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Trishul MG -

i:   Admi means man in Hindi, I am the admin and your beta-Tester !
ii:   have lots of experience, want to share - check this

T3 - my card

I cant get rid of the impression
that my card is for women like
the electricans bill, no even worse
its like the installation instruction from the electrican (electrifier)
(also part of Travel Diary - 02.06.2014)

T4 - independent ...

It s a good example for America (US) that Michelle O. is growing vegetable in the White house' garden, because soon or later every US Americans house should have its own veg garden backside, it s good to be independent in America, grow its own seeds and become subsistance farmers on big scale, also some short growing two season raps oil could help not to be forced to rely on Nigeria or Ukraine ... its a good example for getting independent from Cargill and Monsanto, just excellent.
    Also wheatgrass could help in each childs room, instead of TV, watching from grassroots to wheatgrass' tops, so no need to ask Papi or Mumi for a drink, independent and free.

T6 - googla-

Anybody ever heared of google.US ?
(or uugle.arizona, uugle.texas ...)
or is it only huge data storages
somewhere out there outsourced !? check

T7 - silikonean firmas

The big silikonean firmas (companies) of the silicon valley in the USA want put new headquarters, Why dont they set up new headquarters on islands like Ireland (easy tax zone), or Bermudas good for saving money, also easy tax zone) or Bahamas, Bikini, Haiti, Mururoa or Haiti, Gili Airs, Cayman islands, or Cook, also Samos or Naxos, ... Strange they are really unflexible but i think its a great idea and maybe the best solution to make 4 their livings on artificial islands en futuro, as allready in planning phase, good fitting for developing community feelings and inhabitant controll. Also good as law free zone, so fitting 4 all kind of crimes (- neo digi), also good for researching new forms of human living (big laboratory) and beauty studies on inhabitants and garbage output controll (recycling and fallout).
more on commercos new ideas

T9 - something new

In case you want TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW like with the revolutionary movement by the Zapatistas in Mexiko, the Cuban Revolution, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia you have to make some nice websites to inform people of your success story, how it began, what worked, what failed, what got followers etc you can also check my website for how to split topics, for how to promote your tasks and inform people. some need chicks n pics, some are focused on information, some like both etc I can help you with a webproject
    Then you can write a book (forbid as author the booket-act), get some dokus (TV), get or do
websites about it, good ones ! (bad ones get on black-list, good ones on white list, Wikipedia has good infos n links) or some try some movies about the success story.

Mt. Trishul from south - Kumaon/India, more actual piccies via my Travel-galleries

T10 - jesus supermarcet (Goa 014)

Last time in jesus-supermarcet (Orchards/ march 2014) i observed that the big-shopper/ consumer at the counter gets immediately supported to pack everything as fast as possible into her basket, so at the counter all 4 help togaga to make consuming fast n easy (same in da big american mall ...), then to the fridge and later into the microwave in da states, the prozess of sopping is still there but the prozess of cookig got mainly lost - bad -
    The man is less important for the marcet, he gets a single plastic-shaver (or 3-5) by a company, i prefer to get shaved.
    Now the pale-faces in some US get face lifted, botoxed, pushed-up (jeans), stam-cell-checked, spermbank-selected for good looks (lifting mating chances), surviving n breeding.

T11 - doors

as only seen at some local doors in Nepal but not at fancy hotel doors (april 2014)
Instead of US stile hotel room doors
PUT indian stile padlock system, independent iron sys, sturdy n stable.

T12 - bitcoin seminar

Joined the Bitcoin Seminar (Goa 13.03.14)
    The aussi didn t speak much of an english,
the rusk explanator was nice, spoke english
the HIGHLIGHT of the BCS was me saying after some questions n the more:
" ... i ve got a Bitcoin, wanna touch it ?"
the audience girls were mainly quiet or focused on the smart front speakers only, one of them was curiouse about the cyber_wallet_thing ...

    Mining Bitcoins is very important, so the more storage/garages for putting PCs you have the more BITCOINS you will generate with the put software on the PCs and the more SMARTPHONES you have (maybe 5 only), will not work with chipless and appliless mobiles, the more Bitcoins you will generate via the put/installed software.
    Or just rent a garage, put PCs and relevant Bitcoin software, then exchange-trade a bid and you get BIG REVENUE - voila (dont tell the official rating_agencies/ my Ratings and marcet_controll_officers !)

