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Route: Kyrgyztan - Delhi - Rishikesh - Kausani - Manali (old Manali) - Parvaty valley (Jari, Kasol, Kalga) - Chandighar - Srinagar (Kashmir) - Jammu - Delhi

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Travelling India okt.013 - june.014

Route de journe: Delhi - Mac Leod Ganj - Parvati valley - Rishikesh -
Kumaon - Kausani - Kosi river - Almora - Delhi - Goa -
Mumbai - Aurangabad - Ellora - Kolhapur - Vengurla - Goa -
Mumbai - Goa -

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Route: Kathmandu - Pokhara - Naudanda - Pokhara - Kathmandu - Varanasi
- India   (shedules for east Russia, L.Baikal- or Amur river drainage, got changed for Maroc- below )

Delhi - Mac Leod Ganj ..... only parts (Unfertig) ... unfinished.

more to come ... most special places and regions ..... The home to the gods, there magnificant Kosi river, who made me crazy of moods, imressions, nat. observations, embeded local fishermen and river basin swimmers. Further holy and powerfull massage spending river Ganga at Rishikesh, just too much to swimm, refresh, play with currents and enjoy the heat after, on rocks or sand dunes.

India 2014
Morning couple
Rishikesh It s just too much of natures power coming down the mountains, nearly everyday i was roaming river banks, beaches n cliffs along of the holy river and took a swim here n there, powers unmeasurablke and cant put to words ...

Ganga dippings and if you can read river currents as a raft-guide like me you can dare to swim n dance in currents like a River Otter or King Salmon. Some go there for Yoga, some for Ganga pooja, some 4 Beatles nostalgia, I go there for enoying river currents n full massage by it, also nice people to be met, verandas, shopes, Sadhus and river beaches, the gate to the high Himalayan peaks, Kumaon and Panch Kedars, the five sources of the river Ganga.
Ganga i miss you, my tribute, you are a power i never want to miss in my life !

Kumaon 2014
Mt. Trishul from Kausani
Left for Kumaon, a special and quite unknown and remote region in the corner between Nepal, Tibet and India, also called "The home of the gods" what gets quite close to reality.
    Stopped on way from Rishikesh to Kausani via Karanprayag by gov.bus at Gwaldam for 1 night, a small village, hill station and mil. camp at about 1800m alt. It was cloudy n very fresh all day there after hot n dry Rishikesh (400m alt) during late autumn in the hills (nov).
    So next day left for the allready once, 14 years ago, visitied by Mountain bike hillstation Kausani, a secret and magnificant, only by well informed volks known, quite touristic and with some at main season open and well equipped hotels, i prefer open terrace family run guest houses and my guest house owner across the street over the hotel with 3 rooms did best service over weeks with little morning chat, even with cookies and breakfast to bed, embeded backside within morning monkey roaming terraces. Goodies and breakfast by his shop with TV below attached and the new coffee mashine, but inside the more complex chai kitchen.
Kumaon 2014
With Kosi river going nuts
    Staied there for 1 months overwhelmed day by day of the fantastic view on a mountain range of about 200km of 6- and 7000ders, just too much for open eye meditation. Backside steep and botanicalley very interesting hills for roaming during sunsets and afternoons. Some winding stairs and shortcuts below the nice and unfaked village with typical open mountain kitchens for dailong Samosas and Chai, the Sewer across the stairway (part of this gallery) and the marcet with stores, fruit and veg. sellers a centro with Jeeptaxi and busstand, the street leading to Kosi river with nice restaurants, not fancy ones, can recommend Yogi reste.

    Nearly everyday i hiked up the hills for sunsets, special light at that altitude and time of the year dry and stable (okt-nov), during spring fast n extreme changes (april)
During afternoons hill research for Botanic mixes specialamentshi, Rhododendron, Deodar (Himal. Cedars) and Larch n more growing togather, some meters further Eukalyptus, Kastanie (Maronen - Edelkastanien can be roasted and eaten i like very much, also good for french crepe creme de maron ... hhhmmm-) and specl himal. Kumaon i miss you, ... The mountains, the skies ohhh i want to sing a song ....
Kumaon 2014
Daily Soundmaster
    Watched birds like Sparrow Hawks (and related bigger ones), vultures, one time Tawny eagle (lazy and low flyer), Common Thrush, even coming into room what is not untypical but also Babbler coming into, Woodpeckers, Bulbuls funny morning couples doing morning laundry and welcome togather like the daily roaming monkeys for breakfast check around rooms. Further Pigeons,
    Also Mahatma Gandhi spent some times and meditated here in the years of getting free from royal brit. Kolonialistas.

