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Transition Trump
      Chaos can be prevented !
The new president.us elect has a very personal and private team of advisers now in office, from Disney and Exxon, also the presidents daughter is in the inner circle of his advisers. But people got to know that the president is a man of chaos and not for no reason he had more than 2000 cases before court before getting to office of the nation.
    No surprise then that these old men with grey hair look very very seriouse, it s a seriouse case which needs seriouse answers and measures taken to counter the threat of chaos. In such a position of power chaos can not be allowed and tolerated and needs to be faced seriousely, also as advisers from Disney or his daughter do not look fit enough to face that serious challenge to prevent chaos.

It can be avoided and is of a great challenge, go for it !

Mr Trump changed the White house for Lago di mar and his office for a more modern looking skyscrapper. And so nobody really knows if he is a pivate biz man yet, a warship commander, a womanizer or politican.
    He wants to see facts on the ground (as usual with bizmen) and that is what he is sending therefor.
    But when he is changing opinion, comitments, goals, side and decisions within days how will the facts on ground then look like, guess wrigged.

zur Psycholgie Trumps, wunderschöner Artikel in deutsch , sehr empfehlenswert !!

Der Trump Flüsterer

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Book or website
    A book has an end and beginning, a website has no end or beginning, you can end up here and there or its linked if not even embeded entities, maybe trustees or social networkers.

    You can take a book anywhere, to the woods, to school, a mountain or a wood lodge, you do not need webaccess to read a book, no roaming data needs to be payed or login done.

    A website is something totally different than a book, it can get shut down as Mr Trump ordered one to be shut after he got to office, guess they fear a lot by websites. Others get shut down after a while by not gaining the success or profits it was intended to do.

    A book does not change over the times, it can get translated but it staies the same. a website changes, hourly, daily or by automat schedule, a book does not and you can take your time.

    Social networking and getting emploied by a company like facebook, google, xing, linkedin or global ads in a silikon valley can get a hardship and complicated if a new elect president does a dekret blocking foreign countries and its workers to get to the land of the president.

    But as by social networking they may be able to do the job from home country or another country neighbouring home country, whatfor are all these cloud services out there. Nowadays webjobs can be done from anywhere, the web has no boundaries, but it seems that some get blocked to reach the presidents land, however they may be qualified.

    Now only the best paied IT workers get let inside and only from the good countries, the ones who really make money, the ones who are really qualified, the ones who really know their job and the ones who can read contracts or a book.

mystic marcets mysticismos
For me its quite a mystic thing nowadays as still in some regions, laidback and far off many beaten highways, with or without navi, to get news on the new US president, which looks quite mystic and astonishing how the marcets react on that new US president and his team and troop in office.

    In my position i can just advice some marcets as they are yet very strong and engaging between its nations like the EU common marcet, keep your standards, keep your food standards, not too much GT (gene teck), no chlor chicken (got by chance twice - bad !), also keep some of the once standards in aeroplane services, as some routes and Mid East aerlines on the stretch from their main aerports back to Europe dont do the service as by the route on way before. And I know thats not for no reason.

Trump and some of his new posts want to do Federlesen and by their way downturning if not downspiralling the EU marcet or its very many and diverse entities. As its yet a very strong marcet, diverse by biz, by its nations, by it history and languages mixed and thats the hard and challanging thing till today in such a huge and mixed marcet.

So dont get to much into trouble by some neo mysticismos and their ambitions. Competition is huge, some companies do mega, buy, produce and pay mega, and by the way some also corrupt politicans and pay them mega, just to get into biz with them or there somewhere, in maybe new regions of which nobody has ever heared before over the pond or even further over Europe to Iraq, maybe Afghanistan or Pakistan.

But as the new president looks very agressive by voice and twitter, he also looks and sounds very protectionista by his new posts, advisers and maybe a cook chosen by him, what is the funny thing about US presidents elect, he can chose a lot.

So for his most pressed and ambitiouse subject which is "Make the nation great" these new officers, some ex US embassadors to the UN or an ex Disney CEO could engage and promote strange ideas of the Neo-White-Men and his way of
biz and profits wanted.

Some EU politicans are warning allready of the new Trump troop, and for sure not of no reason, I would sometimes take a closer look at the way of this strange new team in office.

Trump does not show respect, not to competitors during front running, not to single people, not to women, not to handicapped or an architect of his own tower. So it could become quite massey here nd there, at some stock marcets, at workforce places, at a nation borders, aerports nd the more.

