Stupid secrets of smartphone societies


Books and tripadviser,
these days usual biz but books and drugs !
Where is the one on tripadviser in the americas ?

Banking ratio

Perus and Ecuadors banking ratio is one to 150
One bank employee for 150 people in the row.
My banking ratio is one to 1 mio, forget it !
Peru has also many gambling quartos (dark halls) in bigger cities.


Where is the coca, where is the breakfast
where the hashish, where the parties ?
Where is Goa, where is my scooter, where is my books (done of a website) ?
Want a specific book or smart phone, forget it both today.
If you really wanna go targeted, try Iquitos there (unEcuadorien).
    Al Tombes

Arabien headscarf

They can nt take the arabien headscarf at the peruvien ecuadorien border
but two hours waiting for nothing.
In a hall with some spanish signs (only) till another 4 km to
cross from one counter beside another (per-ecuad).
    They can not take a tent and an arabien headscarf in 48 hrs at Quito aerport
during last 10 hrs they took it, then I met a woman,
nice but too short before check in (boarding) !
    She had a few pieces cloths to cover, I threw my 1st class indian shawl on her.
Forget it, quit my tent, and quit Quito, there is also Iquitos (also aero .. maybe zune) !
Did myself 2 coca tea there at the aerport,
Coca tea is good, forget banking.

Some hours before at same aerport I passed 3 US chicas, maybe close to their 30s,
and I mentioned something like, "hey get your feet from the table, ... Gorrillaz" (aerport)
not even 2 minutes later they were gone, in their pluderhosen and long hair.
I dont know if they knew where they were, what they saw, where they travelled to ?
I did not even want to imagine their flats in the US !
Women in the cities of Ecuador and Peru are often dressed quite elegant ....
    Al Tumbes

apple and windows
When you combine apple and windows
it gets something like throwing an apple through a window.
Tried 2 years ago in Kausani India at an ashram
with a stick-usb from wind. to apples,
Charles Darwin is a great guy, also Einstein ....


The women who gets chosen for miss Popo title, I guess sho does not get driven around in a Popo-mobil. I am shure she does not need a popo-mobil ! Who needs a Popo-mobil in Latin America, honestly.
    Al tumbes

long ways

It s a long way from Quito to its aerport, better forget it (1 hrs),
no shuttle busses, no cable car, no subway, quit it.
There is no post office in quito but 1 counter in old town
and a police man in the neck watching, better forget it !
    Two ice creams with strawberry for 8 dollars, normal meals are from 4,5 to 7 dollars,
better quit it, maybe for Iquitos ?
    Al tumbes

no connectivity

One week waiting time out of 3 travelling, better quit it !
Took a tent stick out of 3, better forget it !

When the chiefs stood up and went, the total band left !
When the adventurers are gone, what will you harvest.
when the bosses are gone you get weakies and softies, maybe smarties.
    Al tumbes

Tuk tuk - rikshaws

In Perus bigger cities are also tuktuks of different stile.
In Ecuador not, street lanes can often not be counted (unmarked, no problem ...)
in both countries no motorbikes at all but for police (%), that is impressing !?
For normal volks motorbikes are not recomended, savties...

(% - rambo zambo videos in some busses)

some spanish:
no sabe - today - no sei (no say - in spoken english)
tallarine (Peru) - chicken spagetthi or; chicken chowmien but plus mixed veg
david, goliath, samsung and colossus ... also kingkong ...

aequatorial highlight

Quito is very close to pablo de mundo,
but also Belem and Singapur is at the Aequator.
Anyhow check tripadviser or span. sevilla marmelade.

dogs tripadviser

1 st time that I got to see sniffing dogs at a megacities aerport,
dogs sniff here, dogs sniff there, but banking and a tent,
They do not get it and can hardly accept that
so get all my tent sticks !!

Funsen -
Dow 21 103.23,      Dax 12759.57,      Nasdaq 4223.90,      HangS 25378.21,      Sensex 23548,90,      Kospi 4786.30,      Bitcoin 367,04           Yen 100,38,      Yuan 68,08,      Euro 1,03,      Dollar 1,79,      IRS 69,04,      Renmimbi 70,08,      Rubel 72,08      Som 72,52     (may 2017, richtwert 2000m)                 Kaspersky 9   Mc Affee 8   CCleaner 4   Budweiser 23,   Henkel 7,    Bayer 27,    Toshiba 23,    Hiundai 15,    Honda 32,    Nokia 2,    Cargill 1,    Rolling stones 9,    Hefner 6,    BMW 27,    Daimler 34,    Mazurati 4,    Tata 35,    Eicher 12,    Enfield 3,    Mahindra 7,    Laksman 12,    Paramount 14,    AustinP 7,    Douglas 2,    Cloony 7,    Naomi 4,    Agazi 3,    Huge 2,    Prost 6,    Trusten 4,    Frustio 4,    Husten 5,    Barrel 46.04,    Quarrel 42.03,    Marell 43.78

That stocksbar moving there does not show any regularities, accuracy or take advantage of superior knowledge regarding - accountees. Insiders as outsiders, Outsiders as insiders - same same, but different !
Looking free ! (dont mix stockxz with cattle)
The master (gr meister) is estimating hitting on carsocieties