was much harder to fight each single Apache and at that time it was only some 600 against few thousand cavalleristas over 25 years near the mexican border (8 battles ------), Nana was a 70 year old warrior --------- !!! And they knew the fight, that was hard and deadly.

The natives got it both, milions stinky cadavers and hipes of shot buffaloes and then the fight and struggle against the white intruders, against their own poeple and their way of life, which was at that times more in order, under natural conditions before the times of "I can not breath" and the deavastating muchmore deadly covid-19 pandemic, many turmoils, the assimilation and some assasins much later.

I can not breath and assimilation is a strange thing but specially during the modern times with 5 smart cities (??) and 2 billion followers on smartphones, better know the difference since then.

Teeparty and Breitbart reminds a bid to the storm on the capitol --hill, incited and staged by a president himself, what is indeed a unique case of an incitment and pushing from commander on top against the own house of 3, and a not yet closed session.

These Native volks had even allready coalitions (not by willing but because they needed to do so, Sioux,Hunkpapa, Teton, Santee, Oglala - Cheyenne N:S - Arapaho ...), just imagine how willing and organized, it is and was amazing. By own experience it can be said that there are many powerplaces out there on the plains and also the northeast of the US, iroquoise lands (where cams do not do pictures ....)

We will be able to watch more years of coming trials and cases between the owners of intellectual property (Besitzer, " ... geistige Eigentuemer" und infolge nutzer von demselben ...). It will be cases before courts over months and years in the name of intellectual ownership, (that is clear with that form of property-eigentum, it does much headache since years) beside allready 85 million users date got sold ------ !!

That is like - Whats possible will get done- / sell it, verwurscht it or leave it seems to be the motto.

In what name, in the name of collateral salat and data production, data input and nonesense on mass-scale. If it was not hot enough for anything else it got sold eaily and without consequences. Was that sell of the 85 million user or presidental frontrunner friendly. (mwsalat is a bus firm in Oman but they have clean areas and good food !!)

Was it for the profits and power of the horse in some river. Many questions arise and intellectual property got its last stand ....
since the meagsell of data and sellout of userfriendly- ness (a lake in Scottland -- ??)

We can assume that behind the new operationm systems concepts is a strategy which name is deterrence, for the win and takeover by smartmobs.

It became deterrence by OS software, whats not good for nice good prgramms will be good enough for cellphones. There are since years no triggers, no options but watching grey maps or finding some flat by BB air or the whats applitree. The platforms waiting to get the free mega either by the old Jim Dotcom at some faraway island or the new doctrines and lately laws for some web or data or anyhow they name it.

MS volks were for long suspiciouse of the web, some of their browser generations gave prove of that.

If not even fearfull long before the new contract of the US war agency shook hand with them for the new deal of homeland agency. We can account that that deal will get done in some underground tunnel with two ends and some light at both sides, but that is not save data, bet on it. It is not the tunnels of Snowden in Hawai and not at norad. It is bunkers and tunnels where little men develop new programms. (MS)

If ya do not believe that try their latest versions of OS, without any gurantee or savty from headache, sickness, mental liberation or even the peace for an headset, mindsettings could be close there somewhere like tissues in winter times.

And remember it is always users for them it is millions of users (if not losers....) who put the data, order in the web of things and post many data, information and opinions. It is a bid like public opinion polls.

Sie reden immer von Nutzern, Nutzniesern etwa, es sind kaum Produzenten (genannt) wie die die dort Aufsehen erregen bei platform Netbox oder facelutsch, die werden meist oficiell Nutzer genannt user oder gar superuser bei 3 mio eintraegn pro person in einem monat. Woanders sind es dann bots und verarsche bots mit denen man auch tolle gespraeche fuehren oder Neuigkeiten austauschen kann.

Die Entwicklung von verarsche bots wird man evtl in einigen Laendern in Zukunft beobachten koennen und nicht nur in dem einen boesen Land dem flaechenmaessig groessten von der Welt, mit dem erstarrten Leader aber dort ist vieles im Winter starr u kalt, abgekuehlt quasi.

Der Zarin Rasputin war schon ein wilder Kerl, ein echter Holzhacker, also was kan man schon machen, Holzhacker sind vielerorts immer noch hip und in. Bei den verarsche bots duerfte sich um eine besonder lieb gewordene und ausgekluegelte Strategie handeln, damit niemandem kalt wird, also auf Sputnik 5 -------- !!!

Grundsaetzlich hoehrt man in dem medien immer von NUTZERN manchmal auch von usern --------- !

People have to be carefull that nobody of them gets incited for secration, hatespeech or powerfull acts and show. yours Nancy

Die Leute sollen aufpassen dass sie niemand zur Gewalt auf und anstachelt, entzuendet oder gar ein Kerze oder matchbox dazu verwendet. Molotowa

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The journey got finished under wired circumstances after 5 weeks. There was not a single transparent office seen in Egypt even as their system is Bookings, not bookings for Buegeleisen or a boattrip. No, tickets for trains are very very small, the ticket for a huge temple is around 200 EgPnds.

The ticket for 10 hours on train first class is 170 (Aswan ...Cairo). But if they can not do bookings for flight tickets and without giving further info and details for a few 100 dollars and it did get done 3 times, change of flight bookings without further details what kind of booking do they get done then. It was like 3 times getting a demaged kitchen mashine or Buegeleisen without the batteries, details or cables on that thing.

Not one single transparent office got seen so far.

In Turkey yes, there were about 10 to 15 transparent offices so far ! But not one single one in Egypt. In Turkey they can manage, they are good with bookings and tickets and that is great in this days.

In the land with many constructions and huge touri ressorts embeded in desert it is often like " ... never started, never finished .."

Train tickets are smaller than temple ones, and less costly !
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Istanbul downtown

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