EGYPT of the Pharaos

Some ideas and findings I keep for quite intersting. 3000 years of deep dwelling and mega-constructing culture is a long time and survived till today when you see the museums, parts of them spread aroudn the world, names in the USA as well like Memphis or the Obelisks in some cities, also then taken by teh Romans once to their territories.

    It all started along the magic river Nile and the desert is not most welcoming climate for most creatures, also not for humans.

    Shade spending is mostly impiortant then, some of the reasons that the colomns got so huge, bigger than any other columns i ve seen before, the bred and circus kolosseum in Roma after my first vist to Egypt made me smile then over two afternoons there at the Kolosseum in Rom, as the kolossale and monumental architecture of the old egyptans hit me strong and left good traces.

    Shade spening is mostly important in deserts for people and the higher they built the longer the shades became, the more columns and huge buildings the more circulation and cooling rooms and places. Also places of warship, celebration dance and singing, places like Memphis which was the most prosperous city at that time and hemisphere, Alexander the great got buried there but later the old Egyptans shifted him to Alexandria.

    And he did not conquer old Egypt, Memphis was just too much of trade, magic, temples, buildings, architecture, marcets, trade and welfare.

    Many had built mastabas roomlike, often with high art decortaed burial locations. Death was a big part in egyptan mythologie as sun (Ra) was always burning hot on the desert areas and so death was always a permanent reminder under that climate conditions.
    Desert is not an inviting zone, but in connection with the river Nile it got the long lasting magic culture of old Egypt, producing magic arts, architecture, often mostly monumental, and of magic diverse inspiring ways.

    Oriental honeybuzzards are migrating along the Nile valley as once, so today. Birds migrated from south to north by 100 of thousands, Crocos, Hippoes and on waterways the huge blocks got transported on Papyrus boats and not over the Atlantic ocean. The fast manoeuverable Wiking boats got to New Fundland (new found land ...) not much left over from them, Rentiere are roaming there.

    All that of their daily life got artistically included in the old Egyptians arts, which was not only preparations for Nekroplois. I keep one of the main reasons that they dig deep into the earth because desert climate forced them to do so, when heat and sun are striking you can often only hide in shade spending constructions.

    Till today the river Nile gets inhabited by more than 500 fish species alone.

Some of the main gods to the egypts were Horus- Ibis, Osiris, Ra - sun, Akesh - horizon,

On the step pyramid at Sqqara

I will be back

HINTS on kapitalism:
If you look at some papers today you could see some little, tiny pyramid and an eye, usually it was then by the Freimaurer (some way of knights) some cities, some of the most dengerouse till today got built and planned by the same Freimaurere. But that is part of odd kapitalism today ... nothing more.

    If you keep on withe them they will learn you how to speak with split tongue, to get the maximum out for the least, then they will learn you cosmetics, then how to do advertise (get lucky if you send an chiffre ad to some local mid alpine newsmag and do not get an answer then by a laywer... Chiffre was some machine for hidden encrypted notes to some other nazis with some stars here and there.... ) And some of them will tell you how important a garage is, or maybe better a horse stable.

    So kapitalism tries much to get people getting along with it, so let s see how that works out then. I am sure Memphis tennesee is far not that magic than Saqqara and all the area down to Luxor along the magic river. It has about 500 fish species (guess that was only welse, waller gattung)


The old Egyptians had a proper supply deliver and planning system, and the columns they did and pyramids, do not underestimate that efforts to get that done ! Rennovation is another thing, wich takes much of effort, specially in alpine zombie regions of rubb and rumble.

    More of today hidden secrets will get told by Mr Assange and Mr Snwoden as long as they are free, free with data, free with doing data and infotainment and free with doing shopping (like real estate for instance) they are the Megaleaker of today data shippers with much of content of wars and rumble to dust.

    Another thing is jails, in some lands you can do biz successfuly from jails, just get on a PC, do real estate tips nd hints to ya buddy and it will work if you knwo the real estate things. Some houses stand on woodpiles, in swamps and muddy waters so to say once also good for jailing Marco Polo after his return ... there. (for more infos Opus Diaboli KH Deschner)

    They do production in jails, many are black people and but they are not allowed to VOTE FROM Voting or chosing from jail that is ... another story !

Critics on datamania and dustPhones
Some modern freedom of information act is nowadays part of some little mobiles, there is the data then it get sent to some fog, a cloud so to say. To stay accessable for some content managment readers.

    There they check it on false and errors and then in a tunnel somewhere in an ocean of data, the trigger words get recollected. Then the rumours start and bad, evel and ugly gets gets another chance on your smart phone.

    Which was good for another programmers profits for quita some years, as people got to kow that, how costly programming was hate arised on their smart mobiles, telefones without triggers to be pushed. And that was the real problem, the haptic moment of pushing buttons.

    As there was only little rumble of a Navi or a gps on that phones, never mind GPS is also on your smart mobs, even so teh rubbish reproduced itself a million fold, and another army of "Check that mobile" squad got paramilitarized. Blieve it or not.

Anybody has heared of old or new europe .. check that out fellows .... maybe it is something with G5

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