For now

    Tell my people that I am fine. Here in the city I ve many girlfriends on their TV flatscreens,
thats pretty ok for me. I know how they get the signals, blue ray is astonishing and tell my people that I will stay on the triggers for sure. They know me as chief and know well that with some small strikes I can even blow headsets and wish and web devices.
    Tell them that I miss our hunting grounds cause here beside all that rolling kisten its not that adventurouse. Tell my people that I got a cycle here, distances are ok and some cycle have 21 gears, gripshift, switchseats and get well maintained.

    It is very special that I don t need a lasso to maintain the cycle, and I do nt do it for looking their cities or advanced flatscreening.
        (17.200808 to the nation of split tongues 2nd)

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