OP payback II

OP payback II
Mobile marrige
You know in some region a Smartphone for a women is
like a special gentleman who does her a 1000 stories and kompliments
The smart-phone does her a 1000 dreams, hope and stories.
She do not need a small packbag,
no, she has a smartphone which does her a 1000 dreams
maybe she needs a pair of stockings here nd then or a towel
or she has a plastic bag with a dry chicken from the day befor with her
but a small packbag she do not need.
She has a mobile which does her a 1000 dreams
there is the maps for the dreams and the roads
and thats all she needs.

Plane misshaps

Latest developments in the civic aeroplane sector
made the CEO feel a little bid disturbed
He was never standing on runway with medium strong winds from back
for an hour in a new B 737-800 (fully packed, weight calculation 4 take off !)
in that case planes start against the wind usually
The new type of plane looked a bid strange to him
sharp slim wings, 6 row seats with supernarrow galley
seems to be made solely for packing as much passangers as possible into
guess for big revenue output.

Connecting flight got missed (never experienced in 20 years before)
2nd flight had strange seat settings, no minimum standard seat span etc etc
But very creative flatscreen with bookstorage slot near the flatscreen
and enterprise shuttle stile plafon setting design.
    (rating B, onway 2 Tien Shan, mar.017)

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with a hint to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

Swim suits

It makes a big difference if you want to force women into swimsuits or
if you want to force Muslim fighters into a camp and into red swimsuits.

The masters of the new god

The masters of the new god drive by automatic and GPS
the masters of the new god need street view robots and a billion data collecting devices
The masters of the new god produce new big cars and soon cars without driver and then
automatic robodrive and streetscan vehicles.
   The masters of the new god equip you with a small robo and condtioning device,
a socalled smart or cellphone, then you learn to get along and
find yourself around in the systems of the new masters.
   The masters of the new god produce huge TV screens for your home
to get you sucked by the their show and hype.
   The masters of the new god will equip you properely from mobiles, cars and TVs,
to help you getting along and make you believe in their system
and for their best of profits.

The masters of the new god invent new churches and build new schools
the masters of the new god write new books,
of success, profits and whatever you want to get or become.
They write new books and give you a million tipps
to help the sheep getting along in their new system.
The masters of the new god smile from their bookcovers
they give you tipps on auditing, accounting, pills, tubs, getting happy, looking smart and pretty, becoming rich and successfull.
But first the masters of the new god do a mass then
they pretend to help you getting out of that mass.
Be aware and alert of their mass under their new god.
(Tanzania sept.016)

When they fail

When they fail to hear, listen, comunicate
they get autiting
when they fail to find themself around and ask
they get G-search, street view and GPS.
When they fail to cut, grind, boil and cook
they get microwaves and huge freezers
When they get to unlike their bodies, faces and look
they want plastic surgery, silikon implants and big lips,
which can t get enough inside. When they managed to kill most species
they are next to follow
When there is nothing left to get extinguished and enslaved
they get slaves themselfes by the new masters and their new churches
When the last buffalloes in the US and the Big_5
in many african regions got killed they get instead
show, system and hype of the new masters. (sept.016)

New sys_OS
The new OS systems by
the most costly companies of the world:
    win-Knight, win-noce-catalania, apple-safari, apple-jobs,
apple-Bite and win-Witch, apple-Car and Big-apple.
Win-Strato, win-More and apple-Crumble.

website to books,   Twitter B (feb.017)
Angry what
Angry Birds got renamed "Happy birds"
Next blockbuster is "Fluting Whales"
by Tarzan studios.

King Kong prefers skyscrappers to trees.

..... the Petrol towers
are the latest ones tried by Mr Trump in Utha.

Schoenes neues aus den Bergen !
Was ist los in den Bergen, Angebote zu schoenen gemeinsamen Aktivitaeten in der Natur zur Sommerszeit, inspiriertt durch manch lokales Gemeinderundschreiben.

