Biotops 2

Biotops 2 -

Himalayan zones

2000- 4200m, in case you are roaming, a Autofahrer so to say, take care if its slippery some parts


Savanne - Tanzania


Yssik Kul - Kyrgys sea

Kungej Alatoo range along the northern coast of Yssik Kul (at 1500m alt) is mostly of granite, below smooth endless rock fields and in back the nearly 5000ders, Yssik Kul sea is 160km long and at its broadest stretch 60km.
    In Yssik Kul itself you find the Schlammohrschnecke (nice snails, pics below), which gets here bigger and has an harder cover than in central Europe.
    For aquarien maniacs it could be interesting because Brackwasser conditons, a bid salty, are special. Did not see any literature on fish of Yssik Kul but they ve books in the lovely houses, woods are rare in high altitude mountain steppe but there are also some cotainer sized newspaper, mags, lighter and cigarrette sellers with small winter save windows. As granite sands are calcium free its also special for specialists in biotop aquarias.

    The high altitude mountain ranges (Himmelsberge - Tien Shan) could also proof interesting for Geologists and Climatologists. During ice ages all was covered in huge ice and glacier covers but not the highest peaks which show sharp and high walls and breaks, over 4000m nowadays.
    Boom valley river northwest of Yssik Kul drainages south into the kirg. sea which is a dead end for waterways and at northern side the way out of Tshong Kemin and at the hight of highway rest places north the way to kyrgyzean lowlands and further to Kazaksthan (german travel guides tell funny stories sometimes).
    Wild mammals left by the Nomads, Mongols and modern hunters are sibirean Ibex, Snow Leopards, Isabell Brownbears (all rare, Marals are gone), marmots (Murmeltiere) should be out there, also foxes and martens (Marder), tibetan antelopes could be interesting here and there set wild in concurrence to sheep and goats. Snow Leopards watch its prey and beasts over days and catch them by surprise from huge rocks and cliffs, that is very sexy.

Alpine river troutzone

temperate and cooling, so to say refreshing regions, even with GPS or navi

It can happen that you see something like a dragonfly or a frog ... specific names in germanic,
    Dragonflies (Fruehe Azurjungfern, Blaugr.Mosaikjungfern, Plattbauch, sometime Anax imperator europes bigest dragonfly,) Laufkaefer, Hirschkaefer, Rosenkaefer, Sandlaufkaefer, Gelbrandkaefer in pond, dragonfly meta gallery

Some may see this or that, take care of a Feuersalamander or Grasfroesche,

Conclusio -
I opened the Institute für Angewandte Kompetenz (APPLICABLE KOMPETENCE), its a
genuine Laboratory and Observation outlet for higher studies on the psychological impact of locale Schilderwald.
here the portal to the institute.


Examples for basecamps:
from left, Amazonia near Santarem, northwestern Praeries on top of Jackson hole (Wyoming) and river Salzach Inn Auen