Mexico - 2nd part (B)

    Route: MEXICO CITY - OAXACA - Pochutla - Zip-polite - SAN CHRISTOBAL (de Chiapas) - Comitan - Monte Bello (lagos e montanias, Nat.park, Chiapas) - Las Nubes - Palenque (Yucatan) - Campeche - Merida - Cancun - Mex. city

    Mexico has an interesting mix of people, indigenas, spanish, mixed, some pensionistas from the US, tourists, mulatos and mestizos, apartmentistas and as well many tribal people (tribos de selvas e montanias) and that is what is fascinating. And not only its people are mixed but also its houses and cities, from modern with many flooor hotels to medium part ynad disco alikes, fency to small houses and schools in all variationes, it is quite a wilderness.

    Where there is rain the houses get washed and clean, also some tents where there is no rain the houses stay more dusty, but mostly they are kept in a more or less artistic and lovely stile, some done of wood some done of beton. You find cities like Comitan where they drive around in TransAms, (Knight riders seem to be special), places like Oaxaca where they also camp in the citys center, Las Nubes with a little school but big camping the way out of the village. Small clean houses and huge rivers with rapids, djungles, dinamos de contreras, washed out calcium stone formations (Las Nubes), lagos and nice colourfull birds, butterflies and the more. (no cam, no pics, no tel no ...)

    You find shaking and vibrating cities along the beach front like Cancun and Acapulco or pueblas like Agua Blanca, and spanish artistic towns, lovely kept and renovated like San Christobal (de las casas ...) de la touristicantha, also Pochutla in the djungles or Apisako yet on the dry plains on way from Mexico city south should not be underestimated. The country has interesting ways of townsettings and you can really meet (on shedule) or bump
into all kind of people. I did not see many campers or caravens as in the Estados Unidos yet, or relevant huge campsites for the same yet and campsites are more placed around some churches in a few touristic cities than in national parks or big ranches.

    Pick-ups from old to new are overall a big story yet in the Americas and small car cemeteries you can find everywhere along streets and highways. If you are going for a Volkswagen or BMW check the license and marking (rating) for pollution papers or last stand of the pollution trials in the US and Germany. They will be forced to return a tent stick (schwere noetigung). Comitan is good for watching TransAms, also a amarillo Ferrari there.

    The men are machos in all kind of dark phase faces, but often smiling, if not even rancheros, the women are often of a good stature, lovely, also dark, some reserved, others doing tortillas in small baskets and overall the faces and languages do an interesting mix. In general they speak spanish and that makes it since centuries often a bid complicated if not artistic ... as for bus tickets on way.

    On the countryside littel schools beside the ranches are overall in the Americas a big thing but sleeper busses and bullet trains (superfast trains) on big distances not yet in sight. (no cam, no pics)

    And know some speak not only spanish, some do books, read books and speak many languages as well !!

    Las Nubes myriads of exotic plantas, butterflies, birds and many hundred tree swallows in the skies. It is too much, I can not take it any more. Alone in the djungle after having enjoyed the island midriver and fishing at Las Rokes (las Brisas), with comrades or not, it got too much, I cant take it any more. Butterflies, djungle, chocolatel (actually drying), rocky cliffs along de caminho (path), bananas, and interesting fish in some streams here and there. This region is of a striking magnitude. I hope soon to find the Jaguar trace to be its catch, Subcom M and G, I am finished.

    Three huge darkblue (azure), with dark lower outer wings, flew into the djungles at Las Nubes, I took it as a sign for more resistance, Galiano, Marcos, I passed Agua Blanca, I ve seen thes skies, it was a good sign.
    Out of the main village, which is a kind of cluster of spread around village parts in the djungle, partly on an half island, enclosed by river rapids, calm and smooth river parts, djungle and some cliffs in the djungles, nice to explore and relax for some while, tranquilo in paraiso.
    The woods are magic, the birds sing around, waters in all ways, hundreds of sallows in the skies, performing in greatness like swords and sicheln (novembro). Butterflies in all sizes and colours, licking the moist, some nice fish in the rivers and nallas. (no cam, no pics !!)