"Where to invade next"

The only movie i watched through on the A380 was "Where to invade next" from Michael Moore, ... soem stereotypes and the parts I can not take too much are the meolodramatic ones but nice overall.

The bigest company in India by numbers of emplyees is Indian Railways, also by numbers of people brought on way, and each day about 17mio on journey in all classes. One of the bigest copanies in the US is Jail company, they produce also goods, but are not allowed to vote, to participate in democracy ... and in some factories there are often no windows, also with SMwin.

From a newsmag, Dar stock exchange, for easy check compared to other newsmags,
Tanzania story (sept 016)

Live from court

New in age of multi and media
you will get live pictures from the trial against Jim Dotcom
and when I decided to go for the Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe (jail)
instead of paying 350 euro for owning bush and hedge cutting tools
you will get also live pictures out of the jail
from that little region of idiot
      And in 20 years I send you live pics
of the Real estate auction of the house with garden
because it will be a djungle then ... vacant ..
      No Bear, no Otter, no Lynx,
no Bearded vulture is interested to stay in that region. (oct.016)

You know, in Uttarkhand northern India
women carry their bushcutting knifes on their heads
I like that, that s nice, somehow attracive.
(in some lands men shave with plasticshavers now ... )

Files and bookings

They did me a "Vorsaetzliche schwere Koerperverletzung" overnight after a 20 min trial in the local Bundeslands Capitel Klagenfurt (7.07.016)
which was related to another case, a Werkzeug case (hedgetools, in that bundesland also called weapons which i never used as so) which does me still strange waiting time enetering the socalled shengen border.
    I discovered a new tooth Legierung and had for 3 days pain in the mouth and a feeling like a big new cave in the right side, guess they want 10 years fighting and OP payback !?
Hope they can handle such cases in the bundesland carinthia, also named Restslowenien, even as they can not do FIRS (police files in the local village) cause nobody can do new tooth pics, not to mention roentgen pics and the more.
    For "Schwere vorzaetzliche Koerperverletzung" they get Jail terms in years or
my hit back over 10 years, thye can chose of that. (jul 016)

I call that Bundesland inhabitants also Wild West Fashists (Gummi gummi) who hardly want be responsible for their bullshit done over years, guess because the Gr. Meister has a house and garden which is strange in that Bundesland yet.
(alps.at, summer 016)

5 ltr Hollersirup

Further somebody got me Benzodiazepine unrequested, LSD, well registered by a blood test in a labor, guess unrequested by some neighbours. Not to e mixed with my 5 ltrs Hollersrup 4 the my 3 days party in the valley and not to be mixed with Kefir, (liquid mushroom in bottles).

Lokale Massnahmen

Penk wird in Napplach eingemeindet
Napplach bekommt eine winterfeste Fussballhale (kein Tennis)
auch eine kl Lugner city mit Atrium.
Kolbnitz hat die letzten lokalen Maulwürfe im Mölltal u. Oberkärnten
der Stausee dort wird bis zur slowenischen Grenze bootstauglich (kanubar) siehe grosse Innkraftwerke .
    Beschlusssache vom august 016     (alps.at, summer 016)

Der Gössnitzsee -

bekommt zum Würstelstand einen anständigen fahrrad
und pferdefreundinnen freundlichen Campingplatz.
    gez. H. Schulz

Vom Forst zum Wald

Luchse, Uhu, alle Falken, Habichtskauz, Habicht und Wiedehopf bleiben ganzjaehrig geschuetzt oder werden fuer den Fall wieder angesiedelt. Luchse über die Turrach oder Slowenien, bekommen auch alle wie der Bär einen Anwalt.
Die Jagd vom Motorboot aus wird nichtmal Perverslingen erlaubt.
    gez. H. Schulz (ueberregionales, alps.at, summer 016)

Soziales Webbing

Die offene Benutzergruppenzahl auf facebook im Mölltal
wird bis sept 016 verdoppelt (sind 3)


