Places with cams surveillance

Delhi/ Mumbai/ McLeodGanj/ Sangli/ Goa/ ...

many many Restaurants with cams, mainly the posh n fency ones (-Delhi)
in Sangli even in some cooky candy shop....
all shops n restes without cam-tags, without cam-stickers n signs, usual in some very posh hotels and some all inclusive service hotels as in Delhi (one brunch-alternative-healthfood-cloths2shop etc with many many cams... all to shop n see but not cam-signs.....strange...)
in Mumbai i found no mineral-water, no toilett-paper, no-postcards, no telephone-cells...?!

Good places - no surveillance, no cams, no panic !

here special places of the region as traditional family Restes with nice settings as rooftops, eating on mats, in trees (Sharewoods) or with excellent view, reasonable prices, good food

Goa northern territories

Blue Tao
best food, best service, little noicy (TV), on the way to Anjuna junction, dinner settings and eating on mats n pillows ... interesting deco mix

good food, good service, nice for sunset (north Anjuna) little expansive, once run and started by an Israeli (once the place for dating the hottest bikers n chicks on earth ...)

best fruit juices n shakes in Chapora along the street, nowadays many rusks and hippies, small n crazy...

Jai Ganesh
best fruit juices n shakes in Chapora at the big tree, more posh than Scarlett, good service, once small n simple, got bigger by concrete and stairs uppar ... during rush hour very busy

nice family run reste, with gardenfire aside, only open for dinner and exceptionally for yoga-groups, good big n little expansive fish and prawn meals, hindi-speaking milega ! south-anjuna

Joe Banana
old family run reste, little but good indian meals, old hippies passing by once in a while, nice for families (south anjuna)

Mango Shade
old traditional family reste, with good food n fast service, but very evil, bad n ugly - the old and big shade spending tree got cut .... near germ-bakery

shutdown places -
- Sharewood: excellent setting, once run by a french, sitting in trees in djungle like atmosphere, little posh food good service, not bad for birdwatching...

- Primrose: old n good party location for flipping, dancing, shaking under palm trees, food, hot n drunk dating...(near IsraeliEmbassy)

- Israeli Embassy: once crowded by Israeli chicks n guys, i liked the tuna-naan there, music laud n proud (tv) near Primrose, once the place for meeting hot young chicks n guys

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