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Next one is Mummy Summit     Olympic Wintergames       by Quincy Joanes

Nextone is mummy summit

Olympic Wintergames 2022

Pandemia and Cumbre Viejos

    Next one is Mummy Summit

Mummy 6: yeah they had another one on Democracy .. they say it s name is democracy with passports and so. other demonstrate and occupie streets against passports the green and darker ones ... it the corona thing.

Mummy 7: Some say it is waves now it had allready 10 names, guess tehy will have a corona summit also, where the conditions after 2 years get discussed.

Mummy 6: No but then they had another summit for some partneshaf, no was it patenshaft. No it was the next summit after the democracy one. It was in some east of the EU. Whats that, they say it is some marcet. Must be fronto temporalis.

Mummy 7: Then they had soem agreements and were fuzzing on another round of boycotts.

Mummy 6: Ahh does that mean where the petrol got more costly or is it where a tank blew up.

Mummy 7: No it is from where they say they d have some power shortages, some marcet soem say or ahhh

Mummy 6 Guess they will supply more of that power by lines and cables from Bosnia and Mazedonia. Yeah that could help then finally.

Mummy 7: Is it that they get so much of more power there from the southeast

Mummy 6: Others say it is just another gas pipeline. Ohhh aha Did teh swiss ship leave from that project preempt.

Mummy 7: Yeah they left before their time.

Mummy 6: No surprise

Mummy 7: You ve some heat left ?

Mummy 6: Yep much wood in front of the hut. That needs some chopping and drieing ...

Mummy 7: How s about the overload of dust and smoke at your place ?

Mummy 6: That got pretty much over the weeeks and months.

Mummy 7: Ah feel like a mummy !

Mummy 6: Yes kind of, yeahh a mummy, some 3000 years old but then the vacuum cleaner, now there are millions of that oin TV ...

Mummy 7: That s great, they are all the same ... See that on TV, it is mummy TV !

Mummy 6: Lately it was winking and gestikulating with hands and some thumbs ...

Mummy 7: Guess they will have some mummy summits next years, on fingers and found legs.

Mummy 6: Yeah agree it will get to mummy summits not the seven springs tours.

Mummy 7: will you join some of their mummy summits ?

Mummy 6: No I will not even watch their TV of the dancing on cadaver hipes.

Mummy 7: You mean Abu Graib, yeah that was a similar case.

Mummy 6: Now she is triple operated ad does veranda sitting after Abu Graib ....

Mummy 7: Uhhh thats bad forget it all ! Do not even think about it ....

Winter Olympics Games 2022

It is well known that there was teh Winter Olympic Games in Korea, not that long ago.

Interesting as it was happening before the Pandemic times, which got nw allready into the 3d year. Thgey make a big fuzz of it if to boycoot or send somebody to teh Winter Olympiocvs or not.

Others say it is up to the Sportist themself if they want to g there or not. Then tehre is the pont of finanzing the thing and if teh Elephenta or donkeys will manage to know teh difference between teh Sportsmen and women themeslf and the management and the toztal procedure.

That can get done even under the circumstances of the pandemic and what that needs as measures. Winter Olympics are the more special as not many lands have winter in their lands, what can lead to the conclusion that they can also not train in that winter settings.

So that kippstangen will jot get touched for training wintergames in many lands. Then the winter gear which is quite sticky and of some volume. Winter gear can be annoying and not many nationas have winter sportists in their lands.

Australiens by themself know that they got nuts over the dacades by the sun, it go hot there and so even teh more Aussies are so relaxed. They are beer drinkers and less winter sportists, samecounts for many lands in Afrika, notmany can afford to pay trainaings on african glaciers. That can be named boycott by nature. Others fight since decades for their win at sport games.

Others fight since years with diplomacies and how big embassies and their staff should be.

Kippstangen are still a big issue, as it was when kippstangen got invented. Parallel slalom is bad and very stupid, same counts for parallel supoer Ski if anybody can prepare a pista for that stupid thing of a parallel super Gi. But even so Winter O games will be abig game.

Then comes TV who of some TV channels is allowed to get some licenses 4 the broadcasts, the finacial matter so to say. Maybe 5G will play a role then allready and maybe even on bgger screens than 5 inch diagonale. Kippstangen will count as well lately. It is teh saem with tennis and football since decades.

But there is a big difference if there is a pandemic striking and how and who gets along with that. They will find many justifications nd excuses again since the certoe years if soem politicans will not join the games or do not even send the sportists. They can drop some flags then and some sportists can come as landles or not joining the event as a representative of a nation or land. If that is one with had or not in the futrure is on another hand.

They will find many excuses for nbot sending either politicans manegers or the sportists themself.

It can be also part of schoolwork in some lands, if they can yet read ad right there, since highschool... and some alphabet. in what all name and excuses they will join or not jopin the Winter Olympic games.

And if some will follow then and how, beside the million costly tiny flatscreens. Many websites got pale over the years or stick to the odd pic and read face, as with black and white, mostly on newspages. Many of these pages got pale over last years. And the muster is often the same, beside the breitbart sites with daily misshap, stories and soaps. Breitbart is something totally different to the Winter Olympics and all the many justifications they will sound in case of joing or not joining the Wintergames.

Maybe one reason will be that tey could not train, winter changed, many human right factors went nuts and crazy since the New Zealand shooter. Also since the CIA camps in southeast europe during the 5th run for Afghanistan. They have winters there but I guess with little snow in the mountains. Many Saudis get the experience in an artifical hall, their hall of snow.

So schoolwork will be how some justify their staing off or joining the Olympic Wintergames. And be carefull in case some will use their sportspower and managments skills sametime for a new hybrid war of .. willings.

I do not know how your future looks like.

Cumbre Viejo is powerfull, Merapi is powerfull and the ring of fire.

The Maya calendar stopped allready counting.

It is up to some big leaders in small and big to make the right decisions, pandemic has been striking for a while and forced allready heavy tolls.

Take it as a gift if you stay healthy over X-mas. Some oddpoliticans seem to calculate with beta, gamma, lucy, theticron mutants after the 3d and 4th wave.

One huge wave from the sea can take much down. Ring of fire is quite active again.

A dark president form the USA, if it was not two over 6 terms, is over. The next one came from biz and deals, not from the US justice system. That makes some difference.

Quincy J.

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