    Nice guy is a good book, if it is not forbidden in the Americas, it s about different types of people. Some guys are nice, some are ugly, some bad, soem do kuttenbrunzing, some do art for biz, some do construction biz, others smart bussines, other do just their thing, some go swimming in the rivers. Here some more arts

    Climate: Subtropical to tropical from north to south. Sunny and dry in the north with temperate winters. On the central highlands hot and dry, to the coast tropical and moist. In the south tropical with djungles, in the higher hill regions temperate with fresh nights.

    Savety: Is not a big topic but in bussstations, beach resorts or private fency property. Bussines is a wilderness which starts by size of coins from 2, 5 to 10 Pesos, looking alike, and often without the specific numbers on it. So it takes a time to figure out counting coins at counters.
    Mc Affee was a minor case as he got found covered in sand on a beach alive (Belize) near a house after a shooting, but the software once generated by him was not anyhow be able to be deinstalled from windows sys. I can recomend Kaspersky ! But is partly officially and unofficially unsupported by the US establishment, never mind.

    Health: Food is usually no problem, if it is there and as long as you get something else on way beside fast food. Sun protection is of good need if you stay half naked out on beaches, farm and bushland or the central highlands.
    Do not use american bleach for toilet, house cleaning, getting white skin or chicken for meals. It will make you pale even before death.
    Mating can be an issue, but check the financial balance, emotional investment (headache) and HIV risk before, total full body condoms could be of need if want going under... blanket.

    Map route o17, A warning of waiting-time on way, connecivity has to be done !


Canto Mexicarro

American bleach, american beach
playa costa del cuanto, solei solei caramba.
Cuanto costa agua de corazon manila,
Limpio limpio, popo, pimpo, jumbo
boing, boing arriva .... viva !


A house for the men, a house for the women, a paperbox (complaints)
a heyhut (gospel chor), and a aquarium (Tsunami)

Halloween fruits

Qctober nvember is the time of halloween in the US. Since a few years it also reached minor parts of Europe, usually it is the most stupid and dull areas of katholean EU where holloween arrived.
    In India they have remote high alt post offices. From Mc Leod to Spiti- Lahaul, from Mc Leod to Ladakh, thatfor Tibetans get their big parcels and presents sent to relatives and friends, tashidele.
    In Quito (ecuador) is only one counter for stamps, cost effective, the other is DHL or something and cigarrete papers for magic 3 dollars (quito).
    From Dewal the way to Trishul is 20 km on foot along the river. To some villages high up there they send teachers, Bio, Arts, Maths. I dont know where is the books and little schools in the Americas, guess it is because they are still trying
to get down the last tent (campsite) and shoot the last Guerteltier.


If you want to roll a joint venture but there is no papers, you sniff cocaine instead ? Because it gets sent in 5 kgs to US nd EU. Where is the rolling papers beside the toilet one ? If you go for a caffesinho in a village, but there is no place for that, you put sugar with the machete ?
    I do not know what they keep as supply and request (Angebot u Nachfrage), offer and questions ?


The Emmy, the Grammy,the nanny, the teamfuck,
oohhhh Madonnna, mr Roadham where is the rolling papers ?

    Before I smoke the colt, I shoot the colt,
before I smoke a joint, I roll the joint,
it is something to be learnt ...
I gonna take care of that twitters, i am doing a good thing.

Adress to a spanish nation

Today I ordered the country fellows ahhh, to random combat for the tent stick !
    Its name is "Sierra Leone" from Salewa. But dear fellows the combat situation is very hard.
You ahh idiots can not do trains, its name is Bullet train, superfast trains !
You can not do that. The mission was only partly successfull country fellows. Its name, I mean the name of the tent, of what the stick is missing is Sierra Leone !
The mission was a failor, you fuckin idiots of spanish artistic street signs in neuvo spanish pueblo de mundo, hey Buthead what was its name.
    And spanish volks of a nation, where are the desks and chairs in ur hotel rooms, only beds, TV in iron frames and a shower, or what it could be of a hotel.
Anyway we will help you with a fully random voting campaign in half HD setting. Thanx fellows and spanish nazis, ahh bitch ahhh We will do more combat to get that spanish volks really more setup by its steetart with us.
    And if there is some socalled archeological site, pyramids here or there, or a stonemade calendar. First of all we make a packaage, a tour, we bring you there, and if there is no fence or wall or something gated around the site, we build a fence around it, we make a big wall, either in Peru or Mexico around that. And wih the package tour, know you pay for the wall, fence and tour.
    Thanx spanish volks