    Connectivity: Kausani can be reached from Delhi by bus via Nainital (changig buses at villages), some may go direct to Kausani as buses leave from K. to Delhi early mornings, by Travel agency buses direct or from Rishikesh via Karanprayag and Gwaldam en route, by Share or Jeeptaxi(costly) on way from Rishikesh.
    Other places more well known around are Almora (alt 1600m, 2hrs by bus from Kausani, district capital), Kasar Devi (10min from Almora), Nainital (1hrs from Almora, alt 1900m), Baijnath (half hour from Kausani), Corbett nat.park (120km 4-5hrs from Almora), Kosi river along route between Almora and Kausani. check Kumaon map

Goa Wild hot and shaky as always ... parties, beach and girls, houses with evranda anbd balkonie for private happenings. Hills for relaxing during Siesta and sunset for hillrocks. Good reste with flexible , changeable TV progs via manual handed over (! BBC - DD-news) in often great settings, interiör de restes, good food. Roamed northern territories to Vengurla (Maharshtra) on scooter for friends and WBSeaeagle to be watched dancing in sky (another skymaster)

Goa you are wild, wild as me,
wild dancers n lovers, in the seas, in the skies, in the nights
i never want to miss your smooth hills during sunset from a cliff
during night dancing wild under palm trees
under the stars and heavens
Goa i miss you
i kiss your fresh misty mornings
after darkness in which the peacocks welcomed me
after rainy days while eagle owls screaming
more Goa infos - Songs

Ellora you fascinated us while roaming, mum and me, too much for both of us, overwhelmed in your dry hills backside of the caves, up the hills along magic nalla, touching stones, following dragon flies watching nearly impossible to be seen and where the Black Eagle comes by some rare afternoons.

Aurangabad Sangli

Vengurla (Maharashtra) north of Goa, about 2 hrs by scooter from northern territories, visited friends there with mum, she staied some days longer, i needed my space roaming on scooter ... Had good walks along vast stretches of beach during hot days afternoons and sunset while the White Bellied Seaeagle showed up, turning 3 times (volts) with seasnake in claws and left around the cliff in powerfull moves, red sky glimmering over rough seas.
Next day a couple WBelliedSeaeagles dancing skywards, spiralling in powerful moves, another story of Skymasters

Goa revival rent house Chap hill relaxing...

Nepal try to trekk .... sys kapitalo commercialismo

Kausani april-may check above but climate
... weather conditiones fast changing at that time of the year (april-may), weather can change dramatically within hours, very powerful thunderstorms some aftrenoons during spring

Rishikesh read above or these galleries !

Mac Leod Ganj roaming at 1800 - 2200m Shiva temple, crow sprinkling water, Leopards ravine, Palagan village Dharamkot, much construction hotels etc last 15 years.

Delhi - Madrid wanted to fly cent.America from there - instead i took time out in nice Maroc (no appropriate flights to cent.Amerika by free marcets tickets)
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Marrakesh - Valle de Oureka Staied about one and half week in the so Beautiful Valle de Oureka (1hrs south of Marrakesh by taxi) had two rooms one very small but excellent because with good hooks on wall, some storage cases and the bed direct under the window, so i was able to watch eagles and mountains in changing colors during dawn and sunset. Was roaming the deadly steep mountains second day so excited i was, had a rest up under the oak-trees (Steineichen) and wacholder bushes after i hiked up from the village about 500m and had to cut-sharpen my shoes profiles not to slip down the deadly steep slopes in case of slipping, dry and easly moving gravel mixed with thorn bushes so i imagined the way down rolling with gravel over thorn bushes, not too amusing.

A good challenge for adventurers, but know the risks. Climbing up you get through apple orchard fields, passing huge old walnut-trees, some opuntia cactus growing (Ohrwaschlkaktus) other side of the valley (southern slopes), quite moist areas by the small streams coming down the dry hills and the biotops and its vegetation changing within meters to dry. During winter it even snows sometimes there at alt 1500m (village level, ich war so überwältigt von der Szenerie dass ich d Hänge u Hügel bespringe ... u mich ewig nicht satt sehen hätte können ... !! Wiedehopfe-hoopoes/ seltene Spechte-rare woodpeckers/ Zwerg u Schlangenadler-eagles/ einge wenige edle Araber-arab horses, bestens gepflegt u gesattelt/ Kamele-camels/ Wasserfrösche-frogs/ junge Fischlein-young troutas/ Walnussen-walnuts/ Feigen-figs/ Salbei-salvia/ Minzen-menta/Weiden/ Kakteen etc)