T13 - positive

In America_US they are always very positive, they cant say no because the big companies make a big fuzz about their products but dont take in account their fallout, so in the US they are botox_positive, hormon_meet_positive, death_penalty_positive, silikon_positive (whatever vallies either..) chlor_chicken_positive, GM_food_positive, HIV-positive (?), share_stox_postive, TV_positive (running alldaylong in da rooms), movie_positive, just positive
    but when you wear the wrong T-shirt at the wrong time (school events), at the wrong place or do a bombig surprising speech something s turning negative suddenly ...

T36 - socl networking

Strange but some fb-sites dissapeared as from NSA and MS, guess cause i posted some nice links for their cheers - kerkerega !? thats how sozially-modified-corporate-Networking works - SUCCESS ! One site specialised on US-doks and eyeball-pics (sat-pics) became very wired (cryptome)
check main links for good pages, my standards (also part of web-diary)

T66 - winWin-positione

win7_power_task_plan Windows _7 "Power Task Plans" are very very important for the worlds most Burning Nation (IT, ET or operational ?? ..morning-toasters, air-condition, cars, the Bush of a ranch ... etc China bans win8 from gov PCs cause of too much power used by sys-OS-win8)

T67 - Can repair everything

I can repair everything
the switch, the plug, eeverything, the packbag, chapels (flip flops),
I can repair T-shirts and cycles,
I can not repair avalanches,
i can repair maps and fix book pages
I can not repair F22 raptors and not windows10,
and i can not repair austrian psychologists
thats absolutely impossible ! (sorry)

I can repair much but
not pushback table screen and cupholder design
of some very modern civic planes from the west. Thats another special story

T68 - Want 2 connect !?

As long as you can not reach Mid America from
Lissabon, Paris or Madrid direct try via Punta Cana
would not try via Dallas,
4 Colombia you need 1month max. back ticket
and as long as you can not fly from Canari Islands to
Senegal, Sierra Leone or Liberia don t believe in the fuzz of some
Fashists free marcets

T69 - TV n stories

If rape is bad
what is your doggy-stile-dance-TV
I know BJP doesnt like sex but Lingam-Pooja
so drop some rape stories in your newspapers
and try to adjust numbers of articles to reality of 100ds of millions
get some ideas and notice you odd BJP-oojies (, linga-Pooja etc,
india nov 2013)

T70 - hit back

In case you want to hit-back, smash and grind some comps and corps,
    observe their bad products n outcome (fat n ugly people by bad food, botox-chicks, hacked PCs, data collecting smart-phones etc) then document these bad jobs by your websites for instance or little schools in remote areas ....
    You can as well check their infos by some socalled foundation-websites (Billy n Melinda etc), check key information sites as ...clients...products..applications..privacy-policy..grants..etc or you just job as a SUB (-marine) in their orgs (NSA, CIA ...Guenther Wallraff in Germany etc) or ask nice questions to their fellow indoctrinated clients and hosts or you
    send nice links to their websites as part of social-networks as are fb, twitter etc by applauding their products, smart people, big money, nice cheers, clients n followers in short but the LINK YOU SEND IS SPECIAL, thats the way to trap simple cheers and dump the big n proud product producers (-sites)
    Then you write a book (as author forbid the tablet-act) get the story put on websites, probably do a movie (Mannings, Assange, Snowden...) and get the "Best truth act" price by some strange standard n poors illusion ind. clients or just tell the medias as the real one that the movie got rubbish buy illusion industries clients....!

T71 - access (Zugang)

Once they tried the socalled trustworthy computing act, in case you can not access your email-accounts by the PCs in foreign regions webstations nowadays just send a notice/ mail to your relatives or trustworthy friends at home with your user-name and password for sign in, mail-forward or delete acts, (same works with sms from mobile username n passoword message...) or let some alternative mail-account grase the non accassable account.
    In short - if mail-accounts (or socl-networking-login etc) in foreign regions get unaccassable because of stupified log-in security measures, but not by smart-mobile, just do the reconnect act with home PC (friends n family) mentioned above !