Behauvirorism americano pueblo de mundo

    In Mexico city I did not get cigarrete papers (rolling), take care of police checkposts,
some pillows and blankets are good for sniffing cocaine in some hotels.
In that city molochus I checked for a tent stick, take care of police,
it is close to becoming a smart city, but specially as newsmags are all in spanish only.
    In Oaxaca and San Christobal (San Futebole) you get also no rolling papers,
but you can camp there in the center of Oaxaca, they have fruits and veggies as well.
    In Comitan hotel managment is bad, forget that, Avokados on street is possible.
I check now for a woodpipe !

The last 20 years travelling I never slept (waited) on so many bus stations (aerports) as during the last 1,5 months (Peru, Ecuad, Mex.) In cities like Chiclayo, Tingo Maria, La Union (bivak), Quito, Santa Maria, San Christobal, Saragoza, Belem ...
      Trains new challenges for the West

Pyramids n stars

The grosse Meister decided to make a break, he followed the sunset from east to west, and sometimes you ve to make some cuts. He is waiting now for 50 Cents and Pitbull.
    There is a harbour and its not too complicated to go on shore. The gr meister said he will not go for Blue Marlin, no that is rediculose, he waits for a beautifull caravela, and do not do a scratch in 50 cents car in the while. The gr meister also want to say hello to the many sailors in the Caribe, it is good places, somtimes its time to make a break, a cut !

    The pyramids are of great stile, it s very impressing but as busy with touri folders teh CEO wants to shake, rub and dance at the earthquake-save pyramids with them. It s hard to read the touri folders really. In the US there is no pyramids, you have to travel south, southwest and further, maybe to La bushcat, Los ancheles, Chichenza, Palenque, Bonamkpak or Teotichuacan. The proceeding uncovereings of more sites did not get observed and there is other traces, special ones.

    Horses look good at the big half island (Yucatan) and you will need to understand that in the US they tried with lassos to catch the cows, what is no surprise after all buffaloes (nearly) got shot.

    Today they do bullriding (Rodeos), but dont tell, do not tell that ! It is only a 10 seconds ride.
    In spanish nuevo Mexico there are many good coloured volks left, even as it was once not easy to kill so many 1000 nd Azteks, Pizarro is old stile. The CEO said that for harvesting Mescal logic, you need long knifes. But do not mix that with the dead opt for an Arena with Torrero and bullkilling, better take Tequila, Mescal and Wodka.
    Sometimes it is time to make a cut and know that all these earthquake save pyramids got done for sacrifices, from bananas, tomatoes, patatas, cofee and chocolatel also some young women during times, so lets say for a ship, a beach, or also an aeroplane occasionally.
    Patatas got also found along Chiles southern coast once as well by Charles Darwin and I can approve all findings of this famouse, incredible trustfull discoverer. He is a great guy till today, like Vitus Bering who was an El capitano before Darwin allready.
    Let your fantasies groom, if it s not time for a string, maybe for fruit of the loom.

Some history
The strange thing and historical fact between the US and once spanish Mexico is that in the US they killed quite a few dozen million buffaloes over some 5 to 6 years, also many hundred thousand native Indiens. Then they started Rodeo, cow, bull and horse riding, as the buffaloes were gone.
    To the contrary in old spanish Mexico they killed the Azteks in the high altitude plateau, and built partly the churches on the rumble and dust areas of that times. Natives got often killed in a kind of mescal harvesting stile, with a long harpun or spear, the spanish way.