In modern europe, is it the web-cube or hotspot nowadays
to do with haptic-appli or logic-attachi.
No Apachi, Mescalero, Mimbreno, yes Sisseton and Miniconue by Brown
who did quite proper research as i got to read.
But this is not Little-Big-Horn, no it s Moshusochse, Wild-Yak, Pika and Ibex.
Anyway you can take the number with you
to a zuhaus with minimum distance
or to next Huchen or Hausen.
yours dr dr fruehe Adonislibelle
(which is late this year)


Ein parteibuch is heute so schoen wie damals
mit einem aktivitaetenprotokoll oder festivitaetenblatt
oder auch einer speichergarage, wenn nicht sogar nachtspeicher.
Water comes warm at right and cold on left side always ! (zum hnadwerkerbonus nochmal)     "Aus dem leben Hödelmosers" ist ein schoenes buch
(alps.at, summer 016)

Schengen -

Schengen is not in the passport
schengen is not on te map
They dont sell that many maps, books or newspapers (Greece)
I crossed SO Europes monster border (Turkie - Bulganisthan)
4 customs checkposts but got no entry stamp in the pport
But the Ösi-Werkzeugvermerk was auffällig
(significant the Osi-Toolsremark at border ... guess kind of tattoo)
but not at Abu Dhabi or Turkie (apr.016)

Got a turkish Raus-Rein visa for 6 months (multi entry ... ungetuerkt)
at arrival from Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is interesting
but this visa is like turkish honey from heavens
Ipsala is kind of rumble place, with terminal i got told,
i was dreaming all night of that terminal

turkish honey

Turkie is somewhere between EU marcet and Asia
and for money, work and order they go to Germany
when everything is in Istanbul where is the rest ..?

sim honey

Got a 1 month sim (tel) in Grece, but not even as part of a marcet or so
the little sim text folder for numbers and so, with micro-sim even
was only in greek letters, but we know the marcet is crazy
and all have cell phones from home country,
with option to chose language, marcet or application for cam or tipping
or maybe later on an helmet application for marcet sim
it was a kind of grexit sim folder

honey app 5

If not the marcet is crazy
your cellphone will make that of you
for sure with an application for that task of a managment
or the GPS to help you find yourself around,
but not ask why some travel to Arabia, Syria ir ISIS

sim future

The sim is for 1 month,a nother time-ratio-device of final character
a future so to say, without option but another sim ....

4 entry toolpop

Postcards are unique and special
but why are not 4 pport checkposts at SO european monster-border capable
of put an entry stamp into passport
beside this attention catching tools remark popping from computers at schengen border ...
these marcets are mystery to me
maybe as i am to them
But if can not do a stamp into passport
maybe soon an application will do that.

wood chop 1

Some do wood chopping, where the snow falls in winter
some neighbours go nuts and crazy then
even as it is for long allready a little land covered in woods
but today they only know automatic wood cutting
the birds hate to hear their automaticxs wood saws ....
I also hate it when the birds hate it and fly away
(tokyo birds look strange, also naritas)

Woodchopping CEO

Most police men train marshall arts
some ask some CEO if he also does marshall arts
but the CEO says he does wood chopping
and then they wonder about that werzeugvermerk popping up from their computers at the border of Schengen (tools remark)

Tools, toys and applis

Some have a garage and make later big money out of it
or a barn with tools, and make a museum out of that
somewhere out there in the west
from times of grandpapa and mama
or a marcet of times of applications ...

in the while some fly drones around silently, cost effective
while others behead others
while some CEO do wood chopping and
rises up to Shaolin range

Ultimate powers

The ultimate powers and supreme rule don t like fake,
they love the ones without fake and false.
They love the real,
the true, the strong and ultimate,
which can be learned.

As the ultimate powers are great they
support and love the great.

Nature is without biz,
animals are without fake

Signs to read
When you can read its good,
when you can read traces its better.
When you see and understand the small it s ok,
when you can read the big it s better,
when you can see results much better,
when you can read the skies
you are of the great,
thats by the ultimate.

The ultimate stays ultimate,
either some see or don t see it

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