T73 - IT sys

IT is a system specialamente
IT does not mean communication, it means that the data collectors get a good job done by IT, its data performers, manufacturers, miners, advertisers and profilers, get their job done via some com_goodies, applis and smart_mobs (smart phones).
Ooohhh its a smart-mob not a street-mob or rogue-mob ... oohhh

T79 - Stupid white man (book)

When Michael Moore, the boss_hunter, enters companies property to interview the boss in his transparent office
and gets blocked to interview the always very busy companies boss and
his (M.Moore) feelings get hurt by the always busy boss in his transparent office,
does he get compensated therefor ?
    I prefer boss_hunters to trend_hunters, to model_hunters, to job_hunters, to irresponsible quale_hunters (D.Janey) ... !

T88 - banking komission

Caixa Banking
- means banking by cash-automat via card (ATM etc - inTheBoxBanking ...), you should get proper info at the automat about the Komission-fee they take as part of freedom of info act (RTI in India), got puzzled and surprised as i got notice about my Konto and the 20% Komission-fee taken at some automats (at one automat it was one time even 50% and 7 days later nearly cero - strange/adjab-Banking)

      An indian guy whom i staied some days with (he studied Jus/ Jura for a while and knows western-british and indian law systems) told me that Indians have exactly 888 Laws ....!?
strange isn t it ! the rest seems to be paragraphs etc
(my proper RTI right 2 info and FOI freedom of info act....)

T89 - neo strategy


    can focus on Nepal as an example and a kind of MODEL - no standards but many adventure-(wild west)-trekking-checking-money-checkposts, further native_US border patrols along indian reservations (Fort Laramy treaty gets reinforced !) further put casinos ($) in some reservations and
OKLAHOMA gets its own individual constitution by native_US indians.
    SEMINOLE country does costly canoe and more trips for the pale faces, loss of Appalachee tribe regions gets heavy compensated for "Trail of tears".
    The consequent killing of 60 billion buffaloes ($2) by train for fun, within little years to eradicate subsistance food of open land plain tribes gets heavily compensated and not only somemice in big macs or hairy chlor chicken ....
HAWAI gets a new sessionist_native_constitution as an Pacific island ($3) and as
    FINAL ACT ($4) all major passsing through native reservation highget heavy feed/ maut/ cashed, specially pale faces_US_plates (cars, trucks), all US 4 wheelers excempt US native reservation inhabitants 4 wheelers ...

Then YOU earn something
and they learn someping !!

$ _striving for luck rushmore fellaws
$2 _got nearly extinct but some 60 individuals in a Wyoming valley
$3 _was somebody really born there as some neo-consis ask ?
$4 _final cut act

Sitting Bull art
check more via Travel Diary in mixed chapter via this site , date entry ... (Nepal)

Invest-i-gator - english deutsch

T90 - Social Networking

Reserved the name TRIBES for my Socils Network Project (21.03.14) and since then i am waiting for some companies motivation mails to me fot that best earning job, as i am already busy, very busy with coding my webpages and a million little things beside, to shop (food), organise, laundry, kitchen, research, invent (check science pages) and code (emails, fb posts, pages, Travel diary entries checking news on web etc).
    You need a facebook, you know babies have a very good face recognition and when they look into the mirror it gets funny, in the US students get a facebook and on web some chicks look into mirror of their hot fb pages etc etc (ms didnt recognise my mouse/PC any more after 2month, stupid MS)

T91 - Marcet hits, songs, feat

When you hit on some marcet
and the marcet registers the impact (indices)
then you know it was a good hit
beacause in some relation the marcet is then
not yet too mad here and then.
Ratings - Comerco

Machete -

Cut all mind rubbish, clear the illusions, drop the bad, ugly n evel guys n girls !
Cut the old odds, habits n circles of role-models.

Learn from your experiences with people, system n teks, then something new develops within you and later on it transforms to the outer, public or hidden, secret or observed, loud or quiet...

