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Nature observations   India 014/015 - D

India 2015 - Dharamsala, Dauladar range     (HP april 015)

nocam nopics First Hoopoes (Wiedehopfe) flieing overhead closely specially as they arrive in search for nesting sites at 2200m alt, Greywinged Blackbird secretly watching closely during sunsets and rarely calling, Treepies sometimes showing up, Woodpeckers hard to differ, Vultures sailing afternoons and magic colorful flycatchers at 2400m alt
Biotops ar too much at that location Dhauladar range (HP), Rhododendron flowering during April (around 2000m), southern slopes very dry and exponated, norther corners around wet and with farns dripping, colorfull Flycatchers checking closely and dark blue ones hiding in dense djungle corners. The more you climb you can sometimes even get a glimps of the huge Himalayan Pines which yet stand in snow close to 3000m during april. Deodar (himal. cedar), Pines (Kiefern), Larchs (Lärchen), Farns, Rhododendron ......

Rishikesh     (march 015)

nocam nopics Indian Hornbill (1 time 22.03.015), Pied Kingfisher Treepies, Langures, Lemures, early morning Peacocks calling, Water-Redstarts
Only once in a while some huge single Kormorants, Seagulls and Kingfishers which could indicate no major small fish to eat actually what could be triggered by water pollution by beton dust along riverside ravines and roads, where the rumble n dust gets dumped which is changing water softness from soft to hard (Rishikesh march 015)

Goa     (jan-march 015)

Drongos Purple Herons Beeaters aBulbuls Kites the Whitebellied Seaeagles (nesting) Magpie Robins Flying Bats n more (march 015)
nocam nopics
Hechtlinge - small freshwater fish with tiny fluor spot on head (distinctive) good anti moskito force

Start of march hedging succes (nesting) of the Whitebellied Seaeagles young couple, Goa, fantastic as they show up sometimes togather, too much, shanti ansd souveraen. While leaving hill after all skymasters performance during sunset (Goa northern territories 4.03.15)
Found at two locations Hechtlinge, are small hunting fish at water surface, good anti Moskito force.
At the same lake the Whitebeareded Waterlilie ... Wasserschlauch flowering yellow, is a carnivore waterplant, further Purple Heron, Bronzewinged Jacanas and more, some 2 weeks ago Woolenecked Storks (all between Chapora river and Arambol).

February in Goa month of Drongos showing up mornings, also ind. Rollers, Kingfishers etc Swallows moving north all day along the coast.

Observed over 3 days Whitebellied Seaeagles one catching prey at south Anjuna, while sunset, a couple sourrounded by 50 kites in a "keep distance bubble" over Ft Chapora also during sunset (19-22.01 Goa) One couple north of Goa
Asian Openbills in wet fields with herons Asian Paradise Flyatcher in front of room early morning in rufous phase (21.01). Often Indian Rollers (Blauracken), Kingfishers and Green Beaeaters.
Falcons, once maybe Redlegged Falcon reacting on my call - eye to eye Some Drongos and once a fantastic colored and shaped Flameback (Woodpecker mid - end jan)

Ellora     (dec 015)

Black Shoulderd Kite for 3 days near GHouse hunting. Sleeping between the rocks of Dusky Eagle Owl for 3 nights at Magic nalla. Two Woollen Necked Storks from distance(?), couple of Red Necked Falcons in courtship display during noon near Magic nalla, one time in woods a Shikra, 5 Common Teals during sunset at Magic nalla, many Rose Ringed Parakeets at Monolith, Kingfishers and Coucal. Freed a House Swift from hand after found hurt, carried a bid on way (01.01.015)

ELLORA Grasshoppers which jump into water when frightened and
Crabs which dont like garbage near their holes at Magic nalla (dec-jan)
more here

KOSI RIVER Spotted Forktail couple (12.12), Brown Dipper collecting nesting material, vultures in valley during noon, Crested Kingfisher, small Treepie vario, dark with small white band on wing covers (dec 014)

KAUSANI Treepies, Magpies, a couple Snake Eagles over Anamay Ashram during noon (9.12)
(no cam no pics, dec 014)

RISHIKIESH Wallcreepers at GHouse garden during mornings, couple of Changeable Hawk Eagles seen 4 short from beach, Jungle Owlet last sunset in GHouse garden, Kormorants, Kingfishers, Swallows, even foreign River Otter traces on beach ... (nov-dec 014)

Mac Leod Ganj - Dharamkot     (june 014)

Much for relaxation inviting Rhododendron tree on S.Leopards ravine, colorful and alert Hoopoe (Wiedehopf bred in our garden 2002) and skymaster, Bearded Vulture high above during Water-Sprinkling-Crow day, in EU some roam sometimes from Alps to Holland (very flat)
for whatever ...

Beautiful, to Segelfalter related butterflies at thistles with other ones during fresh days before monsoon times
Roaming the woods and slopes i found this special plant and strange enough in Europe, central alps south alt 600m, at the street to our house was a similar looking one (leaves n stam, put pic to flowering last summer before departure, never seen before. And big unknown butterfly at rooftop during good morning action

One day after my steep climp at Leopards ravine i got to find these magnificant Digitalis (Fingerhut) over Dharamkot

- at Leopards ravine an unknown butterfly, a kind of Primula (Aurikel in the Alps) and a dryland mountain snail

After arrival to the hillstation i encountered this huge buffalo, guess its a spanish-fighter-bull not an indian Nandi and the Crow which sprinkled water over me while having nab in the mountains

Ganges - Rishikesh     (may 014)

While having bath in the Ganga this nice sounding Wagtail got very attentive and was watching me for quite a while, same with Water Redstart last okt same place and a kind of Liane which looks like Wuergfeige

Roaming along river Ganga as part of my daily JoySwims i found these plants from left Datura metel very smelly, intense n poisonouse, a kind of Cereus cakti, have also at home (EU) from Arambol Goa and -
- one of my mums preferd terrace flower in EU (2 left), growing all over India, mainly dry n hot places, even near railways like Lemongrass. And the featherlike red flowering unknown tree (2 right)

While heat was fulls striking during noon the Agame (small iguana) was searching for something at neighbours room door

During my daily swims and walks along beloved river Ganga, one of natures ultimate powers, all kind of butterflies like indian Monarchs and Segelfalter were playing joyful ... more butterflies here or here

On way to the river flowering trees, back home the room Gecko and surprisingly a big spider showd up in the bathroom after me returning late in darkness after talking with girls in some restes

Morning Bulbuls at guest house and young Crested Kingfisher near wild rapids in Ganga

C - (Kumaon Himal april-may)

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