Egypt III b

    Do not forget some sun cream. It got further discovered that AC busses do not reach from Luxor to Kairo but go to Hurgarda which is at the Red sea, from there some move to Kairo then alter. From Kairo you can reach anywhere like western desert, Luxor, Hurgarda or Ismailla and Suez. Trains move along the Nile river but less busses.

Minicabs are another story and often packed, if it fits to cost/ time relation you can take taxis on short distances or agree to a price for a visit tour like for 3 or 4 hours as was the option near Valley of kings or Karnak at hight of Luxor. Near Luxor you can also arrange ballon trips which could get more out of the foreigners vallets.

Boat trips are another story, either by size of the ship and what is included and what not or the size of the sail what could mean that under heavy gusty winds or waves the Felukka trip would turn into an adventure depending on the experience of the tour guide. Prices should be agreed in advance and villages are not everywhere to be in reach on longer day to week trips. Yesterday the first big cruise ship got seen from a rooftop reste on the move north from Aswan after about two weeks along the river at two major cities in the southern kingdom.

I do not want to elaborate much further on Egypt because it was a 4 day hardship (30 dec - 2.jan 21) to get out of Cairo, to its airport, at the check in 3 times and bookings got changed, each time for 100 dollar extra, three times without further information on more needed papers needed to get out.

    The airport is a big construction desaster with 3 terminals, helioplois not far on a street sign there and you cen be lucky when a taxi driver finds the entrance to one of the terminals such mega kleeblatt streets at its surroundings.

Going by guide book infos -B
.... Also with old roman buildings you find many columns.

    The Obelisks are of another story and hardship. Kolonialistas know that well, the oobelsiks gto taken to all kinfd of modern western states, but allready some half a century ago. The funny fact is that I travelled Turky not long ago, and by that also to Ephesus, basically to the renovated castle and the st Johns cathedral only, as later the same day after sunshine suddenly a dark heavy looking rainfront was sending signals.

    (see R) At the gates of the archeoarea close to Ephesus and the osman castle they say that Joseph and Marie fled to Asia/ Ephesus as the ceroe man sent them there. So we have to assume that the flight took quite a while from Israel to Ephesus and further to Egypt, abid to the right and there where once even ships had harbours, today dry ex Nileshores. ...

    Another special fact is that the old egypt columns are huge, really big and about 15 times the size of an old roman column, by mass, hight and weight. Anyway Tut ench Amun had some ribs broken as in as he got troubled in an Streitwagen accident. There are some hypophrases on ribs and the more. But his life is enduring indeed. Tuthmoses were also a few, not only one, same applis for Sethi and Ramses, there were always more of them during a dynasti, ancestors and sons and daughters, in quite a balance, often seen togather, the pharao and his wife.

    Interesting with Hatshepsut is that she has not the typical female figure as many are used to see today from movies, cinemas or socalled realty TV. What that is nobody knows really (often most boring in indian TV)

    It was many dynasties of the old egypt times, and not over some 2 or threehundred years no. Dimensins were quite diferent to today estimations, like lets say opn smart phones also Daumenkinos.
    The exact flight route of the holy family is not exactly known. From Cairo Egypt to mideast turkish coast at hight of Ephesos, once the capital Asia during the east roman Empire, it is quite a stretch. Even on a plane today.

    If they have done it on sailing boats, on horse or donkies, in a basket onriver, or in a carrige has to be studied further. Mozart reached Roma and Prague allready once. Others migration and travelroutes have to be measured and asekd if that was a save journey so lets say along the eastturkish and westbalkan route.

    By now so much - I ve seen the National museum also from riverside and it is a disaster, that looks far not inviting even as most items got once shipped over the Nile and brought by that side into it. It looks like rumble and dust today with a big street in between, unappropriate !

    When I got angry and red of anger with a sharp look at some taxi driver the Pharaos were appearing on horizon, and it was a pleasure to see all that happaning .... then police, outside securities, glassgates and nogates, too long ramps or a stolen ticket the first day gets all forgotten. The kings were coming and watched the struggle, if it gets more rumble to dust or appropriate settings is up to the ultimate, in shalla.

    Not far from what was once the small riviera and good for walking is now another long construction site and gets more to rumble and dust again. Same is the case at Luxor riverside where there was once some shops and a pier, another construction site of whcih i heared it gets very clean .... Target is a new riviera something liek a boulevard or alike ?

    In Cairo downtown riverside there was a proper small park (hoopoes) with cafee onway as well in Luxor riverside now the dogs rest there in the shade and sand allday it looks.

    Rumble to dust is a Nogo and not an option !

    In case you can miss to support military rule it is none the less worth visiting the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Medinet Habu, Aswan, West bank also Elephantine island (Nubian island) and its vicinity.

    Old Egypt left huge and impressing traces from centuries and dynasties.

    If you get a train ticket (very small), any hotel bill, a good tempole ticket (big), another covid test (big, back to house woods that test dissapeared) for 100 dollars more at a hospital complex, if you get to see the overseer or to hear your Embassador over 3 days on phone, and last day for the try at checkin counter again, or get a Reiseanmeldung done (QR -??) via 3 smartphoens offered at checkin or the own Netbook at the same counter and maybe gets accepeted ..... passover at the southturkish sea got a hardship.
    Which ticket was made to work without more 100 dollars extra (extra booking)... that is left to the ones who know about basics in these QR times (generation android).

    Many guys in trains and restaurants are friendly (even offering foods before the passover got solved), either from Adana Turky, Jekaterinburg Russia, from Uganda, Malawi, Sudan or lake Turkana. Also do not miss to join here and then old big women totally covered in dark at an evening fireplace on an island, it is for a good laugh and not the last one.

Egypt 1


Egypt 2 - Oman


    Overall marcets look different either for fruits, veg, boats or taxis. On TV it got broadcasted that women have a share of more than one quarter in the egypt government and maybe that could be the reason why Mr Trumps most liked Military ruler was Mr Al Sisi.

    To elaborate on that topics would get out of hand (plastik flowers) here as african nations look different everywhere and in reality you have to take a carefull look what s happening, whom you met, where and when, under which circumstances, as many people also men are totally covered. Usually men are more engaged in daily city business by what you get to hear from the traffic and street side.

( - R ) (somewhere at Selcuk/ Ephesus/ Asia ... I had a warm meal, not in the wide spacy and empty garden of a restaurant but near dogshit, as a thaywomen worker sent me out, as it was another lockdown time, some fems are really better than any police ... )
As experienced traveller it can be saied that the locations along the river Nile with rocks and jump (not the dam) options are very calming and beautifull and the can often make a day not far from sanddunes and traces in the sand.

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a map or two will be placed soon or later, when cam battery got send back to the studio // pictures are bigger than they appear onpage