Play, check or turn off TV
play, check or switch off Radio
play, check or turn off system teks-OS
play, check or cut off smart devices


more piccies via my Amazonia travel-gallery

Exercises (mixed - gemischte Uebungen ...)
You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

Grinder -

In the cross wire I

The Kapitalist wants all big, big oil-fileds, big fields of cash crop mono, big states he can easily dictate the conditions (as for instance now Ukraine via IMF etc).
    He don t like small states and calls it also sectarian when people like to get autonomy, independent and their own state. Freedom the dicatate of crownies and royals as once during the times of search and rush-more for the American dream when the Queen of GB forbade em to cross further westwards from the Appallachien mountains border line.
    No nowadays they like to sew and cash vast regions with big oil or other fields to cash (cash crop) the many little holms which get told stories of democracy and pluralism (by the big monoculture fileds...) but when the people really want it autonomy, independency (there is somewhere a farm by an ex-prese., totally independent in Texas surrounded by bushes ...) they crownies and kapitalists tell em nite words, or even bambie stories at sometime, of democracy not of freedom, education and standards no the kapitalist like many tiny entities to cash, his cash crop best in big vast areas where there is oil fileds underneath, gold and seldom-earth mines to mine, big options in vast as vast can be regions where he make it hard for the tiny consumer to recharge his mobile, or get independent from the profit cashier, the big-consumer-exploiter.
    Therefor the mall gets as big as can be (also in some deserts actually...) to cash the in one big .. mall ...or under the heaven of 100 bio LEDs in Las Vegas
when peak oil is long over,
he wants all big by his greed but as many as possible little lost individual consumers (in Pickups ...) by the choices he dictates secretly behind transparent offices, backside of the Lobby,
maybe in Jackson Hole again.
    What is there between US east and west coast,
some rectangled states, flat-screened by google maps,
struggling country fellows properely embeded
by cash crop breeders without knowing it !?

In the cross wire II

The kapitalist does not like Big Government, he likes himself big, if not fat, and not the competitor from the government. He likes tiny small and many many consumers in the Mall, the Cinema, Block Buster, Super Bowl, the huge Stadium and by states not small and independent not socalled sectarian (or scientologian), but big and depending on him (have a tea- or tupperwareparty with a hockey mum ?-) by his dictate (IMF) and rule of his fat spenders vallet and beloved way of share (cash put-ters) the stock.
    That s the exchange he likes most as long as he doesn t get mad by ... hhhmmm .... his mad marcet as he sometimes notes.
    BSE is a cow desease, when the cows get mad how do the consumers of these cows become ?
4 Spain (Madrid///Barcelona)

Mega     -     Comerco

Some good links to get infos on the proper grinding
Special focus area
jfc jfi
Stalin Orgel

Have you heard about BURNING MAN in Americu,
its very special, very free, very sexy, very hot but
    BURNING BIKE is more special, more advanced, more tricky,
you take petrol soaked bedsheets, put em under backside bike tires,
about 100 bikes max, first look for some days the bikes, quiet location ?
darkness during night ! good to oversee ? 5-10 men coordinated then PUT blankets soaked, commando 1 man .... burning bike - voila - very hot, very sexy, very free ... (Nepal 2014)

      PC-Tips (tips n hints 4 you on how i do it, simple 2 advanced)
      sysWOW (evel folder/1,5GB as part of quite an evel system-OS) pics and infos
      Net-Centric-Environment infos on how it works and who they want to have what and whom not !
      Web-diary as my proof for the whole sh... (check 27.12.13)
      Counter (spider site with info-sites and galleries)
      TOP SECRET (hot Infos and some inspiring stuff)
      USA (... travelled the US 3 times before the preemptive flight- bank- personal-
      data sucking of US sys n govs, a very important chapter - Bussines and Targets - NLP)

Burning Carrier
- put important security tools go carriers, as many as possible, simple carriers, al kind of, bring to single or multi save locations, time frame maybe 2 months, wait till commando,
then security act - voila - security act will take some time because its actually a very unsave, unstable, financially fragile situation and 16 volt power supply for Wire Fire is a pig fence in the USA, but good forpreparation for time change and "PUT to carriers acts..." till commando comes - voila - (Nepal 2014)

        for PC-Insiders
      Monet text file as copy of the strange Monet.ini file, S for silent...(14.12.13)
      ASMedia_Installer.log (14.12.13)
      setupact.log the install logfile of that sh...(14.12.13)
      MSInstaller Hack-logfile (for insiders n beta-testers, 15.07.13)

Burnng WIN - celebrate !
start of new times, forget about dull n dumb biker helmet times of cash flow embeded only times - voila ! (Nepal 2014)

Webprojects (a variety of options ...for the spider hunters)
my standards (win-win...n the more)
main links (diversity of themes, connections, support etc)

check my Parvati-valley piccies, one of my prefered destinations...