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Aspects on swimming             Bumble what ?

On swimming - Vom Schwimmen

Aspects on Swiming
Some people, morons and of swimming capable can observe since ages that leaves are floating, on rivers, streams and from along highways when there is some waterways along. It can be much leaves over years and that can produce much earth.

In kitches we can observe that the rubbish is not often floating, swimming in the kitchen basin, no that gets scrambled and flushed away. It is mostly neither swimming nor floating. On rivers rafts are floating, in main because of the airpipes of which rafts are made.

With people and their ways to swim it gets differenet and a hot topic, from Roma clubs to redlight districts at Kiez HH or elsewhere. There they swim in inside tanks while other consume somethig in the while.

During the 70s it was a hot topic to learn the childwren to swim, it got discussed where they d better learn it and from which age on. So it got to a course over some 2-3 month to leasrn to swim, others never learnt it. Even in cities like Salzburg tehre are quite a few who can not swim since the last century.

In some huge subcontinents some can swim and many millions not so good, in Benares along the mighty Ganga it got seen that many kids can swim, at other parts of mighty and old rivers the play and amuse along stairways and the long ghats to the rivers. Do the rituals and daily routines along rivers and streams. Also at the Amazonas region it is similar, many kids learn to swim as part of their nature, the jump fom trees in river streams and the sidestreams which get big flooded over the rainy seasons. It is lovely to watch them having fun in waters which are not that clear there and when you knoiw about monsters, Osteoglossum, electric Eels (Aale) and many other big raptor fush there you can get puzzled sometimes hwen you see the kids there having fun in muddy waters. There is snakes, huge fish, ground fish raptor fish and electric ones and last but not least the tonnes of leaves which get dropped and swim on sawmw waters as stams and huge tree trunks.

Mostly astonishing is that the NATIVE AMERICANS learnt to swim in Kraulen stile, so not two arms always underwater but getting out from water as shovelling from front in water to the back beside the body, taking arms out overhead to front and again, which is much different than to the breastswimming stile. The old native american stile to swim was more powerful and faster. And imagine that in icecold clear streams on the Plains, which were great once. That is another story and of dolphin stile nobody ever heared.

So we can see swiming vehicles from leaves to kitchen rubbish which gets in sinks. We can see floating garbage in streams and bubbles here and then when the waters get too dirty, when water bodies get too much eutrophated (ueberduengt) the bubbles get big and it smells, stinks and the waters collapse then. All life dies then in that system.

And never forget in aquarias you could see something swimming everyday, colorfull spots whcih relaxe heated minds and hearts, which take the grip of the seer, maybe some overseer from old times. Aquarias are very comlicated systems and for exotic fish even the more. What counts for biotops as for aquarias is,- the bigger the system the more stable and less risky to fallouts and inbalance when misshaps occur.

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It is much more different keeping rats, mice or a cat. It needs much attention and knowledge. Soem fish get even used sinec long for testing teh water quakities before some mammals can drink it. By cyclops it got observed, the small dotlike tiny jumpers good to get fed for joung fish, they do not like chlorine in waters, they prefer pond waters and good running biotops.

In case it is all close to each other, the pond not far from some aquarias, the cyclops not far from babie fishtanks, you can throw the water bukkets or containers out of the window for water exchange.

It is mostly calming and beautifull like preciouse rings and necklaces but with most sophisticated teck attached. That points to teh knowledge which is needed then to keep that running, and if lucky with babiefish.

They can all swim, float, do camouflage, differnet tricks and turns, fats or slow, on muddy grounds or with tree trunks over top. Preciouse since ages and even found once at over 4000m altitude.

Another astonishing thing is that some crossed a river, when it was the Mekong at hight of Pnom Phen great, when it was the powerfull Ganga at hight of Rishikesh even greater. Its currents (river has allready legal status) needed to be watched closely over three days befor that got done ... ! If you want to try it know the risks and in some case take a jacket for that even as you can see nice Tibetans having fun at its sidestream riverbanks.

There getting flushed away and drawned is a very high risk. The "No bath" sigens are not for no reason there, between bath and swim is a difference.

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Bumble What ???
Aufgrund eines versehentlichen Hinweises auf CGTN (China global television network) um 23.00 in der Nacht, der hinweis warvgegen Bumble gerichtet, wenn auch als Nebensatz bei den Boersenberichten zwiscehn Michelle (---!!) und Conrad (?) der sehr eloquent agiert unddsa in bestenm english geschlifen vortraegt.

Am naechsten Tag wurde bumblke gecheckt, und man beschloiss bumble inezugemeinden was aber nicht gelaneg. Es scheiterte ueber 3-4 versuche, auch naechsten Tages an den Bildern udn irgendweclen anmelde prozduren.

Also ihr wisst jetzt was tot ist, was nichtmehr existiert ..... es sind die Netzwerke und diverse cybaPlatformen der 2 mrden. Das data der millionen ist tot. Es zaehlt nicht mehr, es machen keine Profiler sich die Finger krumm fuer den Schrott (login, logout, anmelden ... register ...).

Auch eurodating seiten mit den besten 5 gelistet,.. in TV werbung oder so sind tot, bumble ist irrelevanth (messages)

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