    The Apaches hated them for that and fought the US and Mexico, border region, in more than 8 main battles over 25 years and kept them on alert during that time. When the native people were gone they seemed to get bored and invented Bullfighting and killing in the arena, aside also the Inquisition over 200 years, slave trade and witch burning, katholic biz has many ugly faces.
But the thing till modern times is the difference, that in the US, the do cow hunting with lasso and bull riding, Rodeo (also roadeo), which can be seen in many TVs along the major highways in the southwest of the US and its highway petrol stations. In Spain not till long ago bullkilling in the arena was a big thing beside tomatoe throwing once a year.

    But dont forget, Napoleon (1830s) did not take them too seriousely allready at that time, not Charles Darwin and not the brit Queen.
    And till today, the socalled modern times, with cars, computers and mobiles, not too many politicans of some hemisphere get taken too seriously, and not for no reason, isn it !

Palenque, staied overnight at the busstation there and can not say if the pyramids are worth a visit, what also depends on state of renovation and conservation skills, shuttlebusses or orgnised tours. There are quite a few locations with pyramids on Yucatan and Chiapas. Bonampak (Chiapas) for its murals and paintings and Theotihuacan in the northeast of Mex. city for its huge multistage and set pyramids should be special. Merida is a more industrial city about 2 hrs south from Campeche by bus the way to Palenque.

    Campeche, a medium sized city along the Yucatan half peninsula, half way on its northwest coast, about 6 hrs from Palnque by bus. It has a nice easy going old main square in its old town, not too busy streets inside the many breakthoughs of the old fortification walls, some more or less fency restaurants, shops and indland the new city which is spread around in the not too high hills. Campeche has a university, and students are a main part of the local volks. The sea is mostly nice and clear and some spots can be found for a swim between old boats, Pelikans, kind of heavy but elegant flyers, it is mostly the Rose Pelikans, Seagulls, also once in a while a Fregattvogel. The stretch of the cities marina is a bid wired to me, but I got some new fishing hooks there as well, but whats the sense if you need to search half day for an ATM in that city.

    Cancun , the cities aerport has 4 terminals, I had to move the same day before takeoff from 4 to terminal 3 and vice versa on foot. The terminals look very very modern, a bid japanese, and when you need to walk two times 20 minutes from one terminal to another you get pissed then, specially when taxi drivers want suddenly 200 mex.pesos for that catjump, but Mexico ticks different.
    Some pay much, many pay more and politicans and their relevanth tentstik robbies (lobbies). The city itself is close to the coast, beaches, discos at night and foreigners from all spots of the world. It s an old classic holiday destination, but after roaming Campeche half day for an ATM i had to tak off from Cancun fast.
    The corridors from Campeche to Cancun have no speed breakers, many speed breakers are bumping the long ways in Chiapas and compared to busses in Yucatan, which are more big, cabs and minivans are very small beside Pickups in Chiapas.
    As everywhere in the states and Americas, Pickups are a big thing, and guess get a bid bigger for some weeks, maybe with plastic cover, the rest is video coaches during day and nights, allday they blow their brains an minds. Once I counted 17 persons in one Minicab, with a packbag it gets more sticky then sometimes. If one minibus driver needs to manage people and luggage it gets uneasy sometimes, but they have police walky talky and very noisy videos in most big coaches, what indicates spanish latin brainwash and distraction.
    Thatfor I called it the Guantanamo coalition, spaniards joined once the 2nd Iraq war by Bush II.
Fast trains, new challenges for the west and mapas de Mexico

    Mexico city the city molochus well known. It has 2 aerports and the main one has 2 terminals, and as also the captain excused and explained after 5 hrs delay before takeoff, its the worlds most messy aerport, I can approve that and at international aerports usually people do not freece at nights. It is a monstroese beton burgenklotzkasten but the same time with partly very long lowplafon gangways. Terminal 1 and 2 differ a lot but the funny thing was finally the aerports duty free section with tequila, many more bottles, but the finest russian gold brand I want to leave undisclosed here, it got too much, but worth the 40 dollars US.

More infos on Mex city in Megacitis, Map route o17, journey onward with Cuba    


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