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Doku on Yunnan or Wyoming

Yesterday on phoenix TV there was a doku on China Yunnan, and in general it was ok with mega salamanders, Tibetan foxes, but with breeding rare or near to extinct monkies of a remote valley it is like with a 60 mio slaughterd buffaloes and the rest was maybe 200 of buffaloes somewhere in Wyoming, ... after 5 years of stink and cadaverhipes on the plains.

The monkies of Yunnan looked a bid wired in that doku. If you start breeding of 5 or 9 bunnies they will look strange then after years of inbreed With habsburger of the old times it was similar and the eunuchen and castraten are not many peoples cases really.

Chips or cotton

The cotton industrie got on the list of groundhitting sanctions. Years before the topics were kostbare erden and today again Halbleiter industries.

It was not the question on kostbare mobiles or handies (preciouse mobiles).

Now it gets to total Halbleiter industries.
But honestly if you ve been around on PCs here and there over years, hows about Team Viewer, (it got immediatly quit at indian PC stations) and when the chip industries get on the sanction lists after megagains by exaggerated costly mobiles ... do not underestimate the exit of that dark tunnel, or was it a pipelines ?

Some guys can see the 5G on horizons with good speed, but without Huawei leaving web-holes in Europe could get a real scenario .... in vallies and over 1500m.

zu die langen nacht der tiergaerten

Fastfood and Jabs

One upon a time somebody was goingf on cyccle, so to say on a pushbike, to the USA to visit there the indian reservations, not for a ticket in densly populated areas of asia or Bangkok. No he wanted to meet hos age old brothers of the native reseravtions. It was in the southwest of the USA, where nowadays many trafficantes and rifle associats do their stuff.

The problem was to get there on bus and the cycle got pushed into the bus to get the stretch done from NY to Albuquerqui. It was Greyhounds at that times. As it was summer it wa not that amusing to cycle the huge stretches in the southwestern plateau area with the Tiwa and Towa pueblos. He went further to the Palo Duro Cayon in the Arizone reagion.
After two days on bus with short brealks for fastfoods he was finished. The cycle got preoperely reassamblied and a clinic searched for the power to get the ride to the native reservations done. It was long before mdern virus times and in the clinic he got an arnold jab and made the same day 60 km north to Tiwa areas.

They immedialy were astonished as I had luckily an insurance with me and the saied it was a good one. In the clinic they did not find the venes and needed about more than 5 tries to get that jab done. They found something then finally and he left for another 60 km to north along the rio Grande which is more or less a small stream there not far from El Paso in Apache lands.
He went for a lovely visit on the mainpueblos roof there and staied overnight along in his tent at the street. Since then he got much immunisated against all unbills, he found onway some feathers from freshly killed, by cars, falcons, with nice stripes in feathers which he took with him. The wings grew since then immensly and no cars got hit so far during that ride in the southwestern plaetau area.

He got a few times immunisated against other unbills nd hardships, iron nerves and iron fists are since then his main tasks. The vene which got niot found so easily healed and the TV screens got much flatter since then. Fast foods hardly changed since then but nowadays allready cowships with a few hundred cows sank (New Zealands and south of Spain), the canal got stuck by a huge container ship and onway usually mobiles or handies are not that fitting to find the right traces and trails.

There was BSE (mad cow desease in GB) and ebola, and shavers in local saunas are disgusting till today. And if it is once in 15 years that bad taste staies till today.

schoenes wetter ueber ostern ....

in auslaendischen Zeitungen im Ausland entdeckt

Hier ein schoenes Beispiel das auch herrschaften lesen koennen und garnicht aus einer der neuen zeitungen oder sonstigen flachauflagen im land ist. Es geht um den zusammenhang suchmaschienen, verbrechen und die aufklaerung ueber telefone .....
oder sogar sociale networks

BG rechnet nochimmer

Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Bill Gates spricht in Dimensionen die keiner versteht, von millionen tonnnen carbondioxid CO2, von tausenden Jahren die es braucht die zu beseitigen. Bill Gates rechnet in minuten vor, wei ein Grossrechner was das kostet und wielange es dauert das Welklima zu retten, von Flachbildschirmen war nie die Rede.

Wie Dr Verbose der Weltrettung schwebt Bill Gates in den uendlichen Weiten und Dimensionen der Grossraumanalysen im Rechnenzentrums, taucht ein in den milionenschweren Troegen udn Toepfen des Bonanza und Zasta und den unglaublich breit gefaecherten Vorstellungen zu der sehr schwierigen Rettung des ganzen Zaster, oder doch des Welklimas, und der Stabilisierung von millionen vom Chaos gezeichneten Desktopnutzern und wie das ganze in Folge zu loesen sei.

Doch wenn man konkret an excel oder die letzen 2 OS denkt dann ist die Aufgabe zu gross vor der Loesung derselben. Die user experience (nutzer erfahrung) von Bill zur Rettung des Weltklimas ist empirisch betrachtet anhand der Desktopeinstellungen zum Scheitern verdammt und verurteilt. Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

the man who did all that ... !

The Assange case against the Goshn case

Free Assange ... !

War Diaries speak a clear message since Anne Frank

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