And if Trump shows no respect to anybody, does the nation show respect to him ? I mean Rumsy was once allready a rolling joke in front of many TVs of the far west. But usually and by the very old traditions of the US, after the front running was absolved and some won, the nation unites behind the new president and if its not the nation then it may be some women forced into swimsuits who want to carry the brand of a Trump.

In the deepwater horizons of the web you can targeted search via Youtube and the posts of Anonymous there and their still actual mummy digging in the web, Anonymous on Trump and Anonymous on G. Soros etc at youtube .... targeted web investigation so to say, also on facebook interesting posts can be found. Some spent money here some there .....

Astonishing and always again fascinating if not amusing for our CEO the friendnship between Steven Seagull and Putin, also between Dennis Roadman and Kim Yong Un, and more friendships alike on the horizon, Gerard Depardieu and Russia and the more

..... The CEO is in serach for a Putin kalendar (edition 016 017 !!)

..what is this NATO... obsolete, what this EU, want to downsize and crumble, bumble, split and spit. North Korea is very important to us ....

where this architect and the US establishmentor must be scrambled and totally destroied .... I smoke the colt ... ... hilliriouse ...

seven countries on the list, where my notebook ? lets cheque, Lets do really nice biz, really beautiful biz ..get into swim suit !!

Trump does not need walls, no in free marcets there is another option, he wants to PUT Strafzölle instead .... what is another form of wall, protectionism glimering on the horizon ... !?
If he calls the NATO obsolete, some will turn away and companies like lockheed martin and others will lose profits ... moer hot news by D. Trump new president elect of the USA, not yet in office here ...


If he bets on the end of the EU, what is nafta then, ... even during preelection times i heared on TV (cnn) leave the EU .... wired pushing and pulling somehow, not smart, i mean during Bush jun. there was something like political corectness during some rogues acting, lets guess the new political routines, behauving and the more ... in the EU as ahuge and very complex marcet there is much of burocracy, (also diplomacy yet) and for that much of annoyance, hate and nazi movements. (16.01 - 16.43hrs GMT)

VW n abgaswerte
... for me it s kind of strange thing with that Abgaswerte-scandal as now the stox of VW are raising again. I dont know how software can be conected to motors and katalysatoren, thats of technical matter, but its well known that VW is led in Gutsherrenart (way of the Gutsherren).
During preelection times in the US coups can happen at other places, like summer 016 got tried in Turky, and abgaswerte can be of a main subject as well during preelection times. Now after the votes VW stox are pushing again, so was it a real scandal or just preelection time front fightings.
car friends
... I ve got some friends driving an Eos with seat heaters, Osho had too many Rolls Royce for some hemispheres Gutsherren with backyard once. I dont like to advertise on cars, no i am a cyclist from Transhimalayas, Hindukush and Kumaon, somtimes its fun to drive one or get the seat heated as codriver ......
... once VW engines were kept as undestructable and some VW-buses had Standheizung (early 90s)
Transition - I
Governments get voted here and there, either regularly or under kind of wired circumstaces. Some change from government to economy jobs and vice versa in the while. Some want to rule and govern forever some can do, some can not, some get want to do so, others not.
    We can see these days transmission governments are out there in Libya (parallel governing), Aegypt, Thayland, also in Jemen which got into troubles after the elected got couped. -

Some lands are a wilderness and when along the oil and container ship routes they also force them sometimes into transmission like with Somalia, either from the coast or the seaside.
    Some huge countries like Nigeria with oil at its coast is in transmission also along religiouse lines and along the oil biz which can spread wealth or not in the nation.
    Others as with Venzuela they get once in a while troubles either by inside or outside transmitters, specially as they have highest oil reserves, what is surprising or not. (jan. 017)
    Myanmar (Burma) is in kind of transmission as well since a couple of years, but not only politically also along religiouse lines sometimes.
    Afghanisthan and Pakistan got transmission partly by foreign countries over times as is and was the case with many countries, but actually again under their own way of transmission with a bid of foreign transmitters engaging.
    Pakistan is and was one of worlds most dangerouse countries (Karachi...) some foreigner on route to India get into convoy with security sometimes.

Transmission - II
Other countries the unSchwellenlaender are allready for quite a while under transmission, like old and new Europe, after rural and urban USA, they try couch surfing, also reality TV under special frame conditions (only) what seems to be very exciting as during times of transmission.

They construct huge malls, shopping centers and marcets under one roof,
often for the cost of many little shops and specialists and their profits, once in streets nowadays in transmission.
      In some cities they try lovely traffic roundabouts and new tiny city gardening by square meters, so to say their scream to bring back nature to modern towns, once it was parks which got kept nicely, in some cities it became carefully cared roundabouts.