The first days after arrival every evening, so at around 7 - 8 time, an eagle was showing up over Sete Fatma, the village at top end where about the street ends, i could watch from bed through the open window over the walnut tree just too much ...
    As it was during Ramadan families took sofas along the main stream while sunset n preparing for dinner, looked very funny and relaxing, for me the contrary between the stones, river gravel, some huge rocks and in between many sofas and comfort places was special. Here and then i took a sofa and a little snack totally amused by the arrangments - rocks and sofas (french futons) in good mix for children, patriarchs and wives, brothers n sisters happy looking foward to get the meals after sunset.
After one week the family running the guest house told me i d have to leave because next day they d start painting the house ... so i got into a strangely stiled kind of **hotel (most were closed), shower attached and with big veranda facing main street, decorated it with my bedsheets. During mornings i had cofee out there and did maintainance of my travel gear some days.

- Marrakesh - Quarzazate - Marrakesh - Rhabat - Tanger -
- Gibraltar -
(many many Dolphins everywhere around the ferry enjoying and jumping for welcome while crossing to Europe) - denia - Mallorca - Barcelona (instead of Korsika/ fatal rob story professionalamente.barc.sp)
- Perpigno - Nimes (nice overnight stay along canal and morning owl - Camargue) - Aix en Provence ( - best climbing garden with relax platforms for resting with best crew) - Marseille - Ventemigla (falcon peregrinus rocks n possible nesting locations) -
- paradise garden (

National parks -

Special for seeing Nilgiri Thar, which has its related specie in the Himalyas (Himal Thar) but there it has a lionlike neckhair there. It lives up in the old vulcanic Nilgiri and Whestghat mountains at the borderlines of djungles to the Sholas pc (high altitude grasscapped hills spread with trees). It can be reached from Munnar (12km) by bus, rikshaw (45min), bikes n the more. Bustrips into the park can be booked at the gate, often long rows umbrella proofed, or tourist office in Munnar (dec015)

Peryar - Kumily
One of Indias biggest national parks, sat along the Whestghats at about 1200m alt sourrounded by halfopen rocky peaks with djungle and a big lake flooded.
   Tours of variouse kind can be booked in Kumily the main village close to the park, also cycles can be rent there cause streets are often busy. Tickets get sold at park gate, from the village by cycle it takes about 15min, by car depending on traffic rush. From Kumily a street leads 4 km inside the park to an half island, where there are info points, a restaurant, the ticket house for boat trips near the boats, park ranger huts, infos on trees on way etc etc. Dont take anything but sweet memories, passed by cycle. Peryar is good for seing Tigers, Deer, Elephants if lucky on a trip, swamps, all kind of biotops and djungle trees, hills and sourrounding rocky mountain ridges. Kumily has nice guest houses, bus stand with satdish and timetable, all kind of little and big shopoptions and even a modern street going through the village which looks a bid strange at night.
   Peryar can be reached from Allepy or Khottayam at the coast side by bus or jeep (6.hrs) or from Madurai at the Tamil Nadu side (dec.015)

Thekkady (Bird sanct.) Nice stretch of land, partly spread with streams, canals and swamps, some rocky hills and djungle. Habitat to the Changeable Hawk Eagle, Herons, Frogmouth, Blue Beeater, Mallards etc
It can be reached from Kerala southern coastal cities by bus or cars within 3-4hrs.

is special, its boundaries are not yet clear defined on many maps, but it is habitat to Tigers, Elephants roaming, the Grey more common and Great Ind. Hornbill and special it s getting a megalopolis Djungle adjoining the outskirts of Shivaliks, Landsdown, Panch Kedars, Pauri, Nandas and peak Trishul, so to say the souhern hills bordering the lowlands. Tours can be booked in Rishikesh, untried.

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Route de journe: Delhi - Rishikesh - Kausani - Almora - Bareilly - Nagpur - Bhopal - Ellora - Hampi - Goa - Mumbai - Rishikesh - Dharamsala - Dharamkot - Delhi

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Route de journe: Delhi - Rishikesh - Kausani - Almora - Pushkar - Agra - Mumbay (mumbuy) - Mysore - Thekkady - Munnar - Nilgiris - Peryar/ Kumili - Trivandrum - Varkala - Cochin - Gokarna (Om beach) - Goa (northern territories, Chapora, Morjim, Vagator, Anjuna) - Delhi - Mc Leod Ganj - Dharamkot (Dhauladar range) - Delhi -   Mid East: Abu Dhabi - Istanbul - EU: Bulgaria - Grece - Italy,
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