Spring is onway!


Hitting a brand, mark, public or virtuality


Bill Gates rechnet vor

Spring is onway !

Hitting a brand, trademark, the public or virtuality

I was never a public person and never working or travelling in a public mission. Did neither work for publishing any newspaper or doing some jobs for the moster Bif Five which got Australia on its mat, flatscreen, and work list (zu und hinarbeiten zur grossen platform).

It is very surprising how Australia got embeded by faceboot, how dependent Australia got by that facebook group.

I was just doing my job over quite a while, but not in the name some public, a million thumbs up or followers which are now getting to the hyperstage of producing films, trailers and the forth, for a group of the Big Five.

It took the some while to see how that works and the more astonishing how Australias news corporates and customers got embeded and dependent on facebook and even websites. Was it by fake templates over years.

The site and page you are reading here got done very independently and is of free service. It is not inthe name of any newscorp, news magazine or the million embeded. I guess their dream of cloud, embeding the hords, fog and mist is over as new settings and regulations get brought onway, now quite late in the years 21.

Also Mr Snowden and Mr Obama got to know how programs and yearlong optmisation works. It can be in bubbles hard fought, most secured and shielded, also doubted and from tunnels even in midocean islands (Hawaii). They both know that archipelago from different experiences.

The story with me is different, (some got involved in faking and even tried a White house; a big mistake) in a way an orbiter in far away lands and regions over years, here and then getting back in the mountains. Experiences can show different clues and findings.

Cutting of the Mats of Dreaming Cells

Medias and virtuality often got the embeding of millions without much of competitionand alternatives. As saied on some old pages some 4 years ago tehre is gartenforum de and soem dating sites, often specuialized also oin frogs and reptiles, aquaristics or computer chaos clubs. Dating sites are often the oens by the little small cashflow which need sentences and messages counted for bucks, and that is stupid beside the Big Five which do it free of pay, free to harvest (!! 3d party professionals emeded) and free of regulation since years.

So whatfor paying dating sites (when over 5 years success was better by some pics sent on the faceboot once and gto dropped before the sell of the 85 millions data), for little cashflow and less success really, registered somewhere in netherlands. Thats the regulation they do but who likes that, pay for hearts and kisses sent. How odd and stupid since the discovery of Aufklaerung and dreams, some may call it the "Neue Romantik during times of small cashflow for hearts sent on some paarships and other poages left in Europe for small bucks and coins for thumbns and kisses.

Others call it virtuality or later then hitting ground cars and smart cities tried forever, after some bucks for hearts got token. Third parties nd even 4th parties in the quadrado of users, cashiers and place of register is not more than annoying over times.

Astonishing enough Bubble banking worked over years with wirecard, and that even after sweat-tests for banking and semifinal new rules. I am sure it was the best actors (!!!) on betflix with that bankers, like " ..yep somehwhere out there are some banks, we have a guy there ... they do transactions " It was many over days

I don t do it in the name of a brand, some mark and not in the name of the bare and naked public on some 3 platforms, Xing is gone since a while also from the FAZ stock and indices register, and some more goups, open or closed or anyhow else (Benutzergrupen) marked if not sold then lately before the one "I did it my way got his way ..."

Just see Australia where embeding by facebook got so successfull that they got problems to cut the mat, to cut down the platform to the groundhitting levels and scenarios where they should stay forever.

often quoted

Turky - Egypt

Canoe II

Then they hear of the leader who speaks of some basic missconcept, it just the question where and of which concept either side speaks.

Lately it got time to cut the mats, basics some may say and tried it even (India was far not interested), cut the dependencies or tax and share it properly. Allready China is writing the lines for tradedeals with Australia.

Anybody needs a mat for a thousand websites to get cut from a platform (no railway basics) just because templates (!!!!! late) did not work for long, guess !

Bill Gates rechnet vor

Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Bill Gates spricht in Dimensionen die keiner versteht,
von millionen tonnnen carbondioxid CO2, von tausenden Jahren die es braucht die zu beseitigen. Bill Gates rechnet in minuten vor, wei ein Grossrechner was das kostet und wielange es dauert das Welklima zu retten,
von Flachbildschirmen war nie die Rede.

Wie Dr Verbose der Weltrettung schwebt Bill Gates in den uendlichen Weiten und Dimensionen der Grossraumanalysen im Rechnenzentrums, taucht ein in den milionenschweren Troegen udn Toepfen des Bonanza und Zasta und den unglaublich breit gefaecherten Vorstellungen zu
der sehr schwierigen Rettung des ganzen Zaster, oder doch des Welklimas,
und der Stabilisierung von millionen
vom Chaos gezeichneten Desktopnutzern und
wie das ganze in Folge zu loesen sei.

Doch wenn man konkret an excel oder die letzen 2 OS denkt dann ist die Aufgabe zu gross vor der Loesung derselben. Die user experience (nutzer erfahrung) von Bill zur Rettung des Weltklimas ist empirisch betrachtet anhand der Desktopeinstellungen zum Scheitern verdammt und verurteilt.
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