In some main Megalocities they invest in random security in some departments, on or underground. Surveillance during times of Bush, transition and more the later, not to mention undercover CIA and other camps.
    Most inhabitants of these modern Megacities are propriedors of huge, space saving flat-TV screens, with latest programs of their modern marcets, even from other modern marcets with a mix of languages by that marcets. They get often very modern devices into their cars, CD players, radio, GPS if not a Webcube at all to find their goals and destinations.
    The same time also a smart phone can be of help and a good toy to attach the marcet. Later a heartbeat counter, blood pressuresurveiller, a gas output controller in the car as with modern civic aeroplanes counting output of kerosine per passenger on the ticket.

Some do reasearch on cars without drivers, what could be of interest for an automat shop chain like with mc donald Drive-Ins but without persons in the cars, only the shopping notice left.
Transmission stocks - III
Quite a dozen of countries on transmission got also stock exchanges (Boersen), of which not too many are known for that like Kuweit, Nepal (small stock exch.), Tanzania and others, which is really astonishing, but I dont really know what they try to gain by that, or why they want to have that kind of connection to other marcets, so to say huge Megamarcets. But anyhow transition is ON and some like to get involved, either in this or in that way.

And when a new president, not even yet in office, says some angry words about that companies which should do this or that, in some countries, then in some regions, also but specially bordering the US or other unSchweelenlaender like the EU bordering regions, stock trading gets stopped (Mexico, Turky jan.017). and others get effected by some bad actors who do wired biz and also told females to get into swim suits or to do this or that, guess as part of transition, so en futuro quite a lot of wired things could happen by the bad actors, undiplomats, and the forth. The ones who shoot the other patriot in the face (Dick J.) while quale hunting should restrain from too much forcing their way, specially when 2,8 mio votes during presidental elections 016 did not count too much, got they lost somewhere !?

Some new rulers as in the US and Phillipines, once dictator Marcos and Corazon land, seem to look alike a bid And what do 2,8 million votes count in some new century when some really want go for it.

These new rulers of some countries look a bid wild, as part of the wild west and its fight for freedom and justice same time, and so they seem to be part of another chapter of transition under the figleafe freedom for biz and profits, protectionism, justice in swim suits, or whatever beside 2,8 mio votes uncounted in the worlds freeest nation.

by CEO: you have to make a difference between the B├Ârsenwert of a firma, the socalled value of a firma by stocks at stock-exchanges which is the money of usually the rich, the risky wallas and the crownies and the real value what is by our CEO the value of the Firmas material, its Umsatz, its investments into work force (payments) and revenue. The mid to long term win or loss in percentage can be hint giving, even during Trump times. Also hint giving can be losses/win of lets say ibex35, insurance (win/losses), nasdaq and the more, car testing and composition chains, robos nd the more.

Not to mention our CEOs flight options (when he got very very old), with outlook for watercapable planes and its take off and landing by its body to surface and with reserve-tanks as waterfloaters at wings alike, which he likes to envision with Embraer.br 300 planes, Micha.budh welcome !
A +
US elections -IV
I got by the german newsmag FAZ that Hillary, running for president in the USA got 2,8 million more votes than Trump, and all forecasts showed her to be on the win path, but by the electorial college system (Wahlmaenner system) in the US, Trump got the job of the president.

    So before you go to university of freedom and democracy, you go to the college for democracy and voting. There they get prepaired for real democracy and voting it seems. The elect.college can be seen as a kind of security gate between voters and the presidents job, because they dont trust but fear the votes of the simple people, its not a direct vote its indirect, kind of sidepassing sometimes. So what are 2,8 million votes for them, they got lost somewhere.
    And as seen by history thats not surprising, the gold rush, the run over the Appalachian mountains even as the once queen of Britain forbade them to do so. They till now do not like limits or borders, or regulatins by rulers, it s till now a rush and run, a run for biz, profits, goodies, ... they want their freedoms, not be governed by rulers or crownies of biz (??), the ones in jails are not allowed to put their votes, to participate they are the fallout of their system, even as they produce goodies, as mostly most cheap goody production sites, but voting NO. 100 years after the Indian wars the Black people in the US gained a kind of equal rights as they fought for it. Now about 50 years later in the new millenium some proclaimed it as the new American century, anybody remembers how it started ... guess ! the cultural shift is coming along with it, new stock exchanges here and there, even in most layed back and simple countries, maybe they want to get more wild by that. Strange foods, strange products, huge shopping complexes, the rich and poor gap, raising criminality and advanced security measures the same time, ghettos and revolts ... in some regions intrigants and

And when a new president says some angry sentences about some companies which should do that or that, in some countries then they interupt stock trading (Mexico Turky jan.017) in bordering regions to the unSchwllenlaender and others get efected by some bad actors who do wired biz and also told females to get into swim suits or to do that or that, so en futuro quite a lot of wired things could happen by the bad actors, by the undiplomats and the forth.

