Presidental Debate

Public Preelection Debate of Presidential Frontrunners on TV

Quesitioneer: Why do our troopers get taken out from Iraq, Germany and Afhganistan ?

Kandidate 1: It is far too costly to keep our people and trainees engaged there. We can not afford to pay that any more, even as in Germany our old friends asked us many many tiems to keep our troops there. It was because we are good consumers also in Germany in full uniform.

Kandidate 2: That is to be answered by the actual and last two presidents but overall I guess we started some wars whih did not pay well. These Muslims are so targeted and decisive, and engage in so many different forms that it is better, before we have more losses to send our fellows back home before christmas.

Questioneer: Why did so many people have to die by the corona virus in our homeland ?

Kabndidate 1: You are not allowed to ask that question , sit down sit down .... now sit down.

Questioneer: In case you do not get reelected again what will happen to the USA ?

Kabndidate 1: That will become business as usual, we will develop more deadly weapons and the NRA will test that on a daily base. Our volks will take action on the web hatefront. About 3 000 new shops will open and villages in the northwest get reconstructed.

Kabndidate 2: I will take over then after the transmission perios 2021 january as our tradition is telling. Question: and on the private lawn then ?

Kandi 1: .... hhhmmm I will play golf here and then, do some telefone calls and watch TV, see the documentary on my big aeroplane on TV, .... no but wait, that will be that i don t get chosen, I am the one and they our electoral collage will manage that properly. Yeah .. right

Kabndidate 2: That is no matter, it will not happen like that, the votes will get counted by hand, on real deks, and if russian volks of the Politbuero need to help us with that. We are friendly competitors .... the other voting issues will be by digital accounting, but bet on me that has to be rigging save, nomore rigging !

Question: Why could Obama not nominate or install the high level justuice court nominees ?

Kand 1: that is irelevanth here, get out .....get out .... he was not a US citizen, was he hahahahah

Kabndidate 2: ... that was a mistake, Obama had all rights and powers, but got blocked, so to say sanctioned to appoint the high comissioneer and high court of justice of the USA for a judge post.

Question: In case you get voted, how will you handle homeland health and in specific the given up World Health Org membership of the USA ?

Kandidate 2: There will be a few programms and laws for the good food, there will be reintegration to the WHO by the USA, the wealth of the nation and huge pharmaceutic industries get on watch list with their profits of overdosing and selling medicaments. Junk foods will be left as outsourced business to other hemispheres ....

Kabndidate 1: you bad guy, you see he is antibusiness, he wants to outsource or fast food chains, and then he wants to hit and strike on our cosmetic and pharma industries .... we will take care of that.

Richer Quest: Will you get built another skyscrapper ?

Kand 1: .. did not think about such a hard question yet, that is a tough question ... !

Kand 2: you see how weak he is, he can not do it a 2nd time hahahah .... better for leaving that job it to his daugther hehehe

Question: Will the NRA anyhow get regulated by your term in office ?

Kand 2: Yes of course, all that unqualified shootings in the USA over only a few years is unresponsible and needs to get minimized. we had far too many losses on that front as well ! Also teh use of smoke grenades for simple white volks has to be discussed ! The second world war is over for quite a while.

Kandidate 1: ... no there will not be any regulations for the NRA, they are good friends and our enemies will get to know and got to know that. We took for lang care for the NRA ... that means .... "National Rifle Ass-osiation".. yeah ....

Question: Will the Big Five get to see some regulations ?

Kand 1: ... Yeah I can hardly take Amazon and the Washington Post, they will get to know that .... my buddies will take care of the Washington Post,
Apple will need to make homeland PCs in the homeland, Facebook will get its antihate offices doubled alone in the midwest states with Thayland and the Phillipeens,

Google is on watchlist with Alphabet, that gets only the basics by our yearold MS multimedia forces. That is my plan and our big trucks and virtual knights are onway, bet it !

Kand 2: Yeah on the cheerlead and opinion fronts we need to do a lot, the hatespeech front got far too broad, personal rubbish does not hurt so much as long as the red line, yeah red lines should not get crossed on the pesonal rubbish fronts, that redlines with hatespeech need to get into the speakers corners of the hatespeech sanction offices.
We should also have an eye on the 32 mio new accountees on the app front.

Quest Richer: Will profits get cut along the cyberfront or only apps in specific ?

Kand 1: I told you allready the case with Tik tok and Oracle, also MS and the more, we are in troubles, really big troubles now with that .... Tik Tok gets purchased or a bid of taken over, I mean into our hands, we arealways open with that of master collecting data and pics. Tencent is much more on the asian broadfront, out of our reach .... hmm anyhow, we will manage ...

Kand 2: You see that weaky, he can not take virtual competitors ... that front is quite soft, the software front with apps for dancing and disco, for leisure and vacation, we can not take more air out of that. That candidate is too weak to take foreign competitors on that front. Mar a Lago and all that buddies fit better to em ... overall I will have a sharp eye on the Big Five.

Questioneer: Any plans for new walls ?

Kand 1: yes the one to Mexico is nearly ready, so ready for blocking .... good job, I was it who staged that project.

Kand 2: Yes we need to do more on the highwater fronts in all southern states, we need new floodwater walls there and better irrigation systems in connection with coming hurricans and high waters. On the northwestern front with Draughts and wildfires we need to have certain draught measures and if necesarry bunkers. Wildfiresave houses with bunkers. garages could serve that as well when that is underground. That is my visisn for the villagers and settlers in the northwest. Wildfire bunkers and deepdown garages.

At huge reservoirs in the northwest houseboating will be good for biz there as we got to see that from Vietnam, Kashmir and Thayland, also Laos. Campers are far too much exposed to wildfires also in Silicon valley.

Quest 34: In case of lootings adn demonstrations in cities what will you do ?

Kand 1: I sent the national guard, we take controll there, whoever resists and revolts, uprisings and far leftwing plotters, the national guard will be sent to take action and the revolts will get flattend.

Kand 2: We need to find the sources of revolts and work on that, some police cops are doing irresponsible shootings, we ve to work on that, better selfteasing than anger on the streets, our streets are broad enough.

Quest 56: Any plans for car factories ?

Kand 1: No I ve my big plane ... forgot that ?

Kand 2: We need to change to climate friendly cars and production, some of that got outsourced allready to Germany. Therefor that candidate tookout or soldiers there, if that was a good deal has to be seen later. New cars for troop shifting could proof more friends in the future. We could also engage the movie front in that again, but need to reduce nightcar racings in homeland.

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