Some new rulers as in the US and Phillipines, once dictator Marcos and Corazon land, seem to look alike a bid And what do 2,8 million votes count in some new century when some really want go for it. Our CEO observed at Japan Narita (aerport) 015 scandinavian and US fashists, maybe new paratroopers, in paper uniforms running around there. (jan.017)

predictions on
Mr Trump
... Reclaim the streets movement seems to be over, it was the times of Bush and the wars of the crownies. Obama brought health insurance to US citicens and somehow it does not fit into the image of freedoms by the crownies, rich and established in the US, they see health care as a kind of cutting freedoms it looks, even as they themself are insured, doing biz and getting more profits out of it, they are in general insured but dont want to see it for the poor and lower class, it could take to much of wealth from the crownies and rich.

Mr Trump as compared to Reagen or Theather, he is not a good acter and not so hard as Theather, he is more an angry bussines man and he likes women in swim suits, miss contests as well. He is more into show biz and did golf courts. Now as president he has to overhand most of that biz to his managers or relatives not to get into a conflict with his new job and his old biz. But there was never much of a conflict between these jobs.

Trump seems to be not only a maniac on women but also by twitter and his angry tweets, and as by the latest news I got that can become quite funny also dangerouse same time. So to say when he hits on some companies unliterally which dont want to invest or build in the US but in neighbouring countries maybe, even as they are in NAFTA, that can output stock jumps if not even closed stock exchanges for a while.
    Some brokers rated his tweets by loss in millions in Mexico, what is quite new on the marcets and can hit back in that or that way and they know that for quite a while, this is not peanuts then !!

And Mr Trump is always again once in a while downgrading himself by his messages, so if we see it on a scale of diplomacy 1 to 5, one the best, 5 the worst, he is often putting himself to 4 and 5 on the scale of diplomacy, trade talks or biz chat, what is often the same.
    As some women approved during preelection time on his bad behauving towards them he is not really on the smart and polite side. So en futuro we can see and imagine all kind of wired to funny moves, either in some offices, marcets, offical papers or stocks and indices.
    Strange enough i got by the german newsmag FAZ that Hillary, running for president, got 2,8 million more votes than him but by their electoral college system thats of another story.

Mexico - Venezuela
Argentine .... the once operated (called in US) by hedge funds got brought back on track, their Indix is raising - A, ....

Mexico and maybe even Venezuela with one of the worlds largest oil reserves will also get back on track .... strange enough sometimes a power shortcut or toilett paper supply jain seems to be a problem in Venezuela. ... via twitter some get latest hints, lets guess and study more by chess from Persia or Russia - A.

You can tell me and try to tell others whatever you want on India.
    Since ages they tried to reach it, since centuries they engage and do biz from foreign countries and even tried to patent Indias turmeric, a mistake ...!! They are on the rise, if its 7,5% or 6,8% growth a year, irrelevant to many of them, who life in most interesting and to me magic lands and regions, from the highest peaks, over deserts and djungles, Tiger woods and territories, mid of december blossom on the high southern vulcanic peaks is another magic natures event.
... nobody and nothing can break that relationship. They live embeded, united in nature and by eternal laws, by babas, gurus, biz men, ashrams and the djungle of modernity huge Megacities and old times very close to each other, what can be very fascinating.

I love India because they love radical answers, either reactions on the once imperialistas and their bad acts on them, tried patent of turmeric by foreigners, Cobragate and others were big cases.

And India in general do not compromise with food policies, they keep their standards, only in a few places you find KFC or Mac outposts. They dont need chlor chicken, which does yourself a little bleaching after. Got approved in Goa 016, only once or twice accidentally.

They go for radical answers, also on the money and stocks side. Big notes got taken from the marcet and replaced for a while. State of mind is also good for modern biz and stocks, brain drain to other region sis well known, and not of no reason. Allready about four quarters of NASA jobs are by Indians. When in Germanies Munic East railway station they dont want to exchange 14 times 500 ind Rupias, what the hell they want with stocks and share of that. They need Anju Chain then in Deutsche Bank and be aware of some new presidents twitter and shouting around.

you will need the software, also the hardware .... dont use MS systems therefor, if you do request full kasko insurence is a must !! ... even setups from CDs are a proper challenge
by the setuppers themself - B (in case they can not support it ...)

.. the web vallet can also look like the job of a banking card soon or later ... more at wallStreetJournal, not the MS one...
here a live report from a Bitcoin seminar

Transmission little land
.... and during the year o16 in central Europe in some little country, austria, some tried to vote their head of state over a time of 6 months, not counted as voting frontrunning time, no counted as repeated votes time, they got themself plotted and faked by the socalled Briefwahl, and some Klebestreifen got made responsible for fail of that first run of vote, also the second run failed in the Neo Banana Republic. It was summer then. Also some bad and evel gemeinden failed in the while and got forced to take some 20 refugees, some intriguing Nazis succeeded somehow evel, some got blocked in the mountain from the web even as the router was always ON.

Some can do, some can not, see and take it, some get blocked, from a party or the web, some fail to accept others, to accept the unknown but mystic traditions and believes, some sit always on the line, stay always in the way, thats by tradition. Some turn back to mid ages while driving cars. ..... to get or reach something they use also a NAWI ...

Cultural shift is a wired thing, some rural regions and vallies get reduced to times even before the 80s, when there was a cinema in the village, a post office and small shops, now they get playback, HD and flatscreens, multi media teams engaging from remote, what seems to be another very modern and new way of helping with transition, its just the question what they want to gain so. Not to mention dilletants at radio stations doing it the transition (another kind of modern feindsender) along with mutlimedia teams performing and try to pollute private houses over weeks and months. If you cannot have waffengleichheit, try it the modern way .... and dont forget to refresh a flatscreen once in a while. some systems do nt get support any more, (any questiuons, ask Bill the rich and philantrop for more)

But others do not care about that, as long as they do not get poisened and polluted in their own house and need to vacuum clean every 2 days and rub all places to get rid of all that shitters dust (cat.3 laser checked) .... which got also experienced in modern AC bus on way to thessaloniki (apr.016)
Little wired land.at
The same in that little Nazi land where they did not want to change that big notes, which was once never a problem, but same time they trade some amounts in their stocks. So what you want losers.

Making hausaufgaben as once one told by some of your idiot rulers with Sch├╝ssel, after the car act and the unterirdische anwackelung zur angelobung was done. Want pollute over days, weeks and months some single houses with your dust currents, after little plotting and destructing some doors inside maybe as a kind of nachbarschaftshilfe, along with couped spring, electric cables and the more which they keep as correspondence somebody told.

Idiots of modernity that will hit back and some CEOs do not need to be there even, some can hit over 8500km even, like with the billions on stock exchanges, take that into account Nazis, scientofoggies, freie christen (or univ. churchers), who seem to be allowed to do everything just to get their idiotic and mystic believes and attitudes on way. o16 got specially mystic in some regiones.

Your biz is not my biz, and when you can not change big ind.notes then better drop stocks, then also India is not much of your biz, then do more hausaufgaben as some Haider told you once. You dont like me the CEO, then better quit me and don t dare to pollute and plot a nice house with garden remote somewhere along at the woods in a little land.

When you can not change ind.notes, quit India,
quit India, quit me !

I dont align with you, i dont engage with you, my biz is not your biz, but you want something in my house, then get us and get us right.

CEOs booking front
The CEO as he got very upset and pissed not to get a proper paper of intention by an IT company for his social network project tribes he made the very hard decision to shut down his website end of 017 if he does not get positive reply by book houses to print his books. Make books of a website, the new way beside web o4. Scripts got sent to two german book-houses as are dtv and Suhrkamp, since oct 016, as he thinks to reduce a magnificant website, huge as a software like photoshop by MB storage, to 2 or 3 nice and easy to read books nowadays is a superb and genuine idea. Not all people have web access, even not in central European alps here nd there, but half the world is liking facebook it seems, so he will put on the marcets a book which is different in form and way to be read than a megawebsite.

    He will also make pressure on british book houses 4 this kind of success story, beside Harry and Potter in the while, which is very much good 4 profits and further 4 putting to dream industries 4 further profits via cinemascopes in movielike ambiente.

So to say he will reduce the webpage not only to rumble and dust but to cero, nill null .... if they do not output his books of adventures, findings, insights, birds and skies.


Precious links: OPcomeback, Ratings, mega, old tweets, general infos, about CEO, ... in search